Adoption Application:



Indy is so excited to meet you, you and you! He loves everyone he meets! He is a young adult weighing in at 35 pounds. When he was surrendered the original owner said he was a German Shepherd/Heeler mix. While many feel sorry for him when they meet him, he does not see it that way! He radiates positivity and happiness. He loves everyone he has ever met. He loves dogs that love to play with him. He likes to chase the kitties in his home but will not hurt them. He does wish his people would never leave the house and prefers to never leave your side. Indy was originally an owner surrender to a rescue group in Kentucky because his needs were more than the breeder could handle. Indy suffers from Swimmers Syndrome. Swimmers Syndrome is a rare condition in which a puppy is unable to physically stand or walk, but instead lies flat on its chest and abdomen with hind legs extended behind and its forelegs extended to the front and/or sides. The only motion the puppy is capable of is paddling its limbs as though it is swimming. Indy is able to stand on his front legs and pull himself around that way. With his dragging and trying to stand, at times he does develop some sores and skin shearing and his hind limbs need to be wrapped or wearing sleeves/pants at all times. Because of his lack of muscle he does not have a lot of bladder control so he wears belly bands and because he drags his butt he wears a diaper. He has an easy therapy routine to maintain his range of motion and some swimming therapy to help maintain his strengthening. Indy is available for someone who is dedicated to learning his routine. We know that Indy may not be a great fit for every household but we know his perfect family is out there and he cannot wait to show them his sparkling personality and stunning smile!

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Sampson is 5 years old and weighs around 60 pounds. His ideal home would be with someone who is dog savvy and can help him navigate his anxiety. New people and places can be overwhelming for him, but given adequate time and patience Sampson will warm up. His caretakers have grown to love the happy boy we know today. Once you get through his exterior, Sampson will show you his goofy and playful side. Creating a trusting bond is important in Sampson living a happy, healthy life. He gravitates to people who can provide a leadership role with him. Being an insecure guy, decisions can be overwhelming for him, so he relies on guidance from his human. Sampson knows all of his basic obedience, walks great on leash, and is crate and house trained. He really enjoys being outside, whether it be soaking up the sun, or hitting a hiking trail. He would do best as an only pet, and in a home with no children. Sampson is a good blend of chill and playful. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure buddy who also appreciates some down time, Sampson just may be the perfect pup for you!

We want both Sampson and his adopter to be successful, so we are including training sessions for any potential adopters. Though he requires some patience, Sampson is a really great dog and would make a wonderful addition to someone’s home.

Sampson is currently staying at our rescue facility and would love to find a foster home while he waits for a forever home. Click the link below to learn more about our fostering program.

**Sampson’s adoption fee is being sponsored by a volunteer.**






Meet Eddie!

Eddie came to us from an overcrowded shelter in Angleton, TX as a puppy. He was adopted and sadly returned to us at about a year of age due to conflict between him and the resident dog. He has been back with us since June of 2022, and continues to search for his perfect match. It is taking Eddie a little bit longer to find a forever home as it takes him time to become comfortable with new people. He is careful with where he places his trust, and needs someone who can dedicate time and patience while working on building a relationship together.

Eddie is around 2 years old, and weighs about 50 pounds. He is crate trained, knows all of his basic obedience, and is very respectful while walking on leash. He utilizes his “place” command to practice calmness. We can send him to his bed while preparing his food, walking by with another dog, being around new people, or just hanging out and doing nothing. Eddie is e-collar trained, has a solid recall and has mastered a structured walk. He absolutely loves going for walks whether it be in a neighborhood or out on a nature trail. Eddie is incredibly smart, and once you have earned his trust, he is such a joy to be around. He can happily co-exist while out on a walk with people and dogs around as long as they respect his space, and don’t put unnecessary pressure on him (like trying to pet him, or allowing a dog to rush him). Eddie really enjoys running around our large, fenced in yard. He is always down for a game of fetch, and nicely places his ball right in your hand. He is always on critter patrol, keeping all the bunnies out of the yard, and saving his care-takers from pesky grass snakes. When the sun is shining he loves nothing more than laying in the grass and soaking up all the rays. On days when the weather isn’t great to spend outside, he can expel some energy by walking on the treadmill.

