Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue is a completely volunteer run organization based out of Green Bay, WI. We rely on our relationship with our community to fuel our mission of alleviating overcrowded animal shelters in the southern regions of our country. We believe pet overpopulation down south, affects our country as a whole. We see it as our duty to spread awareness and help educate the public about animal welfare, with the dream of one day ending the companion animal epidemic we currently face. MMDR is an all-breed and all age, foster based dog rescue. This means every dog we save goes directly into a foster home while they search for their forever home. We focus on properly introducing neglected or unwanted pets into society and giving them the chance to be a loved and respectable family member. We work hard to match families with a dog that will best fit their lifestyle, to maintain a positive experience for everyone involved. “Once a misfit, always a misfit” is our lifelong commitment to any dog we adopt out, meaning they always have a home with us if misfortune were to strike.

  • Where do our dogs come from? The majority of our dogs come from Texas. They are either pulled by our Texas partners from the shelter or directly off the street. Most of the dogs join a foster family in Texas for a minimum of two weeks, or they are moved to quarantine before transport. During this time, the dogs receive all necessary vetting to travel. We work with Lola’s Lucky Day, Angleton Animal Shelter and Friends of the Texas Panhandle Shelter Pets. We also help many local owner surrenders in the Wisconsin area.
  • Facebook and joining our volunteer page: Once you are approved to foster with us, please join our volunteer page on Facebook called, “Misfit Mutts Dog Rescue Volunteer and Foster Team”. This is where we will post dogs looking for foster homes and other volunteer opportunities you may be interested in helping with. We primarily communicate with our fosters via Facebook, so it is important to be able to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Once you have a foster, we do require fosters to reply to us within 24 hours of receiving a message.
  • Securing a foster: Once the dogs arrive in their Texas foster homes and they have some time to settle in we post them to our volunteer page. We provide as much information about the dog’s temperament, health and arrival date as we have. If you think a dog would be a good fit, you can commit to them. If you have additional questions simply comment on the post or message the original person who posted it. Once the dog has foster commitment, they are able to secure a spot on transport. Once a dog has a committed foster the post will be updated with “foster found”. There is no pressure in fostering, we want this to be a fun experience. Only foster dogs you feel comfortable with and take breaks when you like. If you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to ask, we are here for you.
  • Transport & arrival of your foster dog: Mid week prior to the arrival of your foster dog we will create individual chats with each foster on Facebook messenger, this is where we will stay connected about how your foster dog is doing, please be honest about their personalities, anything you need, vet appointments, meet and greets, etc. On Saturday before transport arrival, we will then create a group chat with all fosters picking up on transport day. Time is TBD based on the arrival of our transport van, it can vary due to weather, traffic, pottying dogs, etc. We appreciate fosters flexibility in being available to pick up but generally it is somewhere between 10am-1pm but can be earlier or later. When transport day arrives, they load up in the van and our Texas volunteers meet the Wisconsin volunteers in Arkansas, switch the dogs over to the other van and make the long trek back to Wisconsin, through the night. Dogs arrive at our rescue facility early on Sunday morning. All dogs receive a bath, a quick look over to see if any immediate vetting may be needed, photos are taken, paperwork is reviewed, and their supplies packed, and they are ready for their foster homes. MMDR provides fosters with all supplies, including vetting, so there is absolutely no cost to you!