Claire was originally picked up as a stray at 4 months old and found herself in the Conroe Animal Shelter in Texas where she became very overwhelmed, which understandably happens to a lot of dogs. The shelter staff saw how stressed out she was and reached out to one of the volunteers with Lola’s Lucky Day to ask if she could take Claire to her home. She of course said yes! She did wonderfully in her foster home in Texas and blossomed into a wonderful pup 🥰.

Since arriving in Wisconsin Claire has had some unfortunate luck with foster homes and potential adoptive homes. The longer she was in foster care, the less sure of herself she became and a lot of fear and anxiety based behaviors started to show. We decided that her best option would be to spend some time with our friend Stephanie at Becket School of Canine Training & Rehabilitation. Since being with Stephanie for almost two weeks now, Claire has made amazing progress and has started to become more confident by the day and working through her fears.

Her breed is a best guess, she is now about a year old and roughly 50 pounds. Although Claire enjoys the company of other dogs, it takes a while for her to warm up to them so she may need a couple meets with any new potential doggie siblings. She is hesitant toward some people but warms up quickly to women and once she knows she can trust you, she is as loyal of a dog as can be. She would love an active family and a fenced in yard. She does not get along with kitty friends so she would need a home without cats, and we recommend a home with children over the age of 12. She has an amazing zest for life and is always ready and eager to learn new commands and please her people. She is super smart, eager to learn, and very food motivated. This girl will do anything for a treat 🥰

Claire would really thrive in a home that can continue to give her some structure and mental/physical stimulation. We are looking to place Claire on a foster-to-adopt basis and she will go directly from our trainer to an adoptive home to ensure that the training she has received will continue after adoption and throughout her life. It is important to us at MMDR that we set Claire and her adopters up for success.

**Please do not apply if you have cats or young children**





At roughly 8 years old, Disco’s family had to make the very hard decision to rehome her. Her anxiety with the small children of the home wasn’t getting any better and they knew she deserved a better life. Upon joining MMDR Disco instantly began training with Mydeik. She has been using this training to help cope with her anxiety and stress and find better outlets. With the help of her foster parents in completing her designated “homework”, Disco has been able to progress.

With this progress, we are ready to rehome her! She would do best in a home with no children and would prefer to be your only pet. Due to her special circumstances we would like to do a 3 week foster to adopt process. During this foster duration Mydiek would like to continue with Disco’s training and ensure her future family learns her new methods as well. This will give her and the future family enough time to get to know one another and ensure it’s a great fit!

Disco is a sweet squishy faced pup that just got off with a rough start. With the right family being patient and determined to progress with her she would fit right in. Could you be her fur ever home?

**Please note that we adopt all dogs out on a best fit basis and not first come, first serve. There will be no exceptions to Disco’s adoption guidelines. Please do not apply if you have children or other pets in the home**






Meet Peanut!

Peanut is around 10 years old and weighs 7 pounds. He was a local owner surrender after not being compatible with the children in his home. He can be a little pushy with other dogs, but listens to corrections well. His ideal home would include smaller dogs, or no dogs at all. The cats in his foster home are very dog friendly and do well with him. Peanut can be a bit of a pest when it comes to the cats, but can happily co-exist with them. He takes a little while to warm up to new people, but is quickly won over with treats. He is more fearful of men, but does eventually comes around with slow introductions. He does great in his crate, goes potty outside, loves to cuddle, and has the cutest little prance. He does need to be in a home with children 10 years of age or older. He does not do well with fast movements and loud noises of small children.