Eddie thrives with structure and leadership. Because he can be insecure and fearful, he really looks to his human for guidance. He won’t be a good candidate for a novice dog owner, and will require several meets. Our team will work directly with any potential adopters to coach you on how to be the owner Eddie needs. This will be a drawn out process, to ensure you and Eddie are both comfortable, and fully equipped to start the adoption trial. His ideal home would be with someone who can fulfill him both mentally and physically, and has no other pets, or children. He would do best in a calm household, with someone who enjoys time spent outdoors. Once you are in his circle of trust, Eddie will show you his playful and affectionate side we have all grown to love. He is a loyal companion, and cannot wait to be promoted to your adventure partner! ❤️

**Eddie’s adoption fee is being sponsored by Buddy’s Vets, located in Green Bay.**

Aren’t in a position to adopt this special boy but would love to support him? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to his foster’s home!





Our boy Brutus is still on the hunt for his second chance at a forever family! Mr. Brutus was originally adopted from us as a puppy about two years ago and he has once again landed in our care after having behavioral issues in his adoptive home.  Brutus is now about 3 years old, just under 20 pounds, and a DNA test showed him to be a Chihuahua/Belgian Malinois mix. “Small dog with a large personality” really rings true when it comes to Brutus with his high intelligence, an eagerness to work and be challenged, and his desire for human companionship.

Brutus has been in his foster home for a year and has gone through a 5 week board-and-train program with our friend Stephanie at the Beckett School. During his training, he has become very familiar with tools that will be essential for his every day life to help him keep a healthy state of mind and make good choices. Any interested adoptive home will be required to continue the use of these tools, experience isn’t required, but is definitely a bonus! An open mind to training tools and balanced training methods is a must. He has made amazing improvements since his board and train and we are so proud of him! Brutus is what we can best describe as a Sour Patch kid. He can be sweet, but he can also be sour. He struggles with food reactivity, resource guarding, and some other occasional cranky episodes that come mostly at night time, (waking up from a nap, not wanting to go in his crate) which his foster mom refers to as his night time “scaries”. He has not had one of these episodes in a couple months and is doing great!   Brutus is a great little adventure buddy and is always up for a walk, run, hike, or any other kind of activity his humans are up for. He loves being challenged mentally as well as physically and enjoys learning new tricks or working on the ones he already knows. He is also great when going on car rides and just sits back to enjoy the ride. Brutus has mastered the “place” command and while he is out of his kennel, spends most of his time inside relaxing in his “place” and practicing being calm and not letting himself get too over stimulated. Naps are one of his favorite activities and he makes some pretty funny noises while yawning. He is continuing to work through his food reactivity and resource guarding by practicing the “out” command daily. His favorite activity outside is grabbing a tennis ball or any toy and running around the yard with it in his mouth. Unlike a lot of us, Brutus loves the snow and will run around in the snow and chase after snowballs! After some extended decompression time, Brutus has been co-existing with the dogs in his foster home and has done very well with them under close supervision, although he prefers dogs closer to his size. He likes to chase and be chased by his four-legged friends and just likes to feel like one of the gang. Brutus would do well co-existing with other dogs as long as they respect his space.

Brutus would do best in a home with adults only. An active and structured home is his best fit, and a family that is 100% committed to keeping his training going throughout his life. Any leniency in this can create set backs and an environment that Brutus will take advantage of and will continue to act out in. He would love to do agility classes, obedience classes or other activities that help stimulate his busy mind. A home with a fenced in yard would be ideal to help him get as much exercise as possible. He truly is a great, quirky, little dog for the right home. He may be a challenging dog, but he is 100% worth it, he deserves a second chance at having a home. If you are looking for an adventure friend and feel like your home is the right environment for Brutus to continue to live a happy life, please fill out an application today!





