Miss Freya has been hanging out in Wisconsin for over a year now waiting for the right family to find her. Let’s help get her story out there!

From the first moment we met this sweet girl in Texas through our friends at Corridor Rescue, we all knew she was extra special and instantly melted our hearts. Not only has she survived being hit by a car, but she continues to thrive despite some limited mobility in her back legs, and does it with a big smile on her face. Her pure joy for life and her determination to keep on moving even after what has happened to her in the past is so inspiring. We are so grateful that the amazing people with Corridor knew she was destined for great things here in Wisconsin!

She has been continuing her visits with Emily at Peak PEMF performance and has been responding well to chiropractic care and water therapy. Most recently, her foster mom has noticed her tail wags more, and she has been trying new things like going up a few stairs all on her own! It will be important for her adoptive home to keep bringing her to therapy to help her continue to strengthen her back legs and to keep her at her best! We are so lucky to have people like Emily in our area to use as resources for our extra special pups in need. Since being up here in Wisconsin, her walking has improved so much and she is getting better each day with going potty on her own outside! She is still working on being able to stand up to go number two, but her strength and balance are not quite there yet.

Freya is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has not met any human she doesn’t love, and she sure makes it difficult not to love her back 🥰. The more time she spends in her foster home, the more her personality blossoms. She is a bit wobbly when walking, but once she starts to run around, she is off to the races!! Falling down is part of her routine, but with her amazing resilience, she gets right back up to try again. Nothing can keep this girl down! Freya is a big fan of playing with her doggie foster siblings and would love to go to a home with another dog. She also has a lot of fun playing with her toys ❤️

Freya is approximately 4 years old and just under 60 pounds. As most rescue dogs, her breed is a best guess and she is listed as a mix, but we think there is some Great Pyrenees in her based on her talkative personality and coloring. Her ideal home will be prepared to give her the extra special care that she needs to be the best dog she can be.

Aren’t in a position to adopt this special girl but would love to support her? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to her foster’s home!


Finley! – PENDING!

Finley continues to search for his forever home. 🐶
He joined MMDR after his previous family struggled with some resource guarding from him, that unfortunately resulted in the owner getting bit. They enrolled the help of a trainer, but ultimately made the difficult decision to find Finley a more suitable home. His issues stem from guarding the person he has bonded with most against the other members in the household. Finley has taken to his training regime, and is looking for someone that can provide him with the structure and guidance he needs. He is crate trained, walks great on leash, gets along with other dogs, and has not ever been exposed to cats. To give Finley the best chance at success, he would do best in a single person household. He is looking for an adopter that is willing to work directly with our trainer on his transition to a new home. It is extremely important that he stays on his training regime to ensure both him and his adopter have a healthy, happy, and balanced relationship. The Golden Retriever is known for it’s laid back demeaner, and being a great family pet. While Finley does possess these attributes, he also can be challenging and is looking for someone that is compatible with his needs. Could that be you?!






Hello everyone! My name is Kiwi!!! I’m a beautiful, 7 year old Husky with so much love to give! My favorite pastimes are laying on a nice doggy bed, being brushed, going for a car ride and having a good play session in the yard. My foster family has fallen in love with me very quickly. I would do best in a home with another older or calm dog but would be just fine even by myself! I prefer a home with no pet bunnies or chickens. I will let you know now those are chasing animals! When I meet a new dog I do not like to share. I only share with my dog friends I know, strange dogs can leave my toys and food to me. I’ve never gotten mad at humans but other animals around when I’m eating makes me very nervous and protective. My foster mom calls me a diva since I’m so picky with my food. Some days I love chicken, some days I don’t. Each day is a new day for me so some days they work harder to get me to eat. I prefer canned food but at times will eat eggs, rice and chicken. Sometimes I just prefer to walk around my food bowl and tip it over. Like I said….. they call me a diva!
I have bad hips so I would prefer my forever home doesn’t have a lot of stairs since it’s hard for me sometimes to walk up and down them. My foster family and the rescue have been working hard to make sure that I’m comfortable and getting the care I need. I have been seen by the vet here in Green Bay and they noted some arthritic changes noted in my hips. Because I do not move too fast these days and have old joints, older children would be best in my forever home.
My current treatment plan is to have MagnaWave treatments weekly for 4 weeks and reducing to every 3 to 4 weeks a treatment. If you are unfamiliar with MagnaWave therapy it is a natural way of the body healing/managing pain. It benefits cellular energy resulting in better cellular health and function. The rescue has seen this first hand really help improve the lives of dogs! I am currently seeing Emily at Peak PEMF Performance! She is the best! She even helps another Misfit dog Freya! I am on a mild pain reliever to help with this as well as supplements to keep my joints in tip top shape!
Huge bonus: I’m COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED!! My foster mom always says I am the only foster she has ever had that hasn’t had an accident in the house! I’m so proud of myself! She works with me on my crate as well but lets face it…. When you’re a diva and a princess, the crate isn’t always the most enjoyable thing. All in all, I’m just a snuggly girl looking for a lap or a nice couch to sleep on with some playtime in between. I promise I’ll give you so many kisses, you will fall in love with me right away!