If you meet Peanuts adoption requirements and are interested in meeting this little guy, please click the link below to submit an adoption application. If you are already approved to adopt with us you can e-mail our team at


Brian! – PENDING!
This happy, hunky boy is Brian! He had a rough start in life but is very ready to have a family of his own. Brian was found as a stray. Like so many street dogs, he had numerous health issues that needed to be resolved. He underwent heartworm treatment prior to transport and has had a dental and fixed his entropion (his lower eyelid rolled inward) repaired!
Brian is estimated to be around 2 years old. He is kennel trained and potty trained. Brian has loved every dog he’s met and has done pretty well with the kitties in his foster home. Brian can be a little shy at first and will need a little time to settle into his forever home. He needs some patience and guidance to help him become comfortable. Once given that time, he is the goofiest, most loving boy! His foster mom says he is the bestest boy!
Brian will go home on a 2 week trial to ensure the adoption is a good fit for everyone. Proper decompression will be essential. He really enjoyed his kennel and quiet time the first few days after arriving in WI.


Rufus! – PENDING!

Meet Rufus 🐾
Rufus is a beautiful 2 year old Doberman Pinscher. His previous family raised him as a puppy, but he recently found himself in need of a new home due to not being compatible with the small children in his family. Rufus lacks confidence, and can get very anxious. In Rufus’ previous home, someone was usually always home with him, so he has developed some separation anxiety. He recently completed a two week board and train and continues to work on being more dependent. Rufus’ new way of life is going to be a journey, and he needs someone that can be patient and continue to work with him.
Rufus walks great on leash, and is a pro at basic commands (down, sit, come, and stay). Rufus is still working on being comfortable in a crate. This is something we work on everyday, and he is still learning that the crate is a safe space for him. Despite his big size, Rufus is a gentle giant. He looks to you for direction and has the most soulful eyes. With proper introductions Rufus is good with other dogs, but because he lacks confidence we need to ensure his new home has a dog that is compatible for him. He would also be great as an only pet. He would love a yard to romp around in! Rufus is regal, kind, and has so much love to give. He is such a loyal companion and will be the perfect addition to someone’s family. Could Rufus be your new best friend?



Karen’s story ❤️
This past July we were contacted by a local shelter in a last ditch effort to help a little scruffy dog who’s time at the shelter was coming to an end. You see, Karen had been adopted out and returned back to the shelter 3 times. Karen was found living alone in the woods, and it was clear she had very little interaction with people. You could barely make out that she was a dog, as her entire body was one big matted mess of hair. It’s hard to picture this little dog wandering alone, fending for herself. Karen developed her own strategies for dealing with stressful situations, and the people that she didn’t understand were there to help her. Shelter environment was very hard on her. The transition to a new home never went well, and always wound up with a trip back to the place Karen dreaded most. She had no clue how to properly interact with humans, which made her very difficult to handle. Unfortunately, she was deemed unadoptable, but this little dog we so lovingly call “Karen” had luck on her side that day.
Erin and her husband, Wes, agreed to take Karen on as a foster. Shortly after, we coordinated getting Karen into our care. We quickly learned how unsocialized she was. She could be best described as a sour patch kid. She was interested in affection, but didn’t know what to do with it, so she resorted to lashing out. In Karen’s mind, everything was to be on her terms. The only thing Karen had going for her was she enjoyed the company of other dogs. She was able to coexist in her foster home, but we determined that Karen needed more than we could offer her. Her best chance at finding a forever home was spending some time with our trainer for some serious rehabilitation.
Karen has been with our trainer for 4 months. Her rehab has been quite a journey. Going in and out of her crate was a chore, she didn’t want to walk on a leash, and she was in a constant state of “fight”. Karen was simply existing. Weeks later we received an update that Stephanie was making headway with Karen. She was now being greeted with a wagging tail, Karen was beginning to comply with rules, and she even had a new pep in her step. Karen was actually happy! Since being with Stephanie, she has a new zest for life. Karen has mastered a calm state of mind, and is finally ready to conquer the world.
Karen needs an adopter that is willing to work with Stephanie to learn how to be the best advocate for her. This will require several sessions with Stephanie and taking Karen on foster-to-adopt basis. We are so excited for the progress Karen has already made, but she can easily slide back to her old ways without the structure and guidance she desperately needs. Transitioning Karen to her new home will be a process, but we are here to support you the entire way. 🥰 Karen is about 3.5 years old, weighs around 12 pounds, gets along with dogs and cats, but needs to go to a home without children.



