Miss Freya has been hanging out in Wisconsin for over two years now waiting for the right family to find her. Let’s help get her story out there!

From the first moment we met this sweet girl in Texas through our friends at Corridor Rescue, we all knew she was extra special and instantly melted our hearts. Not only has she survived being hit by a car, but she continues to thrive despite some limited mobility in her back legs, and does it with a big smile on her face. Her pure joy for life and her determination to keep on moving even after what has happened to her in the past is so inspiring. We are so grateful that the amazing people with Corridor knew she was destined for great things here in Wisconsin!

She has been continuing her visits with Emily at Peak PEMF performance and has been responding well to chiropractic care and water therapy. Most recently, her foster mom has noticed her tail wags more, and she has been trying new things like going up a few stairs all on her own! It will be important for her adoptive home to keep bringing her to therapy to help her continue to strengthen her back legs and to keep her at her best! We are so lucky to have people like Emily in our area to use as resources for our extra special pups in need. Since being up here in Wisconsin, her walking has improved so much and she is getting better each day with going potty on her own outside! She is still working on being able to stand up to go number two, but her strength and balance are not quite there yet.

Freya is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has not met any human she doesn’t love, and she sure makes it difficult not to love her back ????. The more time she spends in her foster home, the more her personality blossoms. She is a bit wobbly when walking, but once she starts to run around, she is off to the races!! Falling down is part of her routine, but with her amazing resilience, she gets right back up to try again. Nothing can keep this girl down! Freya is a big fan of playing with her doggie foster siblings and would love to go to a home with another dog. She also has a lot of fun playing with her toys ❤️

Freya is approximately 5 years old and just under 60 pounds. As most rescue dogs, her breed is a best guess and she is listed as a mix, but we think there is some Great Pyrenees in her based on her talkative personality and coloring. Her ideal home will be prepared to give her the extra special care that she needs to be the best dog she can be.

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**Freya’s adoption fee is being sponsored by Amanda Furman Collective with Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group!**




Hello everyone! My name is Kiwi. I am a beautiful, 8 year old Husky with so much love to give! My favorite pastimes are laying on a nice doggy bed, being brushed, going for a car ride and having a good play session in the yard. My foster family has fallen in love with me very quickly. I would do best in a home with another older or calm dog but would be just fine even by myself! I prefer a home with no pet bunnies or chickens. When I meet a new dog I do not like to share toys with new dog friends at first so slow introductions of those items will be needed. I’m kind of picky about my food but have been doing pretty well on a raw diet.
I have bad hips so I would prefer my forever home doesn’t have a lot of stairs since it’s hard for me sometimes to walk up and down them. My foster family and the rescue have been working hard to make sure that I’m comfortable and getting the care I need. I have been seen by the vet here in Green Bay and they noted some arthritic changes noted in my hips. Since I’m an older girl with some hip issues a home with older children would be best.
My current treatment plan is to have MagnaWave once a month. If you are unfamiliar with MagnaWave therapy, it is a natural way of the body healing/managing pain. It benefits cellular energy resulting in better cellular health and function. This treatment has really been helping me and should be continued in my forever home. I am currently seeing Emily at Peak PEMF Performance! She is the best! I am on a mild pain reliever to help with some of my discomfort, as well as, supplements to keep my joints in tip top shape!
I am fully potty trained. I am not a fan of my kennel but my foster mom leaves me out and I’ve done pretty well with that. All in all, I’m just a snuggly girl looking for a lap or a nice couch to sleep on with some playtime in between. I promise I’ll give you so many kisses, you will fall in love with me right away!




