“Hey ya’ll! It’s Freya checking in to remind you that I’m still on the search for my forever home. I’ve been here for quite a while now and I must say, I’m really a natural at being a Wisconsinite 😉. I even love the snow and romping around in it with my friends. If you don’t know my story, please read below!”

From the first time we met this sweet pup in Texas through our friends at Corridor Rescue, we all knew she was extra special and instantly melted our hearts. Not only has she survived being hit by a car, but she continues to thrive despite limited mobility in her back legs, and does it with a big smile on her face. Her pure joy for life and her determination to keep on moving even after what has happened to her in the past is so inspiring. We are so grateful that the amazing people with Corridor knew she was destined for great things here in Wisconsin!

She has been visiting Emily at Peak PEMF performance and has been responding well to chiropractic care and water therapy. It will be important for her adoptive home to keep bringing her to therapy to help her strengthen her back legs and continue to keep her at her best! We are so lucky to have people like Emily in our area to use as resources for our extra special pups in need. Since being up here in Wisconsin, her walking has improved so much and she is getting better each day with going potty on her own outside!

Freya is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has not met anyone she doesn’t love, and she sure makes it difficult not to love her back 🥰. The more time she spends in her foster home, the more her personality blossoms. She is a bit wobbly when walking, but once she starts to run around, she is off to the races!! Falling down is part of her routine, but with her amazing resilience, she gets right back up to try again. Nothing can keep this girl down! Freya is a big fan of playing with her doggie foster siblings and would love to go to a home with another dog. She also has a lot of fun playing with her toys ❤️

Freya is approximately 3 years old and just under 60 pounds. As most rescue dogs, her breed is a best guess and she is listed as a mix. Her ideal home will be prepared to give her the extra special care that she needs to be the best dog she can be.

Aren’t in a position to adopt this special girl but would love to support her? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to her foster’s home!


Finley continues to search for his forever home. 🐶
He joined MMDR after his previous family struggled with some resource guarding from him, that unfortunately resulted in the owner getting bit. They enrolled the help of a trainer, but ultimately made the difficult decision to find Finley a more suitable home. His issues stem from guarding the person he has bonded with most against the other members in the household. Finley has taken to his training regime, and is looking for someone that can provide him with the structure and guidance he needs. He is crate trained, walks great on leash, gets along with other dogs, and has not ever been exposed to cats. To give Finley the best chance at success, he would do best in a single person household. He is looking for an adopter that is willing to work directly with our trainer on his transition to a new home. It is extremely important that he stays on his training regime to ensure both him and his adopter have a healthy, happy, and balanced relationship. The Golden Retriever is known for it’s laid back demeaner, and being a great family pet. While Finley does possess these attributes, he also can be challenging and is looking for someone that is compatible with his needs. Could that be you?!






Kiwi-Diva-Princess…. That’s me!!! Hello everyone! My name is Kiwi!!! I’m a beautiful, 7 year old Husky with so much love to give! My favorite pastimes are laying on a nice doggy bed, being brushed, going for a car ride and having a good play session in the yard. My foster family has fallen in love with me very quickly but I’m not always a fan of my foster siblings. I would do best in a home with another older dog or even by myself! I have a little bit of guarding tendency when it comes to my food and treats. I’ve never gotten mad at humans but other animals, when I’m eating makes me very nervous and protective. My foster mom calls me a diva since I’m so picky with my food. Some days I love chicken, some days I don’t. Each day is a new day for me so some days they work harder to get me to eat. I prefer canned food but at times will eat eggs, rice and chicken. Sometimes I just prefer to walk around my food bowl and tip it over. Like I said….. they call me a diva! I have bad hips so I would prefer my forever home doesn’t have a lot of stairs since it’s hard for me sometimes to walk up and down them. My foster family and the rescue have been working hard to make sure that I’m comfortable and getting the care I need. I have been seen by the vet here in Green Bay and they noted some arthritic changes in my hips. My current treatment plan is to have MagnaWave treatments weekly for 4 weeks and reducing to every 3 to 4 weeks a treatment. If you are unfamiliar with MagnaWave therapy, it is a natural way of the body healing/managing pain. It benefits cellular energy resulting in better cellular health and function. The rescue has seen this really help improve the lives of dogs, first hand! I am currently seeing Emily at Peak PEMF Performance! She is the best! She even helps another Misfit dog Freya! I am on a mild pain reliever to help with this as well as supplements to keep my joints in tip top shape! Huge bonus: I’m COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED!! My foster mom always says I am the only foster she has ever had that hasn’t had an accident in the house! I’m so proud of myself! She works with me on my crate as well but lets face it…. When you’re a diva and a princess, the crate isn’t always the most enjoyable thing. All in all, I’m just a snuggly girl looking for a lap or a nice couch to sleep on with some playtime in between. I promise I’ll give you so many kisses, you will fall in love with me right away!