Rosalva! – PENDING!

Rosalva is ready to make her adoption debut!

Rosalva is a sweet, 4 month old lab mix who weighs 21 lbs. She is a little timid and takes a little bit to warm up to new people and new surroundings. Because of this she will need a patient adopter who will take new introductions slowly. Once she warms up she is a happy go lucky puppy who loves to play. She is doing wonderfully with crate and potty training and working hard on learning to walk well on a leash. Rosalva loves all people, including kids, but because she can be a bit nervous she would do best with respectful children who can be calmer around her. She gets along great with other dogs and enjoys playing with them. Rosalva loves to run around and play with toys but also really likes relaxing on the couch with her humans. This darling girl is hoping to find her forever family soon! Could it be you?


Vicky! – PEDNING!

This gorgeous lady is Vicky!

Vicky is a 5 month old cattle dog mix who weighs about 27lbs. True to her breed, Vicky is super smart and full of tons of crazy energy. She is crate trained, mostly potty trained, walks great on a leash, and working hard on learning basic commands. She can take a little bit of time to warm up to new people but once she does, she loves all people, kids included! She is working on not jumping up on little humans but loves to give tons of kisses and get all of the belly scratches. Vicky loves her toys, she is known as the toy hoarder in her foster home. She enjoys playing with other dogs but can be a bit much with them and sometimes needs correction to back off. Vicky needs a home with no cats because she chases the kitties in her current home and they tend to not appreciate it. She loves taking walks and would make an excellent jogging or hiking partner. Vicky would benefit going to a home who is familiar with her breed and needs. She is ready to meet her forever family and sure to make anybody fall in love with her.



Demi was found last fall laying in glass, her “owner” was a drunk man who would smash bottles over her head 😭. Our rescue partners were able to convince the man to surrender her. Demi spent the next few months in Texas going through heart worm treatment. Now she’s arrived in Wisconsin and can put her dreadful past behind her! Demi’s breed is a best guess and she is estimated to be 5 years old and is about 40 pounds. This sweet and affectionate gal has a zest for life and loves people and her foster dog siblings of all sizes. Demi is crate trained but we think she spent the majority of her life outside. She is working hard on potty training and is doing well with her routine. Demi is a quirky girl that especially loves plush items. She can easily be redirected with a correction, but because she can get a little greedy she would do best in a home with no small children. Demi enjoys going for walks and romping around the back yard. She does get startled at loud noises or swift movements. She loves to cuddle and get butt scratches. If you think Demi could be the right fit for you, let us know! ❤️



Otis! – PENDING!

This sweet boy was picked up as a stray by the folks at Angleton Animal Services and found himself in the shelter. Our friends at Pet Tribe knew he had to get out of there and ended up spending some time at Pecan Acres Vet Clinic. We were happy to agree to get him up to Wisconsin at a chance for a fresh start!

He is thought to be between 1-2 years old, is 25 pounds, and his breed is a best guess 🤷🏼‍♀️. Otis is very sweet and friendly when meeting people, but he can get a bit mouthy when over excited so would do best with older children. His experience with cats is that he likes to chase them, but is respectful with them. He can be an energetic little guy but also enjoys a good snooze on the couch to relax. Otis is a major toy enthusiast and specializes in squeaky tennis balls. He has been doing great on leash and in his kennel. His foster mentioned that he enjoys the company of other dogs and would do best in a home with another playful dog as he may be too much for a less active dog. Overall this boy is a sweetheart and is looking for the right family to scoop him up and give him a forever home.



