Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue is a completely foster and volunteer run nonprofit organization based out of Green Bay, WI. We rely on our relationship with our community to fuel our mission of alleviating overcrowded animal shelters in the southern regions of our country. We believe pet overpopulation down south, affects our country as a whole. We see it as our duty to spread awareness and help educate the public about animal welfare, with the dream of one day ending the companion animal epidemic we currently face.

MMDR is an all-breed and all age, foster based dog rescue. This means every dog we save goes directly into a foster home while it searches for its happy ending. We focus on properly introducing neglected or unwanted pets into society and giving them the chance to be a loved and respectable family member. “Once a misfit, always a misfit” is our lifelong guarantee to any dog we adopt out, meaning they always have a home with us if misfortune were to strike.