From puppyhood to adulthood, we have had the honor and privilege of watching this beautiful girl grow up to be an incredible dog. Claire was found as a stray at just 4 months old and ended up in the Conroe, Texas shelter. She has been in our care here in Wisconsin since August 9th of 2020. For almost two years she has been on this journey looking for the family that will accept her for who she is and give her a safe place to finally call home. She is now about 60 pounds and her breed is a best guess!
As Claire has grown up in our care, she has shown us that she has a deep love for playing fetch, playing with her toys, tennis balls in general, and of course food 🤪. Claire is highly food motivated and will do anything you ask for a treat. She is the type of dog that enjoys her kennel and it is a place of comfort and safety, so we can add kennel trained to her list of many talents. She also loves walks and would probably make a great jogging buddy🏃🏼‍♀️. Claire has worked heavily with our trainer and knows many commands and responds very well to structure and a strong, confident handler. She prefers the company of female humans and can be a bit intimidated when meeting new people, especially men. She gets along with other dogs but requires slow introductions and proper decompression. Claire has also coexisted with cats and has done very well with cats that are used to the company of larger dogs.
Rescue isn’t always happy endings and rainbows, but is often filled with heartbreak and disappointment. We love and care for every dog that comes into our care and we hope and pray for them to be happy and to find families to love them unconditionally. We are never sure why some dogs struggle to find a home more than others, but what we do know is that the dogs that may require more work are completely worth it. Seeing them thrive in their own patient new home that understands their specific needs is the best feeling!
Claire is a gorgeous and intelligent girl that needs just a little more than the average dog to thrive in a home, but we promise she is worth it too! She is a goofy and charismatic dog that needs a home that will give her the time and patience she craves, a structured routine, and will keep up with her training to continue to help building her confidence. New situations can make her overwhelmed and scared, but with the right guidance and tools, she can overcome her fears! Any interested and qualified adopter would work directly with our talented trainer and she would go on a 3 week foster-to-adopt trial. We believe in doing our best to set up our dogs and adopters for success. Please help us find Claire the home she has been searching for and share her story. Could you be the one she has been waiting so patiently for?





“Hey ya’ll! It’s Freya checking in to remind you that I’m still on the search for my forever home. I’ve been here for quite a while now and I must say, I’m really a natural at being a Wisconsinite 😉. I even love the snow and romping around in it with my friends. If you don’t know my story, please read below!”

From the first time we met this sweet pup in Texas through our friends at Corridor Rescue, we all knew she was extra special and instantly melted our hearts. Not only has she survived being hit by a car, but she continues to thrive despite limited mobility in her back legs, and does it with a big smile on her face. Her pure joy for life and her determination to keep on moving even after what has happened to her in the past is so inspiring. We are so grateful that the amazing people with Corridor knew she was destined for great things here in Wisconsin!

She has been visiting Emily at Peak PEMF performance and has been responding well to chiropractic care and water therapy. It will be important for her adoptive home to keep bringing her to therapy to help her strengthen her back legs and continue to keep her at her best! We are so lucky to have people like Emily in our area to use as resources for our extra special pups in need. Since being up here in Wisconsin, her walking has improved so much and she is getting better each day with going potty on her own outside!

Freya is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has not met anyone she doesn’t love, and she sure makes it difficult not to love her back 🥰. The more time she spends in her foster home, the more her personality blossoms. She is a bit wobbly when walking, but once she starts to run around, she is off to the races!! Falling down is part of her routine, but with her amazing resilience, she gets right back up to try again. Nothing can keep this girl down! Freya is a big fan of playing with her doggie foster siblings and would love to go to a home with another dog. She also has a lot of fun playing with her toys ❤️

Freya is approximately 3 years old and just under 60 pounds. As most rescue dogs, her breed is a best guess and she is listed as a mix. Her ideal home will be prepared to give her the extra special care that she needs to be the best dog she can be.