Calypso’s got soulful eyes and is an old soul, too, especially for being an 8-month old pup! This black and white hound mix is a sweet addition to any household . She’s crate-trained (doesn’t make a peep when she’s in her crate) and potty trained and loves playtime with other dogs, running and playing around the house and outside. Her favorite thing is to run around outside and then lay out in the yard and watch life go by. To Calypso, there’s little better than gnawing on one of her antler bones (which she likes to tote around with her.) This snuggle bug is quick to warm up and is very friendly to everyone. She weighs in around 28 pounds currently.



Carl is a sweet yet spicy, Texas born, Chihuahua. He had extreme dental disease that resulted in losing all of his teeth and lower jaw, yet it never seems to keep him down. At a senior age of about 10 years old, Carl still is full of energy and luster. He is independent and prefers his own space. He likes to choose when he wants to be by people or hidden away in his crate. He is a bit timid around people and may take a bit to warm up to someone. He likes things on his own terms. Are you the patient home that Carl is looking for?

Ariel! – PENDING!

This beautiful senior brindle English Bulldog is, Ariel. ❤️
Her story breaks our hearts. Ariel was surrendered to us by a family that purchased her on Craigslist. The family brought her in to their vet where they discovered she had a microchip. They contacted the phone number that was registered to the chip and learned that Ariel had been stolen from this woman’s yard several years ago. Unfortunately, the woman wasn’t able to have pets in her rental unit, so she could not take her back. Ariel lived with her new family for a little while, but ended up not being compatible with the children in her home, so they reached out to us for help. We thought we found the perfect home for her, but sadly Ariel is in need of a new home once again. You see, Ariel is 9 years old and has never had a place to grow her roots. 😔 We are determined to give Ariel her happily-ever-after.
Ariel is full of love! Her cute butt wiggles and quirky personality are sure to win you over. Ariel is senior girl who is looking for a quiet home with no other pets or small children to live out her golden years. Ariel loves to hang out with her people, go for car rides, and enjoys leisurely walks when the weather permits. She is also crate and potty trained.
Like many Bulldogs, she experiences a lot of allergies. When she first arrived her skin was a bit of a mess. We got her in to see our friends at Parkside Animal Care Center, and she is feeling so much better. With this new care plan we seem to have things under control, but Ariel would thrive with an adopter who understands the special needs Bulldogs have, and can provide her with a healthy lifestyle.


Maxwell! – PENDING!

Meet Maxwell! Maxwell was surrendered to MMDR after his owner became ill and could no longer care for him. He is 11 years old, and weighs around 10 pounds. He is a pretty laid back guy, and loves everyone he meets. He is currently being fostered with other small, senior dogs and does great. He does well in a crate, and is potty trained. Maxwell loves to cuddle and enjoys leisurely walks. He is looking for a laid back household to live out his golden years. Could Maxwell be the perfect fit for you?!




Meet Basil! Basil came to us from our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day. She is around 14 weeks old and we estimate her to be medium-large when full grown. Basil is such a sweet girl, and has never met a stranger. She has a laid back personality, loves to play with toys, and be wherever her people are. She would love to attend obedience training, and would make a great companion for someone that loves the outdoors. She is just a puppy, and still working on crate and potty training. Apply for Basil today!




Meet Babette! Babette came to us from our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day. She is around 14 weeks old and we estimate her to be medium-large when full grown. Unlike her sister, Basil, Babette is a little more independent. She loves to explore and would make a perfect companion for anyone that likes a good adventure. Babette is still mastering her leash skills, and working hard at crate and potty training. Babette is a smart girl, and would love to be enrolled in obedience training! Could this little cutie be the perfect match for you?! 😍



This sweet, 50lb, 2 year old lab mix is Kalya.

Kalya was found on a property with her puppy, mom, and her 4 sisters. Unfortunately, she wasn’t being cared for properly so she was brought into rescue. She traveled to Wisconsin in hopes of a better life with a loving family.