Indy is so excited to meet you, you and you! He loves everyone he meets! He is a young adult weighing in at 35 pounds. When he was surrendered the original owner said he was a German Shepherd/Heeler mix. While many feel sorry for him when they meet him, he does not see it that way! He radiates positivity and happiness. He loves everyone he has ever met. He loves dogs that love to play with him. He likes to chase the kitties in his home but will not hurt them. He does wish his people would never leave the house and prefers to never leave your side. Indy was originally an owner surrender to a rescue group in Kentucky because his needs were more than the breeder could handle. Indy suffers from Swimmers Syndrome. Swimmers Syndrome is a rare condition in which a puppy is unable to physically stand or walk, but instead lies flat on its chest and abdomen with hind legs extended behind and its forelegs extended to the front and/or sides. The only motion the puppy is capable of is paddling its limbs as though it is swimming. Indy is able to stand on his front legs and pull himself around that way. With his dragging and trying to stand, at times he does develop some sores and skin shearing and his hind limbs need to be wrapped or wearing sleeves/pants at all times. Because of his lack of muscle he does not have a lot of bladder control so he wears belly bands and because he drags his butt he wears a diaper. He has an easy therapy routine to maintain his range of motion and some swimming therapy to help maintain his strengthening. Indy is available for someone who is dedicated to learning his routine. We know that Indy may not be a great fit for every household but we know his perfect family is out there and he cannot wait to show them his sparkling personality and stunning smile!

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Sampson is a sensitive guy who loves his people with all his heart. His journey has been anything but easy, but he has overcome all the obstacles thrown his way. Sampson was adopted out as a puppy in 2019 where he lived with his family for two years. We learned that he struggled with anxiety, and his family unfortunately couldn’t help him through it. We wanted to get to the root of his anxiety, and give him the best chance at living a happy, fulfilled life, so we sent Sampson to spend some time with our trainer. His nerves can get the best of him, so teaching Sampson to “turn off” and just relax has really helped him be less nervy. Sampson has been back with us since March and we have learned that he is a dog who thrives with structure and routine. It is important that he continues to get this in a new home. Sampson is 5 years old and weighs 60 pounds. He loves to get out for walks, and is very respectful on leash. He will happily follow along at your heels. He enjoys hitting the trails near his foster home, and loves to explore. Sampson has met older children and thinks they are pretty great, but it does take him a minute to become acclimated when he meets new people. Sampson previously lived with another dog and did fine. If there was another dog in his new home it would be important that the dogs are compatible. Because Sampson is insecure, he would do best with confident dog mate. We are happy to do multiple meet and greets to ensure Sampson and any potential dog sibling will be a good fit! We have not seen Sampson interact with cats, so we are unsure how he would react in their presence. We would love to find Sampson a family who is patient and willing to take their time with getting to know Sampson before bringing him home. Deep down Sampson is a big goofball who has a heart of gold. Take a chance on him, and you are guaranteed a friend for life.





Meet Eddie! Eddie is around 2 years old, and weighs about 50 pounds. He is a super smart boy and has all of his basic obedience down pat! Eddie walks well on leash, and is crate, and potty trained. Eddie was placed with a family as a puppy, and unfortunately ended up not being compatible with the resident dog. He is still on the hunt for his perfect match. Could it be you?

Eddie is looking for an experienced handler. He struggles meeting new people, and requires someone who is patient and willing to take things slow. Once he has had adequate time to form a trusting relationship, you will he rewarded with a friend for life. We will help his new family along the way to ensure the transition is successful for everyone. Eddie would love to find an active family. He enjoys getting out for walks, and would make a wonderful hiking buddy. He has lived with a feline friend and did great, but would do best in a home with no kids. He has been exposed to dogs of all sizes, and it’s important he is compatible with any dogs sharing a living space with him. He would also be fine as an only dog.

We have all grown to love Eddie! Though he requires a little extra work from his people, he is worth it. Eddie has a big personality and heart to match it. If you are up for providing him with the leadership he needs, we are here to give you the guidance to do so. Please don’t pass up this sweet boy! ❤️

**Eddie’s adoption fee is being sponsored by Buddy’s Vets, located in Green Bay.**

Aren’t in a position to adopt this special boy but would love to support him? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to his foster’s home!