Mr. Indy AKA Indy Car Racer is so excited to meet you, you and you! He loves everyone he meets! He is 6 months old weighing in at 25 pounds. When he was surrendered the original owner said he was a German Shepherd/Heeler mix. While many feel sorry for him when they meet him, he does not see it that way! He radiates positivity and happiness.

Indy was originally an owner surrender to a rescue group in Kentucky because his needs were more than the breeder could handle. Indy suffers from Swimmers Syndrome. Swimmers Syndrome is a rare condition in which a puppy is unable to physically stand or walk, but instead lies flat on its chest and abdomen with hind legs extended behind and its forelegs extended to the front and/or sides. The only motion the puppy is capable of is paddling its limbs as though it is swimming. Indy is able to stand on his front legs and pull himself around that way.

A Kentucky rescue group reached out to our friends with ThisIsHouston because they had a foster with experience! Once Indy was settled into his TX foster home, therapy began. He was then pitched to us and we had an amazing foster home step up for him. Indy made the long trip to Green Bay and is now settling into his WI foster home. His foster mom and dad are working hard to help him gain mobility in his hind limbs. Indy is a fighter and definitely wants to be able to walk and maybe even run some day! While this is the goal, it is a long journey for Indy. He may never be able to walk without assistance from a wheelchair but we are hopeful for him. We do not know what his future has in store for mobility but we will work hard to give him his best shot at modified walking!

With his dragging and trying to stand, at times he does develop some sores and skin shearing and his hind limbs need to be wrapped or wearing sleeves at all times. He is working on strengthening his lower half. Because of his lack of muscle he does not have a lot of bladder control yet so he wears belly bands and because he drags his butt he wears a diaper. We hope as he is able to stand more his muscles will develop more for control.

He has a therapy routine now with range of motion, standing exercises, swimming therapy and many more things to help with his strengthening. Indy is available for someone who is dedicated to his therapy and learning his routine. At this time, he does take quite a bit of work with therapy but we are hopeful when he gains more strength that can decrease. We know that Indy may not be a great fit for every household but we know his perfect family is out there and he cannot wait to show them his sparkling personality and stunning smile!

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Sampson is a sensitive guy who loves his people with all his heart. His journey has been anything but easy, but he has overcome all the obstacles thrown his way. Sampson was adopted out as a puppy in 2019 where he lived with his family for two years. We were so sad to see Sampson back in rescue after learning that he struggled for so long with anxiety. After his adopters found out they would be expanding their family they made the decision to return Sampson. As you can imagine, Sampson’s world was turned upside down and the transition was hard on him. We wanted to get to the root of his anxiety, and give him the best chance at living a happy, fulfilled life, so we sent Sampson to spend some time with our trainer. His nerves can get the best of him, so helping Sampson find his “off switch” has really helped him feel more comfortable. He is a dog who thrives with structure and routine, so it will be really important that he continues to get that in a new home. Sampson is 4 years old and weighs 60 pounds. He loves to get out for walks, and is very respectful on leash. He will happily follow along at your heels. He enjoys hitting the trails near his foster home, and loves to explore. Sampson has met older children and thinks they are pretty great, but it does take him a minute to become acclimated when he meets new people. Sampson previously lived with another dog and did fine. If there was another dog in his new home it would be important that the dogs are compatible. Because Sampson is insecure, he would do best with confident dog mate. We are happy to do multiple meet and greets to ensure Sampson and any potential dog sibling will be a good fit! We have not seen Sampson interact with cats, so we are unsure how he would react in their presence. We would love to find Sampson a family who is patient and willing to take their time with getting to know Sampson before bringing him home. Deep down Sampson is a big goofball who has a heart of gold. Take a chance on him, and you are guaranteed a friend for life. 🥰





