Reese came to MMDR as a local owner surrender. Her family adopted her when she was around a year old. Over the years Reese became protective of her family, lashing out on walks, and not being accepting of new guests in the home. Now, at 5 years old, she became increasingly stressed out by the small children in her home, and ultimately her family made the difficult decision to surrender her.

When Reese’s owner met us for her behavioral assessment we were greeted by an extremely anxious dog. She was so worked up around her owner, we had to ask him to leave while the assessment took place. As soon as Reese was alone with us her anxiety slowly melted away. She had no negative reaction to our trainer, and it was obvious Reese needed someone that could provide her guidance and structure. Her owners loved her dearly, but they had unfortunately developed a very unhealthy relationship. Reese had a rough few days adjusting to her new surroundings, but after the decompression period it wasn’t long before we saw her goofy, happy side. Reese has been working with our trainer, Mydiek, for two weeks now and is officially accepting applications for a new family.

Reese is looking for a family that is patient. She needs someone that can be an advocate for her. She has proven to be such an easy going gal, but it takes time for her to adjust to new situations. She gets along with cats, and calm dogs that will respect her space. Reese would do best in a home with no small children. She is crate trained, knows down/stay, and walks well on leash. Reese has so much potential, and we know her perfect fit is out there somewhere!



Our boy Deuce is still searching for his perfect family to call his own! This handsome pup was found injured on the side of the road in Texas. People had driven by him for hours and no one stopped to help him until a local rescuer came to save his life ❤️. With such a rough start, Deuce is looking for his second chance at the life he deserves. We can never know for sure what he endured before he was saved, but we know he sure is grateful!

He really LOVES his people and is a very loyal companion. His ideal home is going to be with a strong handler and someone who can give him training and structure. He would prefer to not have any other animals living with him (he likes to chase kitties), but with slow introductions, a calm atmosphere and an experienced handler, he could coexist with others. Deuce would also be best in a home with no children since he is a strong boy and strong willed.

**Please do not apply for Deuce if you have a cat or children, your application will not be processed**



Sissy is ready to make her adoption debut! 😍

Sissy is a 8 year old English Bulldog. She traveled to us from our partners, Lola’s Lucky Day in Texas. This squishy girl is the best! She is a older lady, so would do best with dogs that can respect her space. She is currently fostered with small and big dogs and does great. She is a little overweight and our vets would like to see her lose 6 more pounds. She has already lost 4 pounds since being with her foster. Go Sissy!

When Sissy arrived she was kind of a mess. She had a double ear infection, eye infection, and what we thought was a UTI. It turned out Sissy has a problem holding her bladder, so will need to be on medication for that. She also has dry eye and will need drops for the rest of her life. Our vet was confident that her ear infection was from allergies and wouldn’t need long term medication. Sissy is your typical English Bulldog and would benefit from an owner with breed experience.

She does great in her crate, enjoys walks around the block (when it’s not hot), and a good romp around the backyard. Her favorite past time is napping. Hopefully you don’t mind a little snoring! 😜 She is such a love and deserves a family of her own.


Keelie! – PENDING!

We have patiently waited for Keelie to be ready for adoption and we are so happy to be able to finally share her story with all of you.

Keelie was found in Texas as a stray with her 9 puppies. She had to be owned at one point because she was found with a huge chain and collar around her neck. Keelie was so fearful, but luckily a Good Samaritan was able to catch her and her puppies and get them to safety. Keelie’s puppies traveled to us last summer and have all found homes. Keelie had a harder time adjusting. While our team was visiting Texas this past January we met Keelie and knew this sweet girl had to make the trip to Wisconsin to find her forever home. No momma left behind!

Keelie is such a kind, gentle soul. We do not know what happened in her past, but she is a little slow to trust people. Given time to decompress and get to know you her fear slowly melts away and let me tell you, it is so amazing to see! Keelie is estimated to be around 2 years old. She is potty trained and does great with other dogs. She absolutely loves her crate and will go lay down in it when she needs a safe space to retreat to. She enjoys walks, laying in the sun, and napping on the couch.