Mr. Indy AKA Indy Car Racer is so excited to meet you, you and you! He loves everyone he meets! He is 6 months old weighing in at 25 pounds. When he was surrendered the original owner said he was a German Shepherd/Heeler mix. While many feel sorry for him when they meet him, he does not see it that way! He radiates positivity and happiness.

Indy was originally an owner surrender to a rescue group in Kentucky because his needs were more than the breeder could handle. Indy suffers from Swimmers Syndrome. Swimmers Syndrome is a rare condition in which a puppy is unable to physically stand or walk, but instead lies flat on its chest and abdomen with hind legs extended behind and its forelegs extended to the front and/or sides. The only motion the puppy is capable of is paddling its limbs as though it is swimming. Indy is able to stand on his front legs and pull himself around that way.

A Kentucky rescue group reached out to our friends with ThisIsHouston because they had a foster with experience! Once Indy was settled into his TX foster home, therapy began. He was then pitched to us and we had an amazing foster home step up for him. Indy made the long trip to Green Bay and is now settling into his WI foster home. His foster mom and dad are working hard to help him gain mobility in his hind limbs. Indy is a fighter and definitely wants to be able to walk and maybe even run some day! While this is the goal, it is a long journey for Indy. He may never be able to walk without assistance from a wheelchair but we are hopeful for him. We do not know what his future has in store for mobility but we will work hard to give him his best shot at modified walking!

With his dragging and trying to stand, at times he does develop some sores and skin shearing and his hind limbs need to be wrapped or wearing sleeves at all times. He is working on strengthening his lower half. Because of his lack of muscle he does not have a lot of bladder control yet so he wears belly bands and because he drags his butt he wears a diaper. We hope as he is able to stand more his muscles will develop more for control.

He has a therapy routine now with range of motion, standing exercises, swimming therapy and many more things to help with his strengthening. Indy is available for someone who is dedicated to his therapy and learning his routine. At this time, he does take quite a bit of work with therapy but we are hopeful when he gains more strength that can decrease. We know that Indy may not be a great fit for every household but we know his perfect family is out there and he cannot wait to show them his sparkling personality and stunning smile!

Aren’t in a position to adopt this special boy but would love to support him? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! All supplies purchased from the wishlist will be sent directly to his foster’s home!






Anything is paw-sible with me by your side. ❤️

I’m Oswald! A two year old, 50 pound brindle beauty. Can you believe I’ve been in Wisconsin since May?! For some reason I keep getting passed up by adopters. I’m not sure why, because everyone I meet tells me how much they love me! Luckily, I have an amazing foster family who takes great care of me while I wait for my forever home. I would love to find a permanent place to grow some roots and create lasting memories.