Aren’t in a position to adopt this special girl but would love to support her? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to her foster’s home!


Finley continues to search for his forever home. 🐶
He joined MMDR after his previous family struggled with some resource guarding from him, that unfortunately resulted in the owner getting bit. They enrolled the help of a trainer, but ultimately made the difficult decision to find Finley a more suitable home. His issues stem from guarding the person he has bonded with most against the other members in the household. Finley has taken to his training regime, and is looking for someone that can provide him with the structure and guidance he needs. He is crate trained, walks great on leash, gets along with other dogs, and has not ever been exposed to cats. To give Finley the best chance at success, he would do best in a single person household. He is looking for an adopter that is willing to work directly with our trainer on his transition to a new home. It is extremely important that he stays on his training regime to ensure both him and his adopter have a healthy, happy, and balanced relationship. The Golden Retriever is known for it’s laid back demeaner, and being a great family pet. While Finley does possess these attributes, he also can be challenging and is looking for someone that is compatible with his needs. Could that be you?!





I’m Donny! I have been in Wisconsin for about 2 months, and I’ve learned so much in my foster home. My rescue journey began in Texas. After falling ill at only weeks old due to living outside and being away from my mother, the kind humans at This Is Houston got me and my sister the medical attention we needed. I am so happy to report that I am now healthy, and ready to find a forever home of my very own!

I am currently 5 months old and weigh about 25 pounds. My breed(s) are a best guess, but I will grow to be medium-large in size. I am crate trained, and still working hard on potty training. I enjoy hitting the trails with the other dogs in my home, and would really like an active household who also enjoys getting outside to explore. I am working very hard on my manners and basic obedience. I know “sit”, “stay”, and I am currently working on my recall, as well as “place”. I love people so much so that I can get a little over zealous when meeting new friends. I am doing my best to contain my excitement and wait my turn for my pets. Time with my people is my absolute favorite. I have been tested with cats and didn’t really care too much about them. I am currently fostered with other dogs, who I love, but I am figuring out the right type of play. Because I am still navigating this, I would be too much for small and senior dogs. I love to wrestle and be chased. A dog companion who has a similar style of play would be perfect for me! I am very smart and eager to please, I just need some direction from my humans. If you’re in the market for a fun-loving guy, I am just the pup for you. Just think of all the adventure that awaits us! Let’s get after it! 💙






Kiwi-Diva-Princess…. That’s me!!! Hello everyone! My name is Kiwi!!! I’m a beautiful, 7 year old Husky with so much love to give! My favorite pastimes are laying on a nice doggy bed, being brushed, going for a car ride and having a good play session in the yard. My foster family has fallen in love with me very quickly but I’m not always a fan of my foster siblings. I would do best in a home with another older dog or even by myself! I have a little bit of guarding tendency when it comes to my food and treats. I’ve never gotten mad at humans but other animals, when I’m eating makes me very nervous and protective. My foster mom calls me a diva since I’m so picky with my food. Some days I love chicken, some days I don’t. Each day is a new day for me so some days they work harder to get me to eat. I prefer canned food but at times will eat eggs, rice and chicken. Sometimes I just prefer to walk around my food bowl and tip it over. Like I said….. they call me a diva! I have bad hips so I would prefer my forever home doesn’t have a lot of stairs since it’s hard for me sometimes to walk up and down them. My foster family and the rescue have been working hard to make sure that I’m comfortable and getting the care I need. I have been seen by the vet here in Green Bay and they noted some arthritic changes in my hips. My current treatment plan is to have MagnaWave treatments weekly for 4 weeks and reducing to every 3 to 4 weeks a treatment. If you are unfamiliar with MagnaWave therapy, it is a natural way of the body healing/managing pain. It benefits cellular energy resulting in better cellular health and function. The rescue has seen this really help improve the lives of dogs, first hand! I am currently seeing Emily at Peak PEMF Performance! She is the best! She even helps another Misfit dog Freya! I am on a mild pain reliever to help with this as well as supplements to keep my joints in tip top shape! Huge bonus: I’m COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED!! My foster mom always says I am the only foster she has ever had that hasn’t had an accident in the house! I’m so proud of myself! She works with me on my crate as well but lets face it…. When you’re a diva and a princess, the crate isn’t always the most enjoyable thing. All in all, I’m just a snuggly girl looking for a lap or a nice couch to sleep on with some playtime in between. I promise I’ll give you so many kisses, you will fall in love with me right away!