Jace the handsome husky is still on the look out for his forever home!
Young Jace made the trip up to Wisconsin last summer and is now close to 1.5 years old and currently weighs 30 pounds. He came to us from This Is Houston after they were contacted by Harris County Animal Shelter about a sick 7 week old puppy with parvovirus that wasn’t doing well in the shelter environment, and was set to be euthanized. Thankfully, they had a foster ready and willing to take him in and they got him into ER right away. After two blood transfusions and a few days of hospitalization, he was able to be released from the hospital and onto a better life! Unfortunately, once he continued to be in foster care, it was discovered that Jace had some type of previous injury that made his tail paralyzed. With this injury, he is incontinent and wears diapers in the house and needs his back end to be extra clean with a little help from his humans, but that sure doesn’t bother him or slow him down! He currently does not have mobility issues, but his tail does hang down. This adorable pup truly is a fighter!
He is the friendliest little guy and loves people, but he can be hesitant and timid at first around men. Jace loves being around and playing with other dogs and is respectful around them. He is currently being fostered with a smaller senior dog and although he tries to get him to play, he is gentle and patient. There is also a cat in his current foster home! He does want to play with his kitty friends, but listens well when being told “no” and gives them space. Playing with toys is one of his favorite activities, especially if it squeaks! On a nice snowy day, you can find Jace rolling around in the cold stuff or just sitting outside and enjoying the view. Like almost any Husky, he loves to be outside in nature. He also really loves walks, especially in the snow! Walks help him burn off some of his energy and are also a great way to help reduce the number of diaper changes he needs.
In true husky fashion, Jace enjoys “talking” and howling to express his feelings. His foster gives him nightly back end baths to keep him clean and happy and he does really well with them! He loves the water and loves when his foster mom fills up a spray bottle and sprays it at him, he will try his best to catch the squirt of water in his mouth. He also has an affinity for ice cubes and will play “hockey” with them. This cutie is learning so much and is very smart! He knows many commands including “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”, “shake”, “kennel”, “leave it”, and his name! Jace is great in his crate and can stay in there during the day with no issues, but does whine and complain a bit at first. What a champ!
His foster mom describes him as incredibly sweet, mellow, and smart. He will make any family very happy! His ideal home would not have a lot of carpeting as it would be easier to keep clean in case of an accident with his incontinence. Jace is currently in search of a home and needs a family that will cater to his special needs. He sleeps in the kennel with a potty pad over his bed to help keep the bed clean and in the house wears pull-ups. If you think your family can give Jace the forever home he deserves, please email us at You can also email us with any additional questions about his care needs or about our adoption process!
Aren’t in a position to adopt this special boy but would love to support him? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to his foster’s home!