I was originally found roaming the streets of Houston, TX. You may call it intuition, but I kept showing up at a home right outside the city. This kind human eventually took me in and gave me the golden ticket to a better life in Wisconsin. I am a happy-go-lucky guy and I live life the fullest! I have never met a stranger, and love nothing more than being with my people. I consider myself very social with dogs of all sizes, and really enjoy their company. I am always up for a game of fetch, and love to wrestle. I am not a big fan of cats, and believe they were placed on this earth to be chased by me! There is so much to see and do, and I love enjoying the outdoors. I promise to be a trusty companion and will accompany you on all your fun adventures. I am potty trained, and do good in my crate. My only fault is that sometimes I can’t contain my excitement and forget that some people don’t enjoy being jumped on. But let’s be real.. who wouldn’t wan’t a bear hug from a hunk like me?! All kidding aside, I am such a smart boy and promise to continue to work on my manners! Do I sound like the perfect match for you? 🥰




Once a Misfit, always a Misfit. ❤️

Sampson, formerly Porky, was adopted out as a puppy in April of 2019. He was full of spunk right from the get-go. The cutest little munchkin, with a big personality to fit his dashing looks. Sam quickly found a home where he has lived since. Unfortunately, over the years Sampson has developed some anxiety and due to changes in the home, his family felt it was best that Sampson find someone who can provide him the stability he needs. Stability is exactly what we strive to find for our beloved Sampson.

Sampson spent some time with our trainer to learn how to cope with his anxiety and channel his energy in a much healthier way. This guy had a lot to work through, but we are so happy to report that he is now in a foster home where he continues to receive the structure and consistency he thrives on. A big component to Sampson’s training was finding his “off” switch. He has now learned to go to his safe space where all he has to do is focus on being calm. The “place” command is so beneficial to teach for a number of reasons, but it especially helps Sampson calm his nerves in stressful situation. Sampson knows all of his basic obedience, is crate and potty trained, and great on leash. It is imperative that Sampson’s training be implemented in his everyday life. Having time to turn off on place, kennel breaks, and going for structured walks has helped keep Sampson in a healthy headspace. A balance of consistency, structure, and fun will ensure Sampson is the happiest pup he can possibly be!

Sampson is 4 years old and weighs just under 60 pounds. He enjoys his daily walks on the trail near his foster home. He can be nervous when meeting new people, but with adequate space he warms up quickly. Sampson has lived with children in his previous home, and is around older kids in his foster home. He would be great in a home with older kids. Sampson has also lived in a home with another dog. He has happily co-existed with several dogs during his stay with our trainer, and would be fine in a home with a confident dog. Sampson has a tender heart, and loves his time with his people. Walks, being outside, and playing fetch are some of Sampson’s favorite past times. He would love to find a family who can dedicate the time he deserves to ensure he lives a happy life. We will give his forever family all the tools to make this happen, including sessions with his trainer. Sampson is looking for that special someone to show him what a dogs life is all about. Could that be you?!





Thor! – PENDING!

Meet Thor! 💙

Thor just may be the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. He was rescued by our friends at This Is Houston. Thor’s owner brought him to one of the rescues free vaccine clinics. After getting him vetted and supplying him with a new collar and tag, This Is Houston kept seeing Thor loose in Cleveland, TX. After several attempts to reunite Thor with his owner, they eventually discovered his owner no longer wanted him because he wouldn’t leave the families chicken’s alone. Thor was moved to a foster home, and eventually traveled to MMDR where he is now searching for a forever home. He has been in Wisconsin for a couple weeks, and is loving life here!

Thor is around 6 months old and currently weighs 48 pounds. He has never met a stranger, and is very social with other dogs. He would love a playmate that has the same energy level as him, as he may be too much for an older dog. He really enjoys his puppy play dates with his BFF, Millie! He has done great with all the children he has met, but may be a bit clumsy for young kids. Thor does great in his crate, and is potty trained. We recommend he goes to a home with no cats. He is a super smart pup, and is eager to please his people. He currently knows sit, down, and kennel up. He would really thrive with an active family who can excel his training. Thor enjoys car rides, going for walks, hiking, being outside, and is a total lap lover. If you are in the market for a dog who can accompany you on all of life’s adventures, Thor is just the guy for you! 🐾






Eddie’s rescue journey began in September of 2021. Him and his brother were surrendered to the Angleton Animal Shelter as puppies. Their skin was stained in urine, most likely from being confined to a crate. The shelter staff work tirelessly to secure rescues and adopters for all the dogs in their care as they run the risk of reaching capacity. If you’ve been a MMDR follower for a while you know the overcrowding crisis our southern rescue partners face. Shortly after being surrendered, we made arrangements to move Eddie and his brother to a foster home where they would receive the vetting they needed, and wait to travel to Green Bay where they would have the chance at finding forever homes.

