This special lady is Star. She arrived in Wisconsin last week after a long trip from our friends at Pet Tribe in Texas. She is 7 years old, 63 pounds and her breed is a best guess. This poor girl was chained up in a back yard with the chain also wrapped around her paw. She started chewing her paw to get loose and a concerned neighbor convinced the owner to surrender her to a rescue.

Although she had a rough start, Star is still a loving dog and will make a great companion. She is said to love every human she meets! Star is super playful, loyal, smart, a good listener, and enjoys a good snuggle session. She is selective about dogs so may require multiple meets with a dog companion and would need to be closely monitored in the home. Star is a happy-go-lucky gal with lots of great personality quirks and is very playful but can get possessive over special treats/toys and has some food aggression issues so would need to be fed separately. Because of this we would recommend her go to a home with older children that would be able to understand those boundaries. She does not like her crate but has been doing well in the tall kennel run at her foster home.

It is not hard to fall in love with Star once you meet her, so we hope her perfect family is out there to give her the second chance at a home that she deserves.



Claire would like to interrupt your Wednesday evening with a picture of her adorable face. This sweet girl is around 5 months old and about 30 pounds and her breed is a best guess 🤷🏼‍♀️. She was picked up as a stray and found herself in the Conroe Animal Shelter in Texas where she became very overwhelmed. The shelter staff saw how stressed out she was and reached out to one of the volunteers with Lola’s Lucky Day to ask if she could take Claire to her home. She of course said yes! Once she was in a foster home, her personality blossomed!

Claire loves other dogs and has been going to doggy day care in her current foster home and enjoys visits to the dog park. She would love an active family and a fenced in yard, although this is not a requirement. Claire has a goofy personality, is very intelligent, loves to please, is HIGHLY food motivated and enjoys eating (who doesn’t?!). She has been working on her leash training, but she could use a little fine tuning of her leash manners. Claire is crate trained and almost potty trained but can sometimes get an anxious piddle if startled. If you think Claire could be the girl for you, let us know!




Sherman joined MMDR at the end of August. He was found as a stray and wound up in doggy jail. His owners unfortunately never came back for him, a story we hear far too often. We are sad to say he is still searching for a forever home, but we’re hopeful his perfect match will find their way to him. Sherman is estimated to be around 10 years old, but still has a lot of pep in his step!

Shortly after arriving, we discovered that Sherman suffered from anxiety, especially when he was crated and away from his people. It was also apparent that Sherman needed help learning how to properly interact with people when he became uncomfortable, or was being asked to do something he quite frankly didn’t want to do. We enrolled Sherman in a training program with our friends at The Beckett School of Canine Training and Rehabilitation. Over the last three weeks with Stephanie, Sherman let his inner zen shine. He mastered a structured walk, now sees his crate as a safe, relaxing space, and learned that unwanted behavior would not get him what he wants. We are elated with the progress Sherman has made in just three weeks, but it doesn’t stop there!

We often hear people comment on how well a dog does with the trainer, but once the dog is home that unwanted behavior starts to show. While there is a bit of a transition when bringing a new dog home, it is crucial to stay consistent with the same structure and guidance the dog received while in training. Behavior modification is a process! Sherman is looking for someone that can meet him half way. He has a fun, loving side, but needs someone that can allow him to be a happy, balanced dog.
Sherman’s adopter will work directly with the trainer to ensure you have all the tools for success. This includes a meet and greet and training session before taking Sherman home on a foster-to-adopt basis. Part of Sherman’s training package includes free sessions when needed for the remainder of Sherman’s life. Set backs are to be expected, but there is no reason to struggle alone!

If you think Sherman is the right dog for you, and would like the opportunity to work with a wonderful trainer please e-mail us Though he may need a little extra work, Sherman is a great dog and is so deserving of a forever home! ❤️




Akia is the perfect name for this sweet 1 ½-year-old as it means “warrior.” Akia was found by our rescue partners,

ThisIsHouston, in horrible conditions fending for herself on the streets of Houston. Rescuers had to tranquilize her so they could get her the emergency treatment she needed right away. Not only was Akia burdened with mange; her poor body riddled with open sores, but X-rays showed she had been eating rocks. Akia has had to conquer a lot in her short life. She is has finally made it to Wisconsin and is ready to find her forever home.
Since her rescue, Akia went to stay with her foster/trainer who has helped her learn about love and home. She is slowly adjusting to life in Wisconsin with a little guidance from her foster Momma. She bonds strongly with other dogs and loves to go for walks around the neighborhood. Akia has come a long way, but she’s still very reserved and takes a while to come out of her shell. She seeks a patient, loving home that will help her work through her fears, as well as one with a secure fence, and resident dog. Akia will be adopted out on a foster-to-adopt basis so we can work with her adopters and make sure everyone has a smooth transition.




Chip! – PENDING!

Meet Chip!

Our sweet little man, Chip, was found wandering all alone in Texas. Lucky for him, a Good Samaritan took Chip in and got him to safety. Once he was vetted he made the long trip to Wisconsin where he is now ready to find his forever family!

