We have a special senior lady to introduce you to this evening. Charlotte is quite a looker, despite the fact that she is completely blind🙈! At approximately 10 years young and a whopping 6 pounds, this little lady is all snuggles. Her favorite hobby is being cuddled up next to her humans while you tell her how much you love her ❤️. Charlotte really enjoys being held, talked to, and given lots of belly rubs. Since she cannot see, she prefers to be touching you while cuddling and being in your personal space 😁.

Charlotte is working hard on crate training and potty training (she hates the cold weather 😂). She would prefer a home with respectful dogs and pets or would probably be fine as your solo companion. This formerly stray pooch would love to end up in a relaxed and safe forever home. Could it be yours?? 🐾🏡




Reintroducing Rudy! 🤩

Rudy traveled to us in February of this year. Shortly after arriving we discovered Rudy was anxious, pushy, dog selective, and was at level 100 all the time. No boundaries, and lack of impulse control could be a recipe for disaster. After bouncing around foster homes we spoke to our friend, Stephanie, and decided Rudy’s best chance at finding a forever family was spending some extensive time at her training facility.

We are so happy to report that Rudy has made huge strides! He has mastered the art of being calm, is crate trained, he walks great on leash, is a pro at down/stay, and when he can’t get outside for a walk Rudy is trained to walk on the treadmill. Thanks to Stephanie, Rudy is now able to be a happy, balanced dog.

We are looking for an adopter that is willing to work directly with Stephanie to set Rudy up for success in his new home. If you are in the market for a great dog, and are willing to work with an awesome trainer, Rudy is your guy! He will thrive with someone that can provide him with the structure he needs. Rudy is a year old, and loves everyone he meets.



Reese came to MMDR as a local owner surrender. Her family adopted her when she was around a year old. Over the years Reese became protective of her family, lashing out on walks, and not being accepting of new guests in the home. Now, at 5 years old, she became increasingly stressed out by the small children in her home, and ultimately her family made the difficult decision to surrender her.

When Reese’s owner met us for her behavioral assessment we were greeted by an extremely anxious dog. She was so worked up around her owner, we had to ask him to leave while the assessment took place. As soon as Reese was alone with us her anxiety slowly melted away. She had no negative reaction to our trainer, and it was obvious Reese needed someone that could provide her guidance and structure. Her owners loved her dearly, but they had unfortunately developed a very unhealthy relationship. Reese had a rough few days adjusting to her new surroundings, but after the decompression period it wasn’t long before we saw her goofy, happy side. Reese has been working with our trainer, Mydiek, for two weeks now and is officially accepting applications for a new family.

Reese is looking for a family that is patient. She needs someone that can be an advocate for her. She has proven to be such an easy going gal, but it takes time for her to adjust to new situations. She gets along with cats, and calm dogs that will respect her space. Reese would do best in a home with no small children. She is crate trained, knows down/stay, and walks well on leash. Reese has so much potential, and we know her perfect fit is out there somewhere!



“Howdy y’all! My name is Caroline; like the song “Sweet Caroline”… bum bumm bummm

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a bit of my story! I was found as a stray and my friends and I were eventually captured by Statewide Animal Control Rescue and Recovery. We were taken to the Harris County Animal Shelter but because of Covid-19, no one was adopting or fostering large dogs so all 4 of us were up for euthanasia after our “3 day stray hold”. Thankfully, my TX foster mom saw our worth and pulled all four of us through Lola’s Lucky Day.

We eventually got to transport once all our vetting was completed and we went to Dodge County Humane Society. We were all adopted but I am a bit of a ninja in the backyard and got away from my foster and my adopter. I came back to the shelter (which can be a scary place for a shy dog like me). My Texas foster mom, Sam, was worried that I would become more shutdown in the shelter and asked if Misfit Mutts had anyone able to take me. They did, so I am now a Misfit!

After a few days at my new foster home, I have begun to show my true personality. I am a playful, goofy girl. I LOVE other dogs and I LOVE to play. I am also great with the cats in my foster home. I kennel like a champ and am potty trained! I thrive on routine and I LOVE treats! I have met a few children and if they are calm, I like them. I can be a bit nervous with loud noises and fast movements. As I settle in, I become more relaxed. I have really warmed up to my foster mom and am still getting used to my foster dad. He gives me treats, which I happily take!

My ideal home will have a secure fence and understand that I should not be left unattended in the backyard or my ninja skills may come out again. It would have at least one very playful dog, squeaky toys, treats and lots of patience to allow me to come out of my shell. I promise you that once I’m comfortable, I will be the best pupper.

I am about 1.5 years old and I’m listed as an Aussie mix.“