On Sunday, October 3rd Eddie made his MMDR debut. The excitement surrounded by opening the van doors to see a group of “smiling” faces looking back at you is quite indescribable. The beginning of a fresh start for all. Eddie got settled into his new foster home and a month later was moving to a forever home of his very own. Fast forward 7 months, Eddie is now back with us and continuing his journey to a forever home. Unfortunately, as Eddie got older him and the other dog in his home were no longer compatible together. The decision was made to surrender Eddie back to rescue. Our responsibility for the dogs that come through our doors doesn’t end once an adoption is final, so Eddie was welcomed back with open arms. While we never like to see any dog uprooted from their home, sometimes it’s in everyone’s best interest. Since being back Eddie hasn’t skipped a beat. He has a new lease on life, and we are determined to find him the forever family he deserves.

At a year old, Eddie is potty and crate trained. He is super smart, and currently knows sit, down, stay, place, and has great recall. With basic commands under his belt, Eddie is looking to brush up on his leash skills. We are working on this, and like everything else, he is already making big strides. Our volunteers have quickly fallen in love with his sweet and fun personality. Eddie has been great for all of his handlers, and enjoys the company of people very much. He has lived in a home with cats, and did fine, but will need to be matched with another dog. We do not think Eddie would do well in a home with small dogs. Slow introductions, and clear boundaries will be key for Eddie! He would do best in a home with no children. Eddie loves being able to run in the rescue yard, and always looks forward to getting on the treadmill. He is very animated when playing with toys, and has the cutest zoomies! He is such a good boy for meal time and will wait on his bed until you release him. He is a wonderful dog, and will make a great companion. Even though we didn’t get it right the first time, we know his perfect match is out there.




Rhino! – PENDING!

Rhino 💙

I came into rescue after not being compatible with the children in my home. I’m a pretty laid back guy, and would prefer a quiet, stress-free household. Despite all the recent change, I have adjusted to my new life pretty well. I am used to doing things my way, so I’m learning to take direction from my people. I would love nothing more than to find a place to call home.

I am a 2.5 year old French Bulldog, and weigh about 21 pounds. I love spending time outside, and always look forward to my morning walk before the temps get too hot. I ride great in the car, and will be the perfect co-pilot for coffee runs! I am potty trained, and sleep through the night in my crate. I may protest a bit when I first go in, but settle down quickly to rest. I prefer to be the only pet in the home. I do just fine meeting new dogs, but I am greedy with my person and would prefer to be your one and only pup! I also need to be in a kid-free home. I find them to be too chaotic and stressful. I am a typical Bulldog and would benefit from someone who understands just how stubborn I can be. If you think you are the perfect fit for me, hurry up and get your application in! 🥰





I may be shy, but we’ll be best friends in no time. 💙

I’m Doobie! I was found as a stray in Houston, TX. Life on the streets is rough, but I’m so happy to now be living in a home, and even more excited to be one step closer to having a family of my own. It has taken some time to acclimate to all the recent changes in my life. I require patience when interacting with new people, but give me some time and I’ll show you my fun personality. I have so much to offer!

At 14 pounds I make the perfect lap dog. I am estimated to be around 3 years old, and I’m still learning to notify my people when I have to go outside to use the bathroom. Providing me with a routine for bathroom breaks will really help me get the hang of this potty business! I am crated at night and while my foster family is away from the home. I’m still learning that my crate is my safe space, so I initially cry to be let out. It only takes me a little time, and then I will settle in for a nice snooze. Prior to being in rescue I didn’t have much socialization with people. Having another dog in my home really helps me feel more confident. I love my foster family dearly, and will curl up on the couch for some cuddle time. I now feel comfortable enough to show off my sweet, care-free personality. I enjoy a good romp with my dog friends, and can easily entertain myself with some toys. Being outside, soaking up the sun is also a favorite past time of mine! Though I need a little work on my leash skills, I am always up for a little stroll through the neighborhood. I am currently fostered with dogs all of all sizes and do great. I try to chase the cat in my home, so I may be too much for kitty friends. Children are great, but I will require a lot of time and respect from tiny humans in order for me to be comfortable in their presence. I would love to find a family who can continue to help me with my confidence. I hear there is so much exploring to do, let’s get after it!