Our boy Brutus is still on the hunt for his second chance at a forever family! Mr. Brutus was originally adopted from us as a puppy about two years ago and he has once again landed in our care after having behavioral issues in his adoptive home.  Brutus is now a little over 2 years old, just under 20 pounds, and a DNA test showed him to be a Chihuahua/Belgian Malinois mix. “Small dog with a large personality” really rings true when it comes to Brutus with his high intelligence, an eagerness to work and be challenged, and his desire for human companionship.   Brutus has been in his foster home for 6 months and has gone through a 5 week board-and-train program with our friend Stephanie at the Beckett School. During his training, he has become very familiar with tools that will be essential for his every day life to help him keep a healthy state of mind and make good choices. Any interested adoptive home will be required to continue the use of these tools, experience isn’t required, but is definitely a bonus! An open mind to training tools and balanced training methods is a must. He has made amazing improvements since his board and train and we are so proud of him! Brutus is what we can best describe as a Sour Patch kid. He can be sweet, but he can also be sour. He struggles with food reactivity, resource guarding, and some other occasional cranky episodes that come mostly at night time, (waking up from a nap, not wanting to go in his crate) which his foster mom refers to as his night time “scaries”. He has not had one of these episodes in a couple months and is doing great!   Brutus is a great little adventure buddy and is always up for a walk, run, hike, or any other kind of activity his humans are up for. He loves being challenged mentally as well as physically and enjoys learning new tricks or working on the ones he already knows. He is also great when going on car rides and just sits back to enjoy the ride. Brutus has mastered the “place” command and while he is out of his kennel, spends most of his time inside relaxing in his “place” and practicing being calm and not letting himself get too over stimulated. Naps are one of his favorite activities and he makes some pretty funny noises while yawning. He is continuing to work through his food reactivity and resource guarding by practicing the “out” command daily. His favorite activity outside is grabbing a tennis ball or any toy and running around the yard with it in his mouth. Unlike a lot of us, Brutus loves the snow and will run around in the snow and chase after snowballs! After some extended decompression time, Brutus has been co-existing with the dogs in his foster home and has done very well with them under close supervision, although he prefers dogs closer to his size. He likes to chase and be chased by his four-legged friends and just likes to feel like one of the gang. Brutus would do well co-existing with other dogs as long as they respect his space.   Brutus would do best in a home with adults only. An active and structured home is his best fit, and a family that is 100% committed to keeping his training going throughout his life. Any leniency in this can create set backs and an environment that Brutus will take advantage of and will continue to act out in. He would love to do agility classes, obedience classes or other activities that help stimulate his busy mind. A home with a fenced in yard would be ideal to help him get as much exercise as possible. He truly is a great, quirky, little dog for the right home. He may be a challenging dog, but he is 100% worth it, he deserves a second chance at having a home. If you are looking for an adventure friend and feel like your home is the right environment for Brutus to continue to live a happy life, please fill out an application today!





Meet Bonny! Bonny is a 2 year old, 50 pound Terrier mix who was originally pulled from the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, TX. She traveled to Wisconsin in May where she continues to search for a forever home. She has completed a board and train program with our trainer and now has the tools to help her be a respectable girl. Bonny has a lot of great qualities. She is fully comfortable being crated, and is completely potty trained. She would do best in a home with no other pets. As far as we know she has not been exposed to children. She is very intelligent and has all of her basic obedience down pat. Bonny knows sit, stay, down, heel, and has great recall. She enjoys going for walks, car rides, playing with toys and being outside. Bonny is such a little love, and will take advantage of any opportunity to snuggle with her humans. She will require patience from her people as she gets acclimated. Bonny thrives with structure and consistency, and it will be important she gets this in her forever home. She is looking for an active family who is willing to continue on with her training while she searches for her forever family.



Rieske! – PENDING!

Meet Rieske! Rieske is a 6 month old lab mix. She is about 22 pounds. She is learning how to be the best dog here in Wisconsin. She currently lives with dogs of various sizes and ages. When she is first introduced to new dogs, she has shown fear by hiding under a safe person and making it known she does not want them to approach her. She has been introduced to cats and tries to engage them in play by barking at them. She has been introduced to kids 5 years and up in age. She does best with older kids 10 and over. Rieske is crate trained and potty trained in her current foster home.

Rieske is more on the timid side when put in new environments or even riding in the car. She has been working with a trainer as well for better confidence walking on a leash. She is doing much better but does require a patient family who is dedicated to helping her grow more confident. When in her home, she is excited, playful, a snuggler, and very affectionate. She does have some of the puppy jumpiness to be expected for her age. She is the perfect mix of playful to mellow for her age. She enjoys playing with her dog friends and toys. She is hoping to have another mellow dog in her new home to show her the ropes. Due to her timidness and fear in new situations, she will need a secure fenced-in yard for her safety. She has learned to “stay” and her name so far. She is a very smart puppy.

While Rieske may not be ready to take on the world yet, she is hoping there is a patient family out there to continue showing her all the good things she is missing out on staying home! She will take time and training to come out of her shell, but she will make up for it with all she has learned and tons of affection!