Keelie will be adopted on a 2-3 week foster-to-adopt basis. We are requiring the 2-3 trial as she takes a bit to warm up. As she becomes comfortable in her environment you get to see her personality shine. Her new family MUST have a physical fence (please do not apply if you do not have a physical fence, your application will not be processed). She would do best in a home without small children, and needs someone that can be patient and give her time. Keelie is the sweetest dog, and so deserving of a forever home. We really can not say enough great things about her! ❤️



We would like to introduce you to this cute scruffy, Chai! She is believed to be about 1 year old, is 35 pounds, and a terrier mix. Chai has been patiently waiting to make her adoption debut while getting settled into her current foster home. This girl spent 7 months at her foster home in Texas while going through heartworm treatment and learning how to trust humans again. We can never be 100% sure about what her past entailed, but we know it could not have been easy.

She was found with a group of other dogs in the 5th ward in Houston and was being dragged around by a male Husky. You see, they had successfully mated and she was still attached to him 😔. Although it was sad for her rescuers to find her in that situation, it was probably the only reason they were able to catch her and give her a chance at a better life.

Chai is not your average dog, which is part of what makes her so great! After being in her current foster home for over a month, she is now approaching her foster mom with less hesitation for head and booty scratches, but will scamper off when she has had enough😆. She LOVES other dogs and is such a goof ball with her toys and gets the best zoomies. One of Chai’s favorite activities is barking at ducks 🦆 Her foster mom says that she gets excited to see her humans and is always giving tail wags so she does love people, but she just needs time to build her confidence and realize she is safe. Getting her into a harness and on a leash is a bit of a challenge and we are working on getting her used to that. She is definitely not a lap dog but does enjoy laying on the couch near people for snoozing. Chai is also potty trained and sleeps through the night in her kennel run! 🙌🏼

Her forever home will require a secure physical fence, at least one confident resident dog, and lots of patience and time to help her come out of her shell. She needs to have a “safe place” to retreat to when she is feeling shy, would love a couch that she can lay on the back of, and really enjoys lamb ears and bones to chew on😊.

Chai has come such a long way from the pup she was when she was first rescued in Texas, and we are so excited for her to finally find the forever home she deserves!

**Please do not apply for Chai if you do not have a fenced in yard or a resident dog.**



Are you in the market for a loyal companion? A pup that loves to cuddle, and accompany you on a leisurely walk? If so, Lady is your gal! 🥰

Lady had a rough start, but she has been doing so well in her foster home. She is ready to find a loving forever family. Lady is estimated to be around 5 years old and weighs 33 pounds. She is a little shy when meeting new people, and feels most confident when she has another dog. She loves other dogs so much so that we are requiring her forever home have a resident dog. She is always up for a good cuddle session, and looks forward to her nightly walks. Once she knows she can trust you, you are sure to have a forever friend! ❤️



Sweet and loving girl Liz was an owner surrender that traveled to us from Texas, poor girl had fleas and had been sprayed by a skunk. Liz is all cleaned up and ready to find her forever home and we can’t figure out why anyone would ever surrender her because she has been the most perfect house guest.

Liz is 1.5 years old, about 40 pounds, kennel trained and does great with kiddos. She absolutely loves a good cuddle session and enjoys romping around the backyard with her foster dog siblings and going for walks, you get the best of everything with this pretty lady.



This special lady is Star. She arrived in Wisconsin last week after a long trip from our friends at Pet Tribe in Texas. She is 7 years old, 63 pounds and her breed is a best guess. This poor girl was chained up in a back yard with the chain also wrapped around her paw. She started chewing her paw to get loose and a concerned neighbor convinced the owner to surrender her to a rescue.

Although she had a rough start, Star is still a loving dog and will make a great companion. She is said to love every human she meets! Star is super playful, loyal, smart, a good listener, and enjoys a good snuggle session. She is selective about dogs so may require multiple meets with a dog companion and would need to be closely monitored in the home. Star is a happy-go-lucky gal with lots of great personality quirks and is very playful but can get possessive over special treats/toys and has some food aggression issues so would need to be fed separately. Because of this we would recommend her go to a home with older children that would be able to understand those boundaries. She does not like her crate but has been doing well in the tall kennel run at her foster home.

It is not hard to fall in love with Star once you meet her, so we hope her perfect family is out there to give her the second chance at a home that she deserves.



Check out this handsome dude!