Charlie! – PENDING!

Due to no fault of his own, Charlie the distinguished older dachshund, is looking for his forever home again after being adopted at the end of last year. Let’s help him find a new family to spend the rest of his years with all the love and walks he deserves! Charlie is about 6 years old and weighs 28 pounds. His foster mom describes him as the perfect gem and he has been an amazing house guest. He is potty trained and knows to go outside but like many male dogs, may try to mark in a new home 😊. Charlie loves walks and chasing birds in the yard which his foster says is a good thing because if we are being honest, Charlie could benefit from losing a bit of weight to be a nice healthy size! He coexists well with his dog foster siblings, but does not really engage in play so would do well with a home with or without other dogs. He has not been around cats or children so it is unclear how he would act with them in a home. Although he loves his people, he takes longer to warm up to men and does best with slow introductions. He is also leash reactive to other dogs and will pull and bark at them, so slow introductions are needed with dogs as well. Some of this quirky guys favorite activities are playing with toys, taking naps, exploring the back yard, car rides, and his absolute favorite thing is sucking on blankets 🤪. You read that right! He loves to be lazy and just hang out with his blankets. If you think you are the right home for this laid back gentleman to be his happiest self, please apply




Pulga! – PENDING!

Meet Pulga! This little lady is a 3 month old chihuahua mix weighing in at 6 pounds. Pulga is a friend to all. She loves all dogs (big and small), kids, cats and adults. She has met children as young as 6 months old. She does so well with children but does jump and try to play with them. Pulga is full of energy and confidence. She loves playing outside and having toys all around. She is your typical playful puppy who is learning manners. She would love a family who will work on her leash work, crate training and potty training. She does settle down in the crate quickly after a few noises are let out. She will need a good routine for potty training. She does use potty pads inside but her foster is working on going outside. Pulga is working on her commands and has learned “come” and her name. This fearless lady is best described as the most loving, playful pup around. If you are looking for that perfect mix of love and play, Pulga is the puppy for you!





Meet Cruiser! Cruiser is a 3 year old border collie mix. He is a very sweet goofy 71 pound boy who just arrived from Texas. He loves a nice long walk where he can stop and sniff the fire hydrants and trees. He loves a good snuggle and enjoying time laying in the grass outside. He is just starting to come out of his shell and play with his foster dog brother. He plays very gently with other dogs. He is now living with a smaller dog but would not see any issues with bigger dogs either. He has not lived with cats. When he gets excited he can be a bit jumpy. Normally regarding food or seeing you first thing in the morning get him more excited and then the jumps start. He is working on kennel training which is the only time he barks his foster reports! He does settle into his kennel after a while. He does not always go in willing. He is working on this with his fosters help and a trainer. He will need a family that continues with using his crate as he can become very anxious when left alone. He has met children aged 5 to 10 and did well for the short interactions with them. He is learning basic commands in his foster home. He knows how to lay down and walk well on a leash. Cruiser is a very relaxed dog that is looking for a home that is willing to show him a few basic manners and he will be a very good dog! This big goofy smiling boy can not wait to meet you!