Eddie’s rescue journey began in September of 2021. Him and his brother were surrendered to the Angleton Animal Shelter as puppies. Their skin was stained in urine, most likely from being confined to a crate. The shelter staff work tirelessly to secure rescues and adopters for all the dogs in their care as they run the risk of reaching capacity. If you’ve been a MMDR follower for a while you know the overcrowding crisis our southern rescue partners face. Shortly after being surrendered, we made arrangements to move Eddie and his brother to a foster home where they would receive the vetting they needed, and wait to travel to Green Bay where they would have the chance at finding forever homes.

On Sunday, October 3rd Eddie made his MMDR debut. The excitement surrounded by opening the van doors to see a group of “smiling” faces looking back at you is quite indescribable. The beginning of a fresh start for all. Eddie got settled into his new foster home and a month later was moving to a forever home of his very own. Fast forward 7 months, Eddie is now back with us and continuing his journey to a forever home. Unfortunately, as Eddie got older him and the other dog in his home were no longer compatible together. The decision was made to surrender Eddie back to rescue.

At a year old, Eddie is potty and crate trained. He struggles meeting strangers and requires a few meets before he becomes comfortable. Our volunteers have quickly fallen in love with his sweet and fun personality. He has lived in a home with cats, and did fine, but will need to be matched with another dog. We do not think Eddie would do well in a home with small dogs. Slow introductions, and clear boundaries will be key for Eddie! He would do best in a home with no children. Eddie loves being able to run in the rescue yard, and always looks forward to getting on the treadmill. He is so smart, and picks up on new tasks quickly. He walks like a dream on leash and knows sit, down, and stay. He also practices the place command, and has great recall. Eddie is very animated when playing with toys, and has the cutest zoomies! He is such a good boy for meal time and will wait on his bed until you release him. He is a wonderful dog, and will make a great companion. Even though we didn’t get it right the first time, we know his perfect match is out there.



*Please read my entire bio before applying*
Gino is here again looking for his perfect fit home! He is a 5 year old, 90lb, Sheepdog/Poodle Mix who is looking for his new best friend! We know this guy is super handsome and adorable, but he needs a specific type of home that not all families can provide. Maybe it is yours! Gino thrives on routine, consistency, and exercise. His perfect day would be eating breakfast, chilling on his bed, going for a walk, getting some pets, more chilling on his bed, eating dinner, and then some tug of war before bed time in his crate. Gino likes to let you know when he wants affection or when he has had enough. He appreciates when people respect his space, and will request you hold his paw on a car ride. In the past, Gino has resource guarded items he really values, like a delicious bone or an Amazon package. Because of his issues in his original home, Gino has been through multiple board and train programs and has done very well with the training he received. He has been very consistent with the “out” command, and is learning to leave those items behind. Gino knows sit, stay, come, place, wait, free, crate, heel, out and shake. He doesn’t seem to mind other dogs that respect his space, and does well on walks with some reinforcement with treats. Gino’s adoptive home will require a confident owner who is willing to be consistent with Gino and respect his space and boundaries. He has been on two adoption trials where the family was not able to provide this for him and ended in him biting. His adopter will be required to go through a training session and utilize the balanced tools and training that will give Gino his best chance at a new life.


Meet Lady! Aka Lady Whistledown. Lady is a 2 year old Chihuahua mix who weighs in at 14 pounds with legs for days. This little Lady was part of a hoarding case and was taken in by our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day back in early April. She was heartworm positive and has completed her treatment in Texas. Lady is crate trained, used the dog door in her foster home in Texas and is doing well in Wisconsin on a schedule for potty breaks. She is now going to the door when she needs to go out. She enjoys being outside and laying in the sun. She is doing well with car rides. She does well with other dogs and cats. Lady is a shy girl and would do best in a home with no small children as fast movements can startle her. She loves toys and having another dog around. Like, Lady Whistledown is she also is an observer. She takes note of all the local gossip. She does play with her foster siblings but enjoys the company and snuggles. She is described as a smart, submissive dog who sets the tone for the manners and interactions with other dogs. She is working with her foster mom walking on a leash. She looking for a patient person who will let her warm up and settle in. She will take more time to trust new people. When she is comfortable she likes to snuggle up on the lap of her person. Like with all great things, the longer the wait, the better the reward! I do require a securely fenced yard because I can be a flight risk until I’m comfortable with my family and my surroundings.