Meet Mel! Miss Mel is a 1.5 year old, terrier/pitbull mix that weighs 41 pounds. Those sad puppy eyes tell a sad story. She is a gunshot survivor. She was found with a 9mm bullet in her front leg in Texas. She was helped by an amazing family in Texas who got her all healed and running like her leg was never hurt! We don’t know her complete history but do know she has been through too much. She is learning to trust again. Her foster family is making huge strides gaining her trust and in turn teaching her to trust! Mel would feel more confident and comfortable with another dog in the home. Dogs provide her with a sense of security. She lives with cats currently and is interested in them. She needs frequent reminders and redirection to leave kitties alone. This being said she may prefer no kitties in the home unless her new family is patient and understanding how to train and properly separate with slow introductions. She loves to hide toys and bones or gather them into a pile to show off all her cool possessions! She is showing some initial signs of guarding with high value toys and bones/chew toys, she does let the other doggies in the home know that she would prefer them to leave her items alone. She would do well with a home that is comfortable working with a dog that may guard things. When she is not playing with toys or her dog friend she can be found snoozing on her favorite couch. She likes the finer things in her foster home! She may not have always lived in a home and because of this she is working on thresholds. Going through doorways and thresholds can be quite scary for her. She does better with a familiar person to show her it is ok! She is doing great at potty training, as long as Wisconsin weather behaves! Rain and snow storms can be too scary in a new home. She will likely take some time to acclimate to her new home and their routines. Mel has so much love to give and hopes that her family is out there looking to give her patience, love and a couch to snooze away on!





Mr. Indy AKA Indy Car Racer is so excited to meet you, you and you! He loves everyone he meets! He is 4 months old weighing in at 19 pounds. When he was surrendered the original owner said he was a German Shepherd/Heeler mix. While many feel sorry for him when they meet him, he does not see it that way! He radiates positivity and happiness.

Indy was originally an owner surrender to a rescue group in Kentucky because his needs were more than the breeder could handle. Indy suffers from Swimmers Syndrome. Swimmers Syndrome is a rare condition in which a puppy is unable to physically stand or walk, but instead lies flat on its chest and abdomen with hind legs extended behind and its forelegs extended to the front and/or sides. The only motion the puppy is capable of is paddling its limbs as though it is swimming. Indy is able to stand on his front legs and pull himself around that way.

A Kentucky rescue group reached out to our friends with ThisIsHouston because they had a foster with experience! Once Indy was settled into his TX foster home, therapy began. He was then pitched to us and we had an amazing foster home step up for him. Indy made the long trip to Green Bay and is now settling into his WI foster home. His foster mom and dad are working hard to help him gain mobility in his hind limbs. Indy is a fighter and definitely wants to be able to walk and maybe even run some day! While this is the goal, it is a long journey for Indy. He may never be able to walk without assistance from a wheelchair but we are hopeful for him. We do not know what his future has in store for mobility but we will work hard to give him his best shot at walking!

With his dragging and trying to stand, at times he does develop some sores and skin shearing and his hind limbs need to be wrapped or wearing sleeves at all times. He is working on strengthening his lower half. Because of his lack of muscle he does not have a lot of bladder control yet so he wears belly bands and because he drags his butt he wears a diaper. We hope as he is able to stand more his muscles will develop more for control.