Meet Rowan!
Hello friends I’m Rowan! I’m a 1 year old, 17 pound low riding terrier mix. I was found with some other dogs in Texas. I have adapted a lush lifestyle of couches, blankets, cuddles, pets, what more could I ask for? My foster mom says I’m a couch potato and if I could, I would spend all my free time on the couch or sun bathing. Now that I have people to care for me and feed me I am loving all these food choices. I started out picky but I can no longer turn down any kind of food. Wet food, dry food, kitty food, all amazing! The one thing about living in a house is these people want me to go into a smaller house, they call it a crate. It is the worst invention ever. I hate it so much. My foster mom in Texas found that if I use a plastic kennel I am able to tolerate kenneling. My people said it will be important to continue to kennel me for short periods of time to help me adjust to my new home and help with my stress I can have. Once I know my environment and people my anxiety is so low most people can not see it at all! That being said when I am with new people I will try to bolt away outside. Pay attention or I’ll be gone! I can jump real high! How high you ask? Well let’s say I could most likely jump a 3 to 4 ft fence. You should have seen my foster mom when I jumped the 3ft gate without even grazing it. Priceless. Once I do get to know you I do have good recall in my own yard and can be trusted in a fenced yard and even on walks with my people. I prefer a fenced in yard for my safety. I’ve always been with other dogs and I can not live without them. I prefer more calm dogs, big or small, to spend time napping and cuddling with. I also like the cats in my foster home. Some of them are bigger than me! I may be young but I am not your normal energetic 1 year old. No sir, I am LAZY! I want to relax along side my people and dog friends. I really don’t think I could handle living with those small fast humans. I move slow and they do not! Cars are something I also do not enjoy. Cars have had few positive experiences and to be honest I’m very scared in one but learning they go cool places. I am going on all these amazing walks and hikes and am now a pro on my leash. I may have accidents occasionally or when I’m scared. If I go out frequently I’m great at getting all the pee outside. 🎶 Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed🎶  If you relate to this song like I do, then have your people call my people.

Shy guy Choco is ready for his adoption debut! This sweet little 1 year old scruffy terrier mix with the cutest little underbite, weighs under 20 pounds and is very likely done growing. Choco was found on the streets of Texas with a pack of dogs and had been living there for about a week. We don’t know what his situation had been before he was found, but we sure are glad our Texas friends were able to help him and the other pups find better lives.
Sweet Choco has been in Wisconsin for a little over a week now and has been settling in at his own pace. He will need a patient family that will let him come out of shell on his own time, and would greatly benefit from a confident resident dog to help show him the ropes. He does well with dogs of all shapes and sizes and is friendly in the face of many dog personalities whether they are high energy, or mellow. Choco has not been around cats and has only been around kids in their teenage years.
He can be easily spooked by sudden movements or loud noises so would do best in a home with a more quiet environment and children over the age of 14. Choco is the type of dog that is a flight risk and would require a securely fenced in yard in his forever home to keep him safe. He is still mastering the art of kennel training but does keep his kennel free of potty accidents, and does much better when he is near other dogs during his kennel time. It would be important for him to continue to learn that his kennel is a safe space and for his adopters to keep working with him on it! His foster mom has a camera set up in his kennel area to talk to him if he is showing signs of stress which has helped him a lot too! He is mostly potty trained but like any young dog, should be monitored in the home, and let out at a consistent schedule to eliminate accidents.
Although he does take a little bit of time to warm up to strangers, once he trusts his people, he is the biggest snuggle bug! His favorite activity by far is snuggling up to his humans on the couch and watching your favorite show. Choco also loves laying outside in the sun, and romping around with his doggie friends in the yard at his foster home. He is working on his leash training and continuing to get more comfortable and confident on walks and on his leash! He has been working on his recall and making progress on that too! Chico doesn’t make much noise but will sometimes bark when new people approach the home.
This little guy is smart, sweet, and eager to learn and please his humans. If you are in the market for a timid little guy that loves to snuggle and is loyal to his humans, Choco is the pup for you!

My rescue story began in Houston, TX. After being found as a stray I moved to rescue where I would later travel to Wisconsin in hopes of finding a forever home. It’s been quite a journey, and I’m adjusting to my new normal. Though it may take me a minute to warm up, I am so excited to begin the process of becoming a valued member of someone’s family.
At 2 years old I am fully potty trained, and doing fantastic with crate training. I lack confidence, but being around other dogs really helps me come out of my shell. I have dog friends of all shapes and sizes and enjoy their company very much! I have been exposed to some kitty friends, and I’m still not quite sure what to think of them. I am the perfect size weighing in at 15 pounds, and look forward to curling up in your lap for some down time. I am currently fostered with a little boy, and it has taken me a while to become comfortable in his presence. I find children’s fast movements and weird noises a little stressful. I require some patience as I get acclimated, but soon I will showcase my goofy personality. I am pretty easy to please. Give me some fun toys, a dog to play with, or just a place to catch some rays and I’m a happy girl! I have so much love to give, and I’m looking for that special someone who can continue to help me come out of my shell and experience all the wonderful things in life! 💗