Meet Roofie! This gorgeous 6 year old Husky gentleman is excited to let you know he is in search of a foster home or adoptive home! He weighs about 60 pounds and is ready to make any family that adopts him very lucky 😊.
Roofie is the type of guy that needs a little extra time to get to know you before he trusts you, which we totally get! Meeting new people can be scary and overwhelming. Once he has had time to feel comfortable around the people in the home, he is totally ready to be a chill and lovable guy that likes playing with toys, going for walks, taking a nice snooze, and being outside to enjoy all nature has to offer! He is also a sucker for some scratches and pets from his humans. Roofie is the type of pup that does not agree with the phrase “sharing is caring” when it comes to food or toys, so his adopter or foster would need to feed him in his kennel and supervise his time with toys around other dogs. Thankfully, Roofie is great in his kennel and doesn’t mind hanging out in there whenever he needs to!
His ideal home would have a low energy, older dog close to his size, and teenage age children that would respect his need for boundaries and patience. Roofie has not been around cats, but with his high prey drive for woodland creatures and animals outside, we think it is best for him to be in a home without them. This poor fella is also dealing with some pain in his back hips from a possible soft tissue injury that is being managed by pain meds, and he is doing much better now that he is on them! Due to these issues, a home with little to no stairs would be perfect for him to be most comfortable ☺️.
If you would like to learn more about our friend Roofie, please email our adoptions team at


Oh boy, do we have a handsome pup to introduce you to! This is Jace, he is currently on the hunt for a new foster home, or even better, his forever home!
He came to us from This Is Houston after they were contacted by Harris County Animal Shelter about a sick 7 week old puppy with parvovirus that wasn’t doing well in the shelter environment, and was set to be euthanized. Thankfully, they had a foster ready and willing to take him in and they got him into ER right away. After two blood transfusions and a few days of hospitalization, he was able to be released from the hospital and onto a better life! Unfortunately, once he continued to be in foster care, it was discovered that Jace had some type of previous injury that made his tail paralyzed. With this injury, he is incontinent and wears diapers in the house and needs his back end to be extra clean with a little help from his humans, but that sure doesn’t bother him or slow him down! He currently does not have mobility issues, but his tail does hang down. This adorable pup truly is a fighter!
Jace the husky made the trip up to Wisconsin and is now about 4 months old and currently weighs under 25 pounds but will definitely continue to grow. He is the friendliest little guy and loves people! Jace loves playing with other dogs and enjoys time with toys. In true husky fashion, Jace enjoys “talking” and howling to express his feelings. His foster gives him nightly back end baths to keep him clean and happy and he does really well with them! He loves the water and loves when his foster mom fills up a spray bottle and sprays it at him, he will try his best to catch the squirt of water in his mouth 😂. This little fella doesn’t fear much, but is still working on enjoying car rides, for right now he just lays down and waits for the ride to be over. Jace is great in his crate and can stay in there during the day with no issues. What a champ! He has been exposed to cats in his foster home and does try to play with them. If you give him a correction and tell him “no”, he does listen and leaves them alone.
His foster mom describes him as incredibly sweet and amazing. He will make any family very happy! His ideal home would not have a lot of carpeting as it would be easier to keep clean in case of an accident with his incontinence. Jace is currently in search of a home and needs a family that will cater to his special needs. He sleeps in the kennel with a potty pad over his bed to help keep the bed clean and in the house wears diapers.
If you would like to help Jace find his forever home by taking him on as a foster, please email us at You can also email us with any additional questions about his care needs or about our adoption process!