Laverne is ready to meet her new forever family! This 6 month old cutie weighs over 20 pounds, but has plenty of room to grow as she gets older. Her and her siblings are believed to be hound mixes, but it is a best guess what they are mixed with! Her and her siblings were born at the vet clinic after their mom was brought in as a stray. Laverne, although skittish at first, loves to be around other dogs and humans and warms up quickly. As long as she gets to have slow introductions on her terms, she will be excited to play with other dogs and get some pets from her human friends. As far as kitty friends go, she really loves trying to play with the cat at her foster home so would do best if a cat in the home is used to playful dogs. She is still working on being completely comfortable in her crate, but has been making improvements! Since she is still a puppy, potty training is also a work in progress but she has been doing well on a consistent schedule and regular potty breaks throughout the day. She would really benefit from some obedience training to work on her manners and boundaries. Laverne LOVES to be outside and play in the yard, and is also a huge fan of taking a swim! This little pup is a busy body and enjoys exploring and always being on the move so would do great in an active home environment. After her she runs around and is active, she does enjoy some snuggle time too! She is very food motivated so that has been helping a lot with her training and progress in her foster home! If you are in the market for an active, snuggly puppy, Laverne is your girl!




Misha! – PENDING!

Meet Misha! She is thought to be around 1-2 years old, weighs in at a whopping 8 pounds, and is a miniature poodle mix. Her pictures definitely make her look bigger than she is, but Misha wants to assure you she is all legs! If her adorable face isn’t enough, she also has an irresistible underbite to boot! Misha is a bit shy at first but will flop onto her back and beg for belly rubs pretty quickly after meeting some nice humans. She is very sweet and loves to get pets and give kisses to her human friends. Misha gets along with dogs of all sizes and humans of all ages and sizes too! She has been around cats and kids in her previous foster home and did well with them. She has a goofy, spunky personality that can make anyone crack a big smile. She has a sweet temperament and is such a little darling and delight to have around. Misha is also an active and adventurous little pup that loves to explore. Sometimes, she can even be an escape artist so would require a home with a fenced in yard or a secure tie out and supervision outside. She is mostly potty trained, but will have the occasional accident so would need to be treated like a puppy while she adjusts to her new home and be supervised inside. Misha is on the fence about her crate and sometimes does just fine and settles down, and other times will bark up a storm to let you know she wants to come out. She is working on settling down in there and has also been working on basic commands and not jumping up on people. She sometimes will jump and nip at fingers playfully, so her adoptive family would likely need to continue to work on correcting her of those behaviors. Misha would love an active family with other dogs, and someone that enjoys going on nice long walks. Could that be yours?





Mister Lenny wants you all to know that he is still available for a nice family to take him home and give him the best life! He traveled here with his sisters after his mom was brought in as a stray and they were born in a vet clinic in Texas. He is about 6 months old, currently about 26 pounds, and thought to be a hound mix. Like a typical puppy, Lenny has lots of playful energy when it comes to being around other dogs. He loves to play and wrestle, but does not yet know when to give other dogs a break so sometimes needs to be reminded. He has also been working on his excited jumping habits and would love a home that can continue to help him fine tune his manners and obedience! Lenny has been working hard in his foster home and is completely crate trained and almost completely house trained with just the occasional accident. He even goes to the door and whines when he has to go potty! Lenny has never met a stranger and loves everyone including adults, kids and other dogs. He is fostered with cats and does bark at them and tries to play. His favorite past times are playing with toys, playing with other dogs, chewing on lots of bones, and taking a snooze in his kennel with the door open after a good play session. He has lots of puppy energy so would love to go home to an active family. Lenny would do well in almost any family as long as they are patient, provide structure and routine, to teach him how to be the best dog he can be! Are you looking for an outdoor adventure buddy to add to your family? If so, Lenny is your perfect match! Apply to meet Lenny today!