I’m Nova! I came to rescue after my owner could no longer care for me. I am so grateful to my foster family for taking me in and giving me a safe place to stay while I search for a new home. I’ve experienced a lot of change, but I’m happy to report that I’ve settled into my foster home and I’m ready for my next adventure. I am two years old, potty trained, and working hard on crate training. I enjoy being with my people so much, so I tend to cry a little when I first go into my crate. I’m already making so much progress and after a little while I will lay down and rest. My initial reaction to meeting new friends is a bit shy and reserved, but once I have some time to acclimate I will shower you love and affection. Slow introductions are the key to winning over my heart. Once I know I can trust you, I will be your best friend. I adore tiny humans and love to cuddle up on the couch with them. I am currently fostered with several other dogs of all sizes and enjoy their company. I can be a little timid with dogs rushing me, but with slow introductions I let my guard down and love to romp and play. I’m not quite sure what to think of the cat in my foster home. My initial reaction is to chase, but I’m learning to co-exist. I enjoy going for walks, taking naps, cuddling with my people, and playing with other dogs. I have some basic commands under my belt like sit, down, kennel up, and I do know my name! My foster family tells me that I am very intelligent. Deep down I am a kind-hearted girl, who would love nothing more than a family of my own. 🥰

Gino is here again looking for his perfect fit home! He is a 4 year old, 85lb, Sheepdog/Poodle Mix who is looking for his new best friend! He recently spent 5 weeks with our dog trainer, and is excelling in his foster home! Gino thrives on routine, consistency, and exercise. His perfect day would be eating breakfast, chilling on his bed, going for a walk, getting some pets, more chilling on his bed, eating dinner, and then some tug of war before bed time in his crate. Gino likes to let you know when he wants affection or when he has had enough. He appreciates when people respect his space, and will request you hold his paw on a car ride.
In the past, Gino has resource guarded items he really values, like a delicious bone or an Amazon package! However, he has been very consistent with the “out” command, and is learning to leave those items behind. Gino knows sit, stay, come, place, wait, free, crate, heel, out and shake. He doesn’t seem to mind other dogs that respect his space, and does well on walks with some reinforcement with treats. We think Gino would do best in a home with a confident owner who is willing to be consistent with Gino and respect his space and boundaries. Because of his history of resources guarding, we do not recommend he be placed in a home with young children. Gino is ready to find his forever home, maybe it’s you!

Ethel! – PENDING!
If you are looking for a sweet, spunky and scruffy little pup, I am your girl. ❤️ Allow me introduce myself, I’m Ethel! I am around 14 weeks old and currently weigh about 5 pounds. I will stay small, but what I lack in size I make up in personality. My foster mom says I am very smart. I already know how to sit, I listen really good, and I am doing great with potty training. I do good in my kennel, but I would rather be right by your side. I follow my foster mom everywhere she goes. She calls me her little shadow! I really love the dogs in my foster home. It doesn’t matter the size, big dogs or little dogs, I love all of them! My breed(s) are a best guess, but if adorable was a breed that would be me! If you have room in your heart and home, please fill out an application! 🥰