Meet Molly! ❤️ This one year old, 35 pound brindle beauty is just the pup you’ve been searching for! She has a sweet, fun disposition and loves everyone she meets. Molly has been exposed to dogs of all sizes and enjoys their company very much! She would also be a great candidate for a home with children. Molly is a little too interested in chasing feline friends, so a home without cats would be best. She is very affectionate and loves to play. Molly is comfortable in her crate as well as house trained. She would love an active family to take her for walks and other outdoor adventures. She enjoys the water, car rides, playing with her dog friends, and a good snuggle session with her favorite people. Molly already has some basic obedience under her belt. She is very smart and would excel with continued work. Molly can be described as being curious, social, active, and playful. She is an all around good girl, and would love to find a forever family or her own! 🥰




Meet Winnie! Winnie is a 7 month old, lab mix. She is a big gorgeous girl weighing 49 pounds! Winnie is excelling everyday and is now ready to find her forever home just in times for the holidays! Winnie was found in Texas but is happy here and embracing the cold. Once she has had a couple days in a new home her potty habits are amazing. She has accidents for the first few days in a new home but with routine she is almost completely potty trained. Winnie knows “kennel” and goes in with no other prompts. She is growing more and more fond of her kennel. She finds her favorite toys and hides them in there for later to play with. Winnie loves a comfy bed and has had no chewing on any of her beds or blankets. She lives with cats and dogs of all sizes. She does chase the kitties to play with them but means them no harm. She loves all her big dog friends and even a special needs dog that she does so well with. Winnie is a very, very energetic dog. She plays all day and night. She will lay down when told to do so but does not willingly sleep if there is fun to be had! Her play style may not be for all dog friends. She enjoys playing leap frog and bolting around and into other dogs. This silly girl is so leggy she is quite clumsy and falls down when trying to play and run full speed. Her ideal home would be an active family with dog friends in the home. Unfortunately her energy and need for speed is too grand to live in an apartment. She has typical puppy lab energy. She would do well with children but needs a lot of work to stop jumping. She does jump down when given an off command but has not yet learned to not do it. She is also learning not to not play with people with her mouth. She does not bite but does nibble a little. She is doing great with leash training. She loves being outside all day. She enjoys car rides as well and stays put and enjoys the ride. In Texas she learned how to swim and is quite a fish. If you have open water near her she will go for a dip whenever allowed. She working on recall and doing well with this. She wants to always be near other dogs or people. She does not have a shy bone in her body. She is so loving and cuddles right up into anyone’s lap she can. Winnie is so smart with many amazing qualities. She is hoping an outdoor enthusiast is looking to add the best girl to their home.



Suey! – PENDING!

Meet Suey!  If you are in the market for a playful companion, Suey is just the girl for you! She is still young at a year and a half, and is fully potty trained. Suey weighs about 14 pounds and is believed to be a Pug mix. She enjoys the company of other dogs who are similar to her in size. She is a bit leary of big dogs, but loves to play with the smaller dogs in her foster home. Suey is still working on crate training. After some initial protesting, she does relax and sleep. Because of this she would not be a good candidate for apartment living. Suey has met a few children, ages 5-10, and can initially be a little shy, but given time she does warm up and loves it when they throw a toy for her. As far as we know she has never been exposed to cats. Suey has a fair amount of energy, but also enjoys some down time. She loves to go for walks, is a great passenger in the car, and can easily entertain herself with some toys. Suey likes to take advantage of being outside, and has the best zoomies in her yard. She has been known to claim any open lap and curl up for a nap! Suey has a sweet, playful personality and will make a wonderful companion for just about anyone.




Meet Miri! 💗 Miri was rescued off the mean streets of Houston. Her nights consisted of sleeping on an old, dingy mattress and getting by with whatever scraps she could find. Despite being failed by humans, Miri is learning to trust. After spending some time in her foster home and completing treatment for Heartworms, she is ready for what is to come next. She has had quite the journey getting to where she is now, and would love nothing more than a family to call her own.

Miri is estimated to be around 2 years old, and weighs about 75 pounds. Meeting new people can be overwhelming for her. She takes cues from other dogs, and is most comfortable with humans with a little help from her four legged friends. Because of this, she would do best in a home with another dog. She is very curious and after a little time she will approach you for some sniffs and even a little chin scratch. Miri has been exposed to dogs of all ages and sizes. She is so playful, and respectful of all her dog friends and we really get to see her personality shine in their company. Miri loves her crate and it is very important that she gets adequate decompression in a new home. She has not been exposed to cats, and because of her nervous nature, would do best in a home without small children. Miri is potty trained and will go to the door to alert you that she has to go out. She enjoys getting out for walks, playing outside, and appreciates a good nap in her dog bed. She is a laid-back, mellow girl. Miri is looking for someone committed to helping her navigate life and being the best version of herself. Though she requires time and patience, she will reward you with a friend for life.