He has a therapy routine now with range of motion, standing exercises, swimming therapy and many more things to help with his strengthening. Indy is available for someone who is dedicated to his therapy and learning his routine. At this time, he does take quite a bit of work with therapy but we are hopeful when he gains more strength that can decrease. We know that Indy may not be a great fit for every household but we know his perfect family is out there and he cannot wait to show them his sparkling personality and stunning smile!

Aren’t in a position to adopt this special boy but would love to support him? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to his foster’s home!




Hilda! – PENDING! 

Sweet Hilda is believed to be about 12-13 years old and was found in Texas in horrible condition. This adorable 5 pound Chihuahua mix has not had an easy life. She was taken into rescue where she was spayed and unfortunately had all of her teeth removed. The vet also believes that her hair color is as to you due to her health. The vet did note a heart murmur. She is currently not on medications for this.

She is a senior girl but is as sweet as can be. She loves blankets and to snuggle next to you. She may take a few days to warm up to new people but then she showers you with all the love she has! She loves belly rubs and being anywhere her foster mom is. She is a very quiet girl and rarely makes any noise. She has some trouble seeing so will need some assistance until she is comfortable with her new home and will need some assistance going up and down the stairs. Going down is the most scary for her and could benefit from a ramp if there are many stairs leading outside or she is completely happy being carried where she needs to go. She will need daily eye drops to help with her dry eyes. She does very well for these.

Even with a poor start and eye site she is doing extremely well with potty training and having minimal accidents in her foster home. She is learning to live with the other dogs but is not loving big dogs. Small dogs she is ok with as long as they let her cuddle and sleep the days away. She would probably be okay with cats. No small or young children in the home.

If you have a lot of blankets and a warm lap that can be filled with a sweet older dog Hilda is your lady! She is ready to relax her retirement days away from the streets and in a warm bed with free cuddles every day.





Barney! – PENDING!

Meet Barney! 😍 This 4 month old, 22 pound bundle of joy is Barney. His rescue story began in Texas. He is so excited to be in Wisconsin, on the search for a forever family of his very own. Barney has quickly settled in to his foster home, and is ready for his next adventure!

Barney is crushing potty training. Though he is only a puppy and accidents are to be expected, he is so smart and has swiftly caught on to doing his business outside. He is crated at night and while his foster is away from the home. He occasionally whines when he is first crated, but settles down and sleeps shortly after. Barney shares his foster home with cats and small children. He is kept separate from the cats for the most part, but his foster family reports that Barney is very playful with them through the gate. He enjoys the company of the children, but he can get startled by their fast movements. He is still trying to figure out how to interact with other dogs. He has proven to be very excited, yet curious in the presence of other dogs. Socializing him with four legged friends will really help with his confidence. Barney knows his name and “sit”, but would benefit from someone who can teach him all of his basic commands. He tends to be overly excited when meeting new friends, and is still in the mouthy puppy stage. If you enjoy the outdoors and like to be active, Barney is just the dude for you! He can’t enough of being outside and going for walks. He would make the perfect adventure buddy and hopes to accompany you on all your activities. 💙





Playdough! – PENDING!

Meet Playdough! Playdough is a 12 week old, 15 pound, Husky Shepherd mix. She has made her way to Wisconsin and is ready to land an amazing home! She loves the company of other dogs. She has been fostered with dogs of all sizes and ferrets! She has not had any exposure to cats yet. She is a little timid meeting new people and dogs but warms up quickly. She has met children and has done well with older children who are slow and patient with her. She is working hard at crate training. She does whine at first when going in the crate but quickly settles down if there is a good blanket and toy for her to have. She is catching on well to potty training but does have an occasional accident. She is learning many new things in her foster home from walking on a leash to obedience. She is still very young so has a lot to learn. Lucky for her new home she can’t wait to learn all she can! Playdough is outdoor girl at heart. She loves running and exploring the outdoors with her doggie friends. She is also really loving car rides. She hopes her new family likes road trips to new outdoor adventures. She is a sensitive dog who needs a family who will work on positive interactions with handling and leash work. Playdough would thrive in any kind of family that is patient. She just wants to be loved and in return will give you all the love ❤️





Joey! – PENDING!