Oakley wanted to drop by and say “Howdy!”He came all the way up to Wisconsin from Texas on the search for a new family! He is about 1.5 years old and weighs 45 pounds. Oakley is thought to be a lab mix, but his breed is a best guess! Oakley is one smart dude. He already knows commands like “shake”, “sit”, “stay”, “place”, “break”, and knows his name! His fosters say he is working on “heel” and “leave it” also and making progress! He can be best described as a high energy social butterfly that loves meeting new people. He is very playful and curious and loves to play with toys and go for walks. His foster family reports that he LOVES car rides and if it were up to him, he would spend the entire day outside. After being active and energetic all day, he is down for a snuggle session with his people. There are some things Oakley is still working on including crate training and being on a leash. He does protest when in the kennel and it is clear he would prefer to be with his people. When he sees other dogs while on a leash, he gets so excited that he cannot contain it. He would really benefit from some extra training to learn to control his emotions and excitement. With how excited he gets, he also has a tendency to jump up on people so would do best in a home with older children. He would also love a home with an active family and would also love a fenced in yard to help him run around and get rid of some excess energy. If you are an active family looking for an equally active adventure buddy and are ready to continue working with him on his training, Oakley is the perfect match for you!





Pepper is a sweet 11-year-old brindle Boston Terrier weighing under 20 pounds. She came to us as a local owner surrender. She is a good dog that can seem a little skittish at first, but she will warm up to you within about a week! Pepper is fearful of men, but thankfully she is food motivated and a nice tasty treat can win her over! She goes in her crate at night to sleep if you say ‘kennel up or go to bed’. Sometimes a treat will motivate her even more. Pepper is an older gal, so she tends to need potty breaks pretty often, but she will let you know when she has to go by wiggling her little butt and panting. Her foster mom says she is a tail shaking queen and loves to wag her tail. Pepper enjoys a nice comfy bed to lay on and also loves to spend time snuggle up on the couch. She is currently being fostered with two small dogs and a senior cat and does well with them. Pepper loves to follow her humans around the house and around the yard to make sure she doesn’t miss out on anything! She does well on walks and is a great passenger in the car. Pepper is a bit of a particular gal and will tolerate pets, but prefers not to be picked up or snuggled on. She is happy spending her days on the dog bed near you, chewing on her bone, or being in her crate during the day. As long as she has a toy or something to keep her occupied! She is a happy little senior gal and would love to spend her days in a nice quiet home with a family that enjoys walks and relaxing nights on the couch.






Meet Mark! This handsome beef cake currently weighs in at 60 pounds, and is 4 years old. Mark originally came to us in the fall of 2021 after he was saved from euthanasia at an overcrowded Texas shelter. Mark doesn’t let his unfortunate upbringing keep him down. He is full of personality and always up for a good time! We thought Mark found his forever home, but unfortunately due to some conflict between Mark and the other dog in the home, it was decided for everyone’s safety that Mark find a new place to call home. Because of this, we feel Mark would do best in a home as an only pet. He hasn’t been exposed to any feline friends, but because of his high prey drive to small critters, he would not be a good candidate for a family with cats. Mark is fully potty trained and does well in his crate. He has some FOMO when his four legged friends would leave for a walk and would vocalize his annoyance. Otherwise, Mark is known to seek his crate out anytime he wants to take a nap, and does great while his family is at work. Mark appreciates a good fetch session, and would thrive with someone who can fulfill him both physically and mentally. He is good blend of energy and chill. When Mark has gotten his energy out, he is always down for a cuddle session. Mark is looking for a foster/adopter who can provide him with the structure and consistency he needs to be the best boy possible. He is working on his leash manners and not being so excited when meeting her people. Because of his jumping we think a home with older children or none at all would be best for him. Currently he knows his name, sit and kennel up. He is a smart guy, and is ready to learn! There is so much to love about Mark, and he would be grateful to find someone who is willing to open their heart and home to him.    *Mark is available for foster or adoption!*





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