Bruno is officially looking for the family he was meant to be with! This handsome guy was adopted earlier this year as a young puppy, and now at about 8 months old, is looking for his second chance at a forever home.

Bruno is about 40 pounds and is listed as a mixed breed pup. After all Bruno has been through, he is still as happy-go-lucky as ever! He doesn’t let anything get him down and loves his people and will follow you around to see what you are up to. He’s such a curious boy! Although he does love people, he can sometimes take a bit to warm up to men and would do best in a home with children over the age of 10 as he does like to get jumpy and mouthy when excited. We believe with continued structure and training that Bruno will be able to conquer this behavior!

Bruno loves to play with other dogs and has been doing well when being told “off” during play to take a break. He is an active pup with a tail that is always wagging with excitement! Even though Bruno loves his doggy friends, we believe he would do well as an only dog too as long as he is regularly socialized. He is still fine tuning his potty training skills and has done a great job in alerting his foster family he has to go by prancing and going to the dog door. Bruno has been pretty good in his kennel and keeps it clean, but can sometimes protest when first being in there.

“Play hard, snuggle hard” is one of Bruno’s life mottos. This handsome boy loves to play with his toys and other dogs, but enjoys a good snuggle session with his humans afterwards. With Bruno still being young, his ideal family will be one that can provide him with guidance, exercise, training, and structure to become the best boy he can be. Do you think you could be the family Bruno has been searching for?




Meet Sky! This sweet little southern gal weighs in at just under 13 pounds and is about a year old. We are unsure of exactly what breed she is, but we know one thing is for sure, she is definitely adorable 😍.

Sky can be a little shy at first with new people and dogs and will bark at first, but does eventually warm up to everyone! In her current foster home she has been around small and large dogs, and has been around kids ages 5-10. She has done well with everyone she has met, but does tend to jump up in excitement when meeting new people. This smart cookie listens when being redirected for jumping up, knows “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and even knows her name already! Sky is also potty trained, but like any dog in a new home, would need to get used to a new routine. Sky also does a good job in her crate and keeps it clean and dry. She does get a bit nervous on car rides and around loud noises.

Sky really enjoys playing with the other dogs in her foster home and loves spending time outside. Her foster reports that she is pretty active and high energy so would do well in a home that can get her plenty of exercise and playtime. Despite her energy level, she does enjoy a good belly rub and snuggle session on the couch. Sky’s ideal family would be one that can be patient while she warms up to her new surroundings, has another dog in the home, and is active! Let us know if you think you are the family for Sky!





Who doesn’t love a cute little scruffy pup? We know we sure do! This little scruffy guy is Archie and he is a 1 year old terrier mix that weighs just under 12 pounds. Our Texas friends met little Archie at the Angleton Animal Shelter and knew he was destined for a trip to Wisconsin to find his new home.

Archie really enjoys people and dogs and gets very excited to meet everyone and try to make friends. With his youthful exuberance and excitement, he does tend to do some playful nipping. He is working hard to control his excited energy, but would really flourish in a home that can keep working with him on his manners! Archie is a rockstar on a leash and enjoys his time strolling through the streets of Wisconsin, but he isn’t the biggest fan of this cold weather we have up here 🥶. He will run outside to pee and then hustles back inside to warm up his cold little toes. With that being said, his potty training is a work in progress, but he is starting to go to the door when he has to go and is learning the routine at his foster home and is making great improvements! Crate training is another thing that Archie is working on mastering. He does protest and cry but will eventually settle down after a while.

Archie is a big fan of any toy he can get his paws on. He will play with fluffy toys, bouncing ball toys, and even chew toys! He is a very food motivated dude which will help so much with him learning new commands and working on his manners. After a play session or a walk, Archie loves to curl up for a nap. His foster reports that he will usually end up sleeping on his back with his feet in the air 😂.

Archie’s ideal home would be with a patient family that will take him on walks, continue working on his manners and crate/potty training, and he would love a doggy companion to play with too!







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