Meet Joey! 🥰 Joey is estimated to be around a year old and weighs about 11 pounds. He came to us after being surrendered to the Angleton Animal Shelter in Texas. Joey is ready to grow some roots here in Wisconsin with a family of his own. Joey enjoys the company of big and small dogs, and does great with children. He is fearful of men, and will voice his discomfort by barking. He is looking for someone who can help build his confidence and continue to work with him. Joey is mostly house trained, but can have accidents in a new place. Until he has acclimated, he does wear a belly band. He is crated while his foster is away from the home, and does great. Joey loves to be with his people. Whether it be getting out for a walk, or curling up with you for an afternoon nap, he is up for anything. He is the perfect blend of active and laid back. Joey has a blast running around the backyard with the dogs in his foster home, but also appreciates his down time. He is full of spunk, and is ready to show you all he has to offer!





Meet Cozmo! Cozmo is estimated to be around 5 months old and weighs in at 6 pounds. He is a shy guy, and takes a little bit to warm up to new people. Once he is comfortable he loves to show off his spunky, playful side. Cozmo enjoys both big and small dogs. He is also good with children! If you are in the market for a lap dog, Cozmo is just the pup for you. He is still working on potty training, and is doing great with his crate training. Cozmo needs assistance learning his basic commands, but has already caught on to his name and “kennel up”. Cozmo is playful, curious, and ready to find his forever home!





Jules! – PENDING!

Meet Jules! At 4 months old Jules is still mastering potty training, and basic commands. She is a quick learner, and is picking up on new tasks like a pro. Jules’ breed(s) are unknown, but we would guess she will be medium-large when full grown. She currently weighs in around 12 pounds. Jules is fabulous in her crate. She sleeps through the night without a peep! She is very playful with the other dogs in her foster home, but is also respectful of their space. Jules’ is also good with children and cats. She enjoys being outside and going for walks, nice also loves a good session. This sweet girl would make a great additional to just about any household!





Abby! – PENDING!

Meet Abby! This dog, cat, and kid friendly pup is Abby! She is around 10 weeks old, and currently weighs about 13 pounds. Abby loves water, and being outside. She is still working on potty training, and would do best being kept on a schedule. Abby has the most beautiful eyes, and the sweetest personality. Her breed(s) are unknown, but we estimate she will grow to be medium-large in size. If you are an active family who enjoys being outdoors, Abby just may be the perfect pup for you! ❤️






Meet Arya! Arya is 10 weeks old and currently weighs about 13 pounds. Her breed(s) are unknown, but we predict she will grow to be medium-large in size. Arya is a very active girl who requires adequate exercise, and mental stimulation. She does well with dogs of all sizes, but can get overwhelmed, so slow introductions are needed. Arya is working on building her confidence when faced with new situations. She would thrive with someone who has dog experience and can continue to help her grow to be a well balanced pup. Arya is still mastering the art of potty and crate training, but has made huge strides! Small children have proven to be too much for her, so a home with older children would be best. Arya loves to be outside exploring, and would make a wonderful companion to someone who also enjoys a good adventure!




Allie! – PENDING!

Meet Allie! Allie is a 11 week old,13 pound Shepherd Husky mix. She is a social butterfly looking to call Wisconsin her home. She is a very smart puppy who is grasping all her new training her foster is providing her. She is getting more comfortable in the crate. She can even hold her bladder for 7 hours over night in her kennel! During the day, she likes to nap in her kennel. With frequent potty breaks Allie hardly has any accidents! Miss Allie is a friend to all! She has met dogs of all sizes, and all ages of children. She loves everyone she meets. She has not met or lived with cats. She does not even mind the bunnies in the yard! She loves to play with the 5 year old child in the home. They run around together and play fetch. Allie loves fetch and will always bring you that tennis ball back. She is getting pretty good at “sit” and “come” commands. Walking on a leash is her newest skill she is trying to get better at. She thinks it’s better if she just walks herself and will carry her leash around. She is loving learning with her foster family. She is fearless and ready to take on the world with her family by her side. Are you looking for a family puppy? A hiking companion? A travel buddy? A dog good with kids? Someone to be by your side when you garden? A cuddly dog? A playful dog? A friend to all? If she is just what you have been looking for don’t walk, run to our website and fill out an application! Allie is sure to impress ❤




Mimi! – PENDING!