Meet Bonny! Bonny is a 2 year old, 50 pound Terrier mix who was originally pulled from the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, TX. She traveled to Wisconsin in May where she continues to search for a forever home. She has completed a board and train program with our trainer and now has the tools to help her be a respectable girl. Bonny has a lot of great qualities. She is fully comfortable being crated, and is completely potty trained. She would do best in a home with no other pets. As far as we know she has not been exposed to children. She is very intelligent and has all of her basic obedience down pat. Bonny knows sit, stay, down, heel, and has great recall. She enjoys going for walks, car rides, playing with toys and being outside. Bonny is such a little love, and will take advantage of any opportunity to snuggle with her humans. She will require patience from her people as she gets acclimated. Bonny thrives with structure and consistency, and it will be important she gets this in her forever home. She is looking for an active family who is willing to continue on with her training while she searches for her forever family.





Oakley is still on the search for his new family! He came all the way up to Wisconsin from Texas on the search for a new family! He is about 2 years old and weighs 45 pounds. Oakley is thought to be a lab mix, but his breed is a best guess! Oakley is one smart cookie and has made amazing progress at his foster home. He already knows commands like “sit”, “stay”, “place”, “break”, “lay down”, and knows his name! His fosters say he is working on “heel” and “leave it” also and making progress! He can be best described as a high energy social butterfly that loves meeting new people. He is very playful and curious and loves to play with toys and go for walks. His foster family reports that he LOVES car rides and if it were up to him, he would spend the entire day outside. After being active and energetic all day, he is down for a snuggle session with his people. He has also spent some quality time around other dogs and has done really well playing with them and enjoys their company! Oakley has come a long way when it comes to crate training and being on a leash. He has improved so much with his crate training and only protests if there is someone in the home that he doesn’t know. Oakley has also improved so much on a leash with some training tools and lots of practice. His ideal family would be one that will continue to work with him on his training. He can get pretty excited when meeting new people and has a tendency to jump up on people so would do best in a home with older children. He would love a home with an active family and would also love a fenced in yard to help him run around and get rid of some excess energy. If you are an active family looking for an equally active adventure buddy and are ready to continue working with him on his training, Oakley is the perfect match for you!






Meet Mark! This handsome beef cake currently weighs in at 60 pounds, and is 4 years old. Mark is full of personality and always up for a good time! Mark is fully potty trained and does well in his crate. Mark is known to seek his crate out anytime he wants to take a nap, and does great while his family is at work. He appreciates a good fetch session, and would thrive with someone who can fulfill him both physically and mentally. When Mark has gotten his energy out, he is always down for a cuddle session. He is a good blend of playful and chill Mark is looking for a foster or adopter who can provide him with the structure and consistency he needs to be the best boy possible. He is working on his leash manners and not being so excited when meeting her people. Because of his jumping we think a home with older children or none at all would be best for him. Mark does not like to share resources he views as valuable with other dogs, so Mark is looking to be the only pet in your home. Currently he knows his name, sit, and kennel up. He is working on his place command and walking in a heel. He is making great strides, and would love to find someone who can continue on with his training. He is a smart guy, and is ready to learn! Mark enjoys time outside, soaking up the sun and being with his people. There is so much to love about Mark, and he would be grateful to find someone who is willing to open their heart and home to him.   *Mark is available for foster or adoption!*




Meet Timbo, the talkative Chihuahua! This handsome gent is about 7 years old and weighs in at 10lbs! Timbo loves to spend his days in the laps of anyone who will snuggle with him. He is an equal opportunity snuggler! Timbo loves to sing “Happy Birthday” and is pretty talkative about other things in his life; especially when he’s rolling around on his back. He gets little spurts of playfulness and they are just the cutest!

He is currently fostered with 3 bigger dogs and a cat. He has done well with all but does appreciate that they give him space when needed. Timbo is crate trained and sleeps comfortably and quietly in his crate. He does well with house training but should be kept on a consistent schedule for potty breaks.

Timbo would do well in a home with or without other dogs. He would love a lap to lay on and a cozy blanket to snuggle up in! He also loves a good kong stuffed with a little bit of goodness! Does Timbo sound like the dog for you? Apply today!