His name is Drew and he is a 1-year old pit mix weighing in at 54 pounds. He is a very smart boy and is trained on a prong collar and walks well on a leash. Drew is a playful and sweet boy who enjoys the company of other dogs but is too interested in cats so would require a home with no feline friends. With his size, age, and high energy, he will need a home that can provide him with ample opportunities for exercise. He is not much of a jumper so could do well with small children and has met kids under 4 with his foster home. Drew is completely potty and crate trained and is a big goofball with lots of personality. This boy loves to learn, wants to please his humans and is a big cuddle bug when you want to lay down and watch a movie at the end of the day.



Charli is an approximately 8-month-old 40-pound mixed breed pup that came from our friends at This Is Houston. Her foster mom describes her as a loving and loyal pup, is eager to learn and full of energy so would benefit from a home that could give her daily exercise. She is potty trained and knows “sit”, “come”, and almost completely kennel trained! Charli is an avid fetch enthusiast and enjoys going on a nice long walk but is working on her leash manners. She is a bit shy when first meeting people so would really benefit from slow introductions to new people to help her be more comfortable. She was around kids in her foster home in Texas and did well with them. When she sees other dogs, she gets excited and wants to play. She has already bonded with her foster mom after one week so with a little patience, consistency, and love, she will be able to fit in with her perfect family 😊



Meet Russel! This little cutie patootie is looking for a forever home. Could it be you?! Russel is around 10 weeks old. He is a mixed breed, and we believe he will be a medium sized dog when he is full grown. Russel sleeps in his crate without a peep. He is still a puppy, and working hard at potty training. He can be a little shy, but warms up quickly. He absolutely loves dogs of all sizes, and is most happy when he’s with his doggy friends. He enjoys playing with toys, and cuddling with his foster Mom. Russel would make a great addition to any household!



Introducing Darren! This beefcake is a total dreamboat. At around 11 weeks old, Darren is catching on quickly to potty training, and does great in his crate. He is cute as can be, and has the most beautiful blue eyes. Darren is full of spunk and is sure to keep you entertained! He loves playing with the other dogs in his foster home, swimming, and will take all the cuddles he can get. His breed is a best guess, but we believe he will grow to be a medium-large size dog. If you are in the market for a fun-loving pup, Darren is your guy!



Meet Randy! Out of all of his siblings, Randy is the most independent. He keeps a close eye on his people, but when he’s tired he likes to go off and sleep on his own. He loves to be outside, exploring, and his all time favorite past time is wrestling with his foster sister. He is the tug-o-war champ, and ready to take you on! Randy is around 10 weeks old. He does great in a crate, and is still working on potty training. Randy would love an active family to call his own. Could it you?!



Introducing Daniel! This handsome guy is in the market for a forever family. He is around 11 weeks old, loves everyone he meets, and enjoys playing with other dogs. His foster Mom tells us that he is very smart, and eager to please. His style of play can be a bit rough, and older dogs may not appreciate his puppy antics. He has picked up on potty training like a pro, and crate training has been a breeze. Daniel would make a great addition to just about any household!


Natasha! – PENDING!

Let us introduce you to, Natasha! 💕

Natasha is a 1.5 year old chihuahua mix who weighs 12 lbs. She was found wandering the streets of Texas where she was caught and sent here to Wisconsin in search of her forever family.

Natasha loves all people, is very curious, and enjoys playing with other dogs. A day well spent for Natasha is exploring outside, playing, and wrestling with her doggy friends. To end her busy day she enjoys a good snuggle on the couch with her people. Natasha is crate and potty trained and working on some basic obedience. She has not been around cats and would do best in a home with older children. Could you be the family Natasha has been looking for?



Meet Clyde! 🥰

This adorable Great Dane mix is officially on the market. Clyde traveled to us from our friends at This Is Houston. He was found abandoned in the woods all alone. Lucky for Clyde, someone spotted him and got him to safety! Clyde is estimated to be around 6 months old, and currently weighs 56 pounds. He does great with other dogs, but has not been tested with cats. He would do great with children that don’t mind a big, clumsy puppy! Clyde is a pro at crate and potty training. His foster family is working hard on basic obedience. The sky is the limit for this handsome guy!

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