Meet Mimi! Mimi is a 4 month old Chihuahua mix, weighing in at just 5 pounds. She is doing fantastic in her crate and is working hard at potty training. She loves other dogs, cats, and even birds. Mimi follows her foster mom around the house, has a great recall and is currently working on “kennel” and “sit”. She is a very curious and adventurous gal and enjoys exploring the fenced in backyard, playing with other dogs, both big and small, and when she’s all tired out will fall asleep next to you on the couch. Though she does like to sleep by you when she is tired she does not love to be picked up and carried around. She has too much to do! She would rather be a big, small dog and do it herself. She spends most her days playing with her foster dog siblings. She would love a dog sibling in her new home to play with. Though Mimi is cute and sweet she does have a spunky chihuahua side and would benefit from an owner who has experience with her breed and won’t let her get away with being sassy just because she is cute and small. If you think Mimi could be the girl for you, apply today!





Meet Oswald! Oswald is 2 year old, 48 pound terrier mix. He was found in Texas by an amazing foster family wandering around their neighborhood. He kept showing up at their house and it was apparent he didn’t have a home, so they took him in and soon after he joined MMDR! He is doing well in his crate and is working hard at mastering potty training and would thrive with consistent routine. Oswald has never met a stranger but is a little jumpy so may knock over the little kiddos. He enjoys daycare and loves to play with other dogs. His play is more rambunctious. He is learning in his foster home how to play so all dogs involved are having fun. He’s tried to chase a neighborhood cat in Texas but has not lived with cats. Oswald loves playing chase and fetch and would love another active household who can help him become a well mannered gentleman. He has learned “sit,” “stay” and “no.” He loves walks and exploring the outdoors. He’s such a good boy that just wants to be where everyone is. He’s a shadow to his foster family and can not wait to become your shadow!




Ezra! – PENDING!

Meet Ezra! Ezra is a 13 week old, male, mixed breed dog who is currently 18 pounds. We have no idea which breed(s) he could be, but we do know he’s a handsome Texas special! He has come to Wisconsin with his sister, Jules, to find their happy tails. Ezra is a confident puppy who loves all he meets! He has lived with all sizes and ages of dogs and even cats. He likes to chase the smaller dogs around but is taking direction well from his foster family. He has been around children of all ages and does well with them! He will need training and obedience to not jump on children while he grows up. He is getting this potty training business perfected with frequent trips outside. Ezra does have a wound that is healing on his neck. In Texas, he was injured by a dog who got in a scuffle with him. Even with this happening Ezra holds no grudges and still loves all new dog friends he meets. This adorable forgiving pup can’t wait to greet his new parents with his always wagging tail. He can’t wait to show them which toys are the best and which spot is his on the couch!




Harley! – PENDING! 

Meet Harley! Harley was surrendered to the Angleton Animal Shelter in Texas. She is estimated to be around 3 years old and weighs about 50 pounds. She has adjusted to life here in Wisconsin, and is ready to find her forever family! Could it be you?!