Timbo’s adoption fee is sponsored by Buddy’s Vets.





Kalie and her adorable ears can’t wait for you to learn a little more about her! She is about 4 months old, is a Shepherd mix and weighs 22 pounds. She may be small now, but she will be a medium to large sized pup when fully grown. Kalie is still young so is continuing to work on potty and crate training, but her foster reports that she has made huge improvements in this area and that she does well with a structured schedule and continues to improve daily. This cutie pie does love people and other dogs, but can be nervous at first when meeting them, but warms up pretty quickly once she has had time to assess the situation. She has really been enjoying riding in the car and working on basic commands with her foster mom! Kalie is a very smart pup and has already mastered the art of walking on a leash and is a great listener! She is currently fostered with other dogs and cats, and has been around kids ages 5-teens and does great with everyone. She sometimes chases the cats if they run away, but redirects well if told “no”. She loves to play with dog friends and would love a home that has another dog that likes to play as well. Kalie is a chewer so needs lots of options for toys to chew on to keep her busy, but her foster says she has done great as long as she gets plenty of exercise and at least one daily walk. She has really caught on to playing fetch which has helped get her extra energy out. This special girl will need a home that has breed experience and is ready to enroll her in training classes. Patience, a good routine/structure, and exercise will also be a requirement for Kalie’s adoptive home. If you feel you meet these standards, fill out an application for Kalie!




Tony! – PENDING!

Meet Tony! Tony is a 3 year old, 3.5 pound Chihuahua that came to us for a local Shelter. One of our co-founders, Lindsey, who has a soft spot for Chihuahuas, met Tony at the shelter. Tony was shy and the shelter life would have made it difficult to find him a forever home. Tony would approach Lindsey, but was not interested in being touched. Lindsey decided she would take Tony home where he could decompress and start the search for a forever home. After Tony got to his foster home it was quickly discovered he wasn’t your average dog. We aren’t entirely sure what happened in his past but he would yelp and cry anytime you would try to handle him. He would also spin in circles, grind his teeth and didn’t seem to walk properly. We brought him to our veterinarian to have him looked over but they didn’t find anything to really be wrong other than luxating patella in his back legs. We also believe Tony may have some cognitive issues as he doesn’t respond to things like your average dog would. After we were able to clip Tony’s very long nails and he was able to move around the house more he seemed to build up strength and overall was moving so much better than when he arrived. Tony is fostered with other dogs of all sizes and he co-exists well with them but prefers to be left alone. We believe he would also do fine with cats in the home as long as they would let him be. Tony’s foster Mom and Dad will talk to him and his ears will perk up and he sometimes will look in your direction. If you approach him just the right way he will sink into your hand for pets and sometimes he will even give you little kisses on your hand. His foster Mom and Dad have worked hard to help Tony be more comfortable since arriving at their house in June of last year. They only pick him up when necessary as he does not enjoy it, though he has never shown any aggression. Tony has gotten much better with being picked up when needed but he does still get squirmy and sometimes will give out a little squeak. Tony does well in his pen and he enjoys walking around the house and then curling up for a nap in one of his favorite beds. When it’s meal time he will follow you around the house to remind you. Tony is not potty trained so will need a patient adopter and one who can “admire” all his quirks. He would also do best in a home with no children. His foster Mom and Dad will teach you everything you need to know about him and the best way to handle him. Tony would like to find an adopter who can let him be his quirky self.




Meet Phoebe ❤️

Phoebe is a beautiful 4 year old mix breed girl who is currently looking for a place to grow some roots. Unfortunately, Phoebe hasn’t had a lot of stability in her short life, and is hoping to find someone who can show her compassion and patience as she gets acclimated to a new home. The key to Phoebe’s heart is a relationship built on trust. Her initial response is shyness, but given adequate time, Phoebe will show you her soul is pure gold and be your best friend. We have witnessed Phoebe blossom in the short time she has been with her foster family. She greets her humans with full body wags, and affectionately will nudge their hands when she wants more scratches. Phoebe enjoys playing with toys, appreciates a good bone to chew on, and a good nap in her dog bed. We are so happy with her progress, and would love for her to take the next step in finding her forever home!