Kalya can be a little shy at first, but warms up easily and is the sweetest, gentlest soul. Kalya gets along with other dogs and enjoys rough housing and romping around. She is playful, enjoys snuggles, likes to explore outside and loves playing with toys. She is fully crate and potty trained and is working hard on learning basic commands. Kalya is hoping to find her forever family and wondering if you could be the perfect fit!


Madison! – PENDING!

Madison This sweet little blonde chihuahua mix is just under 8 pounds and 4 months old. She may be missing an eye, but she wants to let you all know, she doesn’t need it 😜 (we believe she was born without it). Madison has a cheerful, spunky personality and enjoys running around the yard with her dog foster siblings. She enjoys going on walks and playing with any toy she can get her paws on! She is still working on potty training and crate training, but is making great progress. Her ideal home would have another dog for her to play with and older children since she can be easily spooked by loud noises and sudden movements. If you are looking for an energetic cuddle buddy, Madison is your girl!



Ryland is small guy with a big heart. He’s 9 years young but still has a lot of pep in his steps. He is about 16 pounds and listed as a terrier mix. He loves to snuggle with his people – he seems to prefer males but loves his foster mom too. He is house trained and crate trained and enjoys going for short walks or frolics in the back yard. He has been with other dogs his whole life so a doggie companion would be ideal.




This handsome guy is listed as a mixed breed, is about 50 pounds, and is 5 years old. He is originally all the way from Puerto Rico! He had issues with the children in his adoptive home in Texas and the family brought him to a vet clinic to be euthanized. We received a message asking if we would be able to help him while some of us were in Texas. Our trainer was able to do a behavior assessment and decided that this poor pup deserved to have a chance at a happy life in Wisconsin. Since being up here, Trap has been an amazing dog considering all he has gone through! He has a fear of loud noises and voices so a home without children would be best! Feline friends also make him excited so a home without them would be ideal. Trap took his time to warm up to his foster humans so he needs a home that is willing to work with him and give him the time he needs to overcome his fears. He likes to play with his squeaky toy but also likes to chew on his bones! He is great with potty training and hasn’t had any accidents. If the home has another dog it would be best if the dog was older or had no interest in playing very much. Slow introductions and proper decompression will be key for Trap’s successful adjustment to a new home. Trap would be a great addition to a home that is willing to take him for walks and let him sniff around all day!




This beautiful momma is Becky 😍

Becky was found with her 3 puppies before the freeze hit Texas. The whole family traveled to MMDR from our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day with hopes of finding their forever homes. Becky is currently looking for a foster or adopter that has no other dogs in the home. She is currently staying at the rescue, so we would love to be able to find her a home!

Becky is estimated to be 2 years old and weighs around 70 pounds. She is a big puppy at heart, and loves every person she meets! Becky is incredibly smart and is eager to please, making her a very trainable dog. She loves belly rubs, going for walks, playing fetch, laying in the sun and puzzle toys. She does well in the car and is also potty trained. If you are lucky enough to meet this gorgeous gal, she is sure to capture your heart! ❤️



This beautiful Mama is, Ramona. Her and her five adorable puppies were found on the streets of Texas and thankfully our amazing rescue partners were able to bring and her babies to safety. We truly believe in never leaving a mama dog behind and although we didn’t have a committed foster for this beautiful lady, we knew she would be traveling to us and would stay at the rescue if needed.
When Ramona arrived, she was shut down, terrified, and didn’t even want us to touch her. She went home with a foster and it took several days to decompress. Ramona has now been here two weeks and although she is still skittish and cautious, she loves her foster Mom and Dad, and her foster doggy siblings. Her hobbies include going for walks, playing chase with her foster sister in the backyard, and cuddling up on the couch.
Ramona is estimated to be about 2 years old, 22 pounds, and is potty trained. She is doing pretty well in crate but it is definitely still a work-in-progress. Ramona is looking for a quiet home with a patient adopter who can let her decompress and settle in slowly so she can show her true loving and spunky side. She would also do best in a home without children as quick movements and sudden noises can be too much for her.





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