Chip is around 2 years old and weighs 37 pounds. He is crate trained, loves everyone he meets, and is great with other dogs. He can be a little shy, but warms up quickly. Chip has met one cat and was very curious, so he would do best with slow introductions and supervision. Chip is such a happy little guy, and has the best zoomies. He will make a great additional to someone’s family! ❤️




The needs of each dog varies depending on a variety of factors including breed, temperament and age. It is up to the owner to understand these commitments and provide for their dogs accordingly. Arie’s previous owner understood her high energy with a need for exercise. They knew they couldn’t provide the life Arie deserved and had to make the hard to decision to surrender her in hopes of finding a better suited home.
Arie is close to 2 years old. She is said to be a lab, border collie mix that is at medium size of roughly 45 pounds. Her favorite place to be is outside. If she isn’t running around playing, she is sniffing things out and keeping the squirrels at bay. Knowing this, Arie would truly benefit from a fenced in yard so that she has the freedom to roam.
An active family is a must for Arie. Play time is her favorite, she could go for hours playing fetch and getting a little rough. She loves her walks and hikes or anything that can get her outside. However, when Arie is not playing she is a sucker for belly rubs and snuggles. She is good with kids, but is a bit of a jumper at times, so older kids may be more ideal. She has met several different dogs and has done extremely well with each, although she does certainly like to make her presence known. Overall, Arie is a sweet heart and truly loves being around her people. Would your home be a good fit for this beautiful active girl?




Oso 🖤

Are you in the market for a fun-loving 65 pound puppy?! At a year old Oso is crate and potty trained, but still has all the fun characteristics of a puppy. What more could you ask for? He may not fit in your lap anymore, but don’t tell him that. This big guy is always on the go. He never has a bad day and is always happy. He loves to play fetch and frolic around the yard with his foster sibling. He is working on his manners when walking on leash, but he has already proven to have so much potential!

Oso traveled to us from Texas where he was found as a stray. This is no life for any dog, so he made the big trip to Wisconsin where he is now looking for his forever home. Oso would benefit from an active household. He does great with other dogs, and loves everyone he meets. We can’t say enough great things about this regal guy. Apply to be Oso’s new family today!



Dash! – PENDING!

Dash is a 1.5 year old chihuahua mix that is under 10 pounds. He is a very submissive, smart, and friendly little boy. He gets along with other dogs and is good with people.  He is a very energetic and playful little boy. Dash loves his toys! He especially loves chewing on bones and rope toys, and playing with his little tennis ball. He has found socks and brought them out into the livingroom (Ooo, that smell 🤪). He loves lots of attention, being pet and scratched and gets very attached to his people. Dash even hangs in the kitchen when his people are cooking. Dash is also crate trained! His foster says he is a little dancer and is able to stand on his hind legs for a good deal of time. He is really an awesome little boy!!


Gamora! – PENDING!

This little sweetie pie is, Gamora. Gamora is a 9 month old mix who weighs about 15lbs. She was an owner surrender in Texas when her family could no longer care for her. She made the long trip to Wisconsin in search of her forever family. This smart, little lady is 100% crate and potty trained. She is best described as cuddly and sweet. Gamora enjoys exploring outside, running around with other dogs, and even gets along with feline friends. After a long day of playing she loves a good snuggle on the couch with her human. Do you think Gamora sounds like a good fit for your family? Apply to adopt this sweet girl today!



“Louie Louie, oh no, you take me where ya gotta go”

This Louie would be as much the life of the party as the famous “Louie, Louie” song. He’s a little goofy and a little silly – he even likes to play with cat toys! He’s also a big lover – he gives kisses all the time. And he’s alllll puppy; you can tell his mind is going a mile a minute, and so is he! Louie is definitely a busybody and would love a home that’s as active as he is – into frequent brisk walks, simulation with toys and other activities. He’s quite a character and loves to strut his stuff; he just needs some guidance. He’ll definitely make a great addition to the right person or family.



Thomas 🖤

Thomas is a beautiful 1 year old German Shepherd. He was found hanging outside a commercial building for weeks. A kind Samaritan took Thomas in and tried to locate his owners with no luck. His rescuer believes that Thomas’s owners moved and left him behind 😞

You would never know Thomas endured any hardship before traveling to Wisconsin. He is so sweet, gentle, and trusting of everyone he encounters. Thomas is crate trained, and loves to play with other dogs. He has never been around cats, but is always very interested in trying to chase squirrels on his walks. Thomas would benefit from an active household. He enjoys the outdoors and getting out for a walk every day!



Marie! – PENDING! 

Marie 💞

This sweet 9 week old puppy was found living in a sewer drain on the streets of Houston. Luckily, Marie and her litter mates were found and brought to safety. They were cleaned up and once they were healthy enough they traveled to Wisconsin to find forever homes.

We estimate Marie to be medium sized when full grown. She is still working hard on crate and potty training. She loves other dogs and has a great disposition. She would be a wonderful addition to just about any household!




Caroline is a sweet 8 month old lab mix weighing in at a medium 32 pounds. Although being both a lab and a puppy she is actually considered to be medium energy. She can be a bit timid at first, but once she gets to know you she only aims to please! Caroline gets along with all dog sizes. She even did well with the few cats she met. She is a quiet pup that loves to play outside, go for walks, car rides and chewing on anything she can sink her teeth into (bully sticks are a must).

She is mostly potty trained but may need a bit more guidance to finish the job. Caroline is food motivated and very smart. Because of her up bringing she may do best with another dog at home to help teach her the ropes and truly be a dog. She does great in her crate and is even beginning to learn sit. The more she gets comfortable in her environment the more she blossoms into a beautiful young lady. Are you the right fit for this sweet young girl?







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