Phoebe is full grown at 54 pounds. She is crate and potty trained. Phoebe does best with male dogs, and wouldn’t be a good candidate for a home with another female dog. She is currently fostered with a male large breed dog, and a cat. Phoebe does not like to share food, toys or bones with other animals, so it will be important that she gets these resources when she is separated from the other dogs or cats in the home. Phoebe is an insecure girl, and does require slow intros to other dogs. She would be most successful with another mellow canine friend who can be respectful of her space when she needs it. Phoebe really enjoys the cat in her foster home and will engage in play. She has no issues with people and is very respectful. Due to her fearfulness, Phoebe is looking for a home with no small children. She is nervous in the car and of passing cars while out on a walk. Her foster family is working her through these things, but it will take time, commitment, and consistency from her humans. We would love to offer her forever family some training sessions to continue to help Phoebe navigate her fear and insecurities. She currently knows her basic commands including sit, down, kennel up, and place. She is a smart girl, and responds to direction well. Phoebe is currently on Apoquel and a fish based diet to combat her allergies. She has responded beautifully to her new regimen and her coat is already looking so much better. Phoebe is feeling great, and has a new lease on life. She would love to find a calm, safe place to call her own. Give Phoebe a shot and you are sure to be rewarded with a companion who will make your days a little bit brighter! 🥰





Meet Tiny! Tiny is 10 pounds of adorable fluff and still growing! Tiny is part of our “T” litter (his Mom is Tafani) and was born on November 21, 2023. His breeds are a best guess, but we estimate he will grow to be medium in size. Tiny really enjoys the company of other dogs and would do best in a home with another canine companion. He is currently fostered with dogs of all sizes. He gravitates towards the medium size dogs in his foster home, and can sometimes be a bit too much for the Chihuahua in the home. Tiny also does great with his feline friends. Because he is only a puppy, he still needs work on crate and potty training. He is already making great progress in his foster home. He is an active little guy and loves to play. He has met a couple children between the ages of 5-12 and is very gentle and respectful. Tiny is working on his basic obedience, and is currently learning some commands. He walks well on leash, enjoys playing with other dogs, cuddling with his humans, and once he has gotten all of his puppy energy out, appreciates a good nap! He can be described as lap loving, social, active, and playful. Could he be the perfect pup for you?! ❤️





Meet Tafani! Tafani is the mama dog to our “T” puppies. She is estimated to be around 2 years old and is full grown at 24 pounds. Tafani lived outside in a kennel and now that her puppies are old enough to leave her, she is ready to start a new life with a family of her own! Tafani requires someone who can show her patience as she gets acclimated. We are so happy to report that she is doing fantastic in her foster home. It doesn’t take her long to warm up and show her sweet, affectionate side. Tafani is currently fostered with two Golden Retrievers and they have really helped her feel more comfortable and confident. She enjoys playtime and will even seek them out when it’s time to nap. She enjoys trips to the dog park, where she has met several new canine and human friends. She also enjoys hitting the Fox River Trail, and has proven to be an excellent walking companion. Tafani appreciates cuddle time on the couch with her humans, and does very well with the kids in her foster home. She is crate and potty trained, and working on her manners as she likes to jump when excited. She absolutely loves toys, and will entertain herself if given the opportunity. Tafani is working on her obedience and her foster Mom reports that she is making great progress. She appreciates time spent outdoors, going for walks, spending time with her canine friends, and soaking up affection from her humans. We believe Tafani would do best with another dog in the home as they really seem to help her feel more confident. She is such a wonderful little dog, and we are so proud to see her growth over the last several weeks. Tafani would make a great addition to someone’s home! Does she sound like the perfect pup for you?!




Olive! – PENDING!