If you are looking for a fun, energetic pup look no further! Harley is just the girl for you. She can be a little over zealous when meeting new dog friends. She gets very excited and has a rough style of play that some dogs don’t appreciate. She is learning to be respectful of others dogs space and is doing great! With a little direction, Harley has happily co-existed with other dogs. She really enjoys their company, but it’s important she is matched with a dog who will fit her personality. She would do best with a playful, confident dog. Harley has not been exposed to cats, and would do best in a home with no small children. She is crate and potty trained, has great recall, walks well on leash, and knows her basic commands. She is such a smart girl, and picks up on new tasks quickly. Harley may be 50 pounds, but she loves to cuddle and will make herself comfortable in your lap. She enjoys being outside, soaking up the sun. Making sure Harley has proper exercise and mental stimulation is a must! She loves to get out for walks when the temp is cool enough. While it’s important she has an outlet to get out her energy, Harley can also relax and loves to be with her people. She will make a wonderful companion and has been such a joy in her foster home. Harley’s sweet and loving demeanor is sure to melt your heart! ❤️




Once a Misfit, always a Misfit. ❤️

Sam, formerly Porky, was adopted out as a puppy in April of 2019. He was full of spunk right from the get-go. The cutest little munchkin, with a big personality to fit his dashing looks. Sam quickly found a home where he has lived since. Unfortunately, over the years Sam has developed some anxiety and due to changes in the home, his family felt it was best that Sam find someone who can provide him the stability he needs. Stability is exactly what we strive to find for our beloved Sam.

Sam spent some time with our trainer to learn how to cope with his anxiety and channel his energy in a much healthier way. This guy had a lot to work through, but we are so happy to report that he is now in a foster home where he continues to receive the structure and consistency he thrives on. A big component to Sam’s training was finding his “off” switch. He has now learned to go to his safe space where all he has to do is focus on being calm. The “place” command is so beneficial to teach for a number of reasons, but it especially helps Sam calm his nerves in stressful situation. Sam knows all of his basic obedience, is crate and potty trained, and great on leash. It is imperative that Sam’s training be implemented in his everyday life. Having time to turn off on place, kennel breaks, and going for structured walks has helped keep Sam in a healthy headspace. A balance of consistency, structure, and fun will ensure Sam is the happiest pup he can possibly be!

Sam is 4 years old and weighs just under 60 pounds. He enjoys his daily walks on the trail near his foster home. He can be nervous when meeting new people, but with adequate space he warms up quickly. Sam has lived with children in his previous home, and is around older kids in his foster home. He would be great in a home with older kids. Sam has also lived in a home with another dog. He has happily co-existed with several dogs during his stay with our trainer, and would be fine in a home with a confident dog. Sam has a tender heart, and loves his time with his people. Walks, being outside, and playing fetch are some of Sam’s favorite past times. He would love to find a family who can dedicate the time he deserves to ensure he lives a happy life. We will give his forever family all the tools to make this happen, including sessions with his trainer. Sam is looking for that special someone to show him what a dogs life is all about. Could that be you?!






Meet Gulliver! Gulliver is a 5 month old lab, shepherd mix. He is 34 pounds and not done growing! He was just fixed here in Wisconsin and is healing well. Gulliver moved into his fosters home right off his own private plane ride. Prior he was living in a shelter. He is learning to adjust to these new ways of life, living in a home. Decompression will be huge for this boy as he has had so much change in such a short time. Gulliver is learning all the ropes! He is adjusting to crate training and potty training very well. With frequent potty breaks he is not having any accidents in his foster home! He is currently thriving with dogs of all sizes and learning to be nice to his kitty housemates. He will need guidance and supervision if going to a home with kitties to continue being a good boy with them. With new dog friends he prefers a slow introduction. He would not be a good dog park dog at this time. He is very timid and scared around loud noises, new situations and commotion. Due to this smaller children may not be best for his forever home. He has done well with older children who understand to take it one step at a time with him. Gulliver is learning to be a dog. He loves learning how to run, play, sniff all the outside smells, play with toys and kiss all his family members to show how grateful he is they took him in. He may take some time to warm up to his new family but do not worry, he will make up for it with unlimited love and snuggles as soon as he trusts. Gulliver has not yet found his forever family but he is so happy and grateful he will never see the inside of a shelter again ❤️



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