Dalila! – PENDING!
I’m Dalila! I originally came from a breeding factory in Mexico and later found myself dumped at a shelter. A shelter is no place for a senior gal like me, but thankfully someone came to my rescue and got me all the vetting I needed to head to Texas. I am on the last leg of my journey, and hope to find the family I have always deserved. Wisconsin has been treating me well, and I look forward to a new beginning.
I am 11 years old, and weigh about 16 pounds. In typical Pug fashion I am very animated, and take feeding time very seriously. I will break out in a happy dance and shout for joy! I had to have all but one of my teeth pulled, so my tongue hangs out of the side of my mouth. I have no problem eating hard kibble, and never miss a meal. There isn’t anything I don’t like. Humans and dogs of all sizes are wonderful in my book. I enjoy their company very much! I can happily co-exist with cats, too. I am quite the couch potato, and love to snuggle. My ears are velvet soft and are just begging to be scratched. I am a old lady, and require frequent potty breaks. Please don’t let my age deter you though. I have a real zest for life. My days consist of sunbathing, cuddling with my humans, and a little play with my dog friends. My ideal forever home would have another dog companion for me. I am such a happy girl and promise to make you laugh! Give me a chance, and I’ll show you that senior dogs are the absolute best! ❤️

Howdy, y’all! My name is Tako and I’m estimated to be 3 years old. The vets think I’m likely a Poodle/Bichon mix but that’s all a best guess and I’m not coming clean about who my parents were! My life before rescue was not great. I was found running down major Highway 288 south of Houston, TX. A nice lady spotted me and was able to get me into her car. She had a friend in rescue and the rest is history! When I was found, my skin was in awful shape and my chest and belly had no fur. I was also heartworm positive. My TX foster momma worked really hard to get my skin fixed up, got me neutered, up to date on vaccines and helped me through treatment for those pesky heartworms.
I’ve been in WI for just over a week now and I’m really digging it. I’m not a huge fan of tall or wet grass so I need a little coaxing to go outside and do my business but I’m potty trained so I just hold it. I’m a little stubborn that way. My foster mom just carries me out into the yard and I’ll do my business. I am kennel trained but I love to be with my humans so I whine for a few minutes. I love being with my humans so much that I will whine when I can’t see my foster parents or one of them leaves the house. I think it’s because I never had so much love in my life before rescue and I don’t want it to change. My foster family is helping me to understand that they will come back and I don’t need to whine. My foster home has 3 doggies and 2 kitty cats. I haven’t shown much interest in playing with the doggies; we just coexist. I was kind of interested in the kitties but I haven’t been mean to them. I haven’t been around kids in my current foster home but my TX foster had grandchildren who would visit and I really liked them.  My all-time favorite thing to do is snuggle! I want all the comfy blankets, beds and laps! Big fan of squeaky toys too!
Do I sound like a good fit? If so, fill out an app today!

Meet Lady Whistledown AKA Lady. Lady is a 2 year old chihuahua mix who weighs in at 14 pounds with legs for days. This little Lady was part of a hoarding case and was taken in by our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day back in early April. She was heartworm positive and has completed her treatment in Texas. Lady is crate trained, used the dog door in her foster home in Texas and is doing well in Wisconsin on a schedule for potty breaks. She is now going to the door when she needs to go out. She enjoys being outside and laying in the sun. She is doing well with car rides. She does well with other dogs and cats. Lady is a shy girl and would do best in a home with no small children as fast movements can startle her. She loves toys and having another dog around. Like Lady Whistledown, is she also is an observer. She takes note of all the local gossip. She does play with her foster siblings but enjoys the company and snuggles. She is described as a smart, submissive dog who sets the tone for the manners and interactions with other dogs. She would do best in a fenced in yard as she is very weary of strangers and the leash. She is working with her foster mom walking on a leash. She looking for a patient person who will let her warm up and settle in. She will take more time to trust new people. Like with all great things, the longer the wait, the better the reward!

Meet Nadia! Nadia is a 3 year old, 5 pound, chihuahua/terrier mix. Nadia was found in Texas. She is now here in Wisconsin and catching on quick to the inside life. She is doing very well with potty training and having minimal accidents in her foster home. She has lived with dogs of all sizes. She has not lived with smaller children and it is best she does not due to some resource guarding. She does guard people from other dogs attention. Even though she is small this is something that she will need to work on. If not on her person’s lap she has enjoyed the company of her foster dog friends. Nadia is somewhat of an escape artist. She is able to squeeze through a 3 inch opening in a fence. Due to this it would be best she is leashed at all times. She is