Little Olive is excited to be in Wisconsin to find her new family! She is about 5 years old, just under 10 pounds, and is listed as a poodle mix. Her activity level is medium but she does enjoy going on walks and playing with the other dogs in her foster home. She would do best in a home with dogs closer to her size, but would also do ok being the only dog. She has not been around small children but has been around teenage children and done well. Olive has been working on crate training and has done well over night when in her fosters room. Her foster reports she is not much of a morning dog and will get up to potty and eat but is ready to go back to bed for a snooze until she’s ready for the day. She has a regular bed time of 9pm after spending the day playing with toys, napping, going for a walk, chewing on a good bone, romping around in the fenced in back yard, and snuggling with her humans. She is not a fan of cold weather but has really enjoyed being outside during the warm temperatures we have had lately! Although she enjoys being around other dogs, she requires slow introductions with new dogs so she can become comfortable at her own pace. Olive can be a bit vocal when meeting new people or seeing other dogs on leash, but she has been redirecting well. She has also been working on being ok with sharing toys and other prized possessions. Her foster reports that she has been doing great with potty training and will go to the door when she has to go! Olive will make a great companion for almost any home and is excited to meet her new family!




Meet Dino! He is about 6-7 months old and just under 25 pounds, but will likely grow to be a medium to large dog. His breed is a best guess but he is listed as a terrier/hound mix. This pup has never met a stranger and enjoys being around humans of all ages, but he does tend to get jumpy when excited so would do well with older kids. Dino is also great with meeting other dogs and enjoys playtime with his doggy friends.

His ideal family would be the active type that enjoys being outside and going on adventures. Dino is eager to please and food motivated and is becoming a quick learner, he would really benefit from some training classes to help him master his obedience skills and manners. He is continuing to work on potty training and with regular breaks, and a consistent routine, he has been doing really well!

Dino’s favorite pastimes are going for walks, playing with toys, riding in the car, playing with other dogs, going on hikes, and snuggling up with his humans for a nice nap. Even though he is a big fan of other dogs, we believe he would also thrive as the only dog in the home as long as he continues to be socialized. He can’t wait to meet his active new family! Apply today!




Tater! – PENDING!

This little handsome cutie is Tater! He weighs in at about 8.5 pounds, is listed as a terrier/chihuahua mix and his birthday is 11/21/23. He has been around kids of all ages but prefers older more calm children. He has also been around dogs of all sizes and done well! Tater is working on crate training and learning that it is a great place to nap, eat meals, and just relax. In typical puppy fashion, he is also learning that potty time is for outside. He has been making improvements and does well when let out for regular breaks.

Tater loves playing with other dogs and can hold his own while playing with dogs of any size. When he is interacting with other dogs, Tater is curious, playful, excited and respectful. He is very treat motivated and is working on learning commands which has been going well! With his young age, he will need to continue to work on many skills like walking on a leash, crate training, basic obedience, and manners. He would likely do great as an only dog but really enjoys the company of other dogs as well. Snuggling, playing with toys, and napping are some of his favorite activities. He also enjoys meeting new people and exploring before snuggling up with his friends.

Tater will need a family that is patient and able to work on everything he needs to be a good member of the home! Maybe it could be yours!




Tot is a sweet little girl born on November, 21st so is only about 12 weeks old. She is currently 7 pounds but will likely stay pretty small as she grows up. Her and her siblings are listed as Chihuahua/terrier mixes but their breed is a best guess. Her favorite activities include playing with other dogs of all sizes, playing with toys and chewing on bones. Tot enjoys time outside and snuggling with her people. She is a pretty active puppy but does enjoy a good nap after an exciting play session.

Tot is still working on potty training but has been using pee pads successfully and with some additional time and work, should come around with a consistent schedule and routine! Her foster has been teaching her some basic commands like “come” and “sit”. She is also still working on crate training, walking on a leash, and being comfortable away from her people. Being a young puppy, she would really benefit from a family that has lots of patience and is willing to put in the hard work of raising a puppy to be a well balanced adult dog. Is your home the right one for Tot? If so, apply today!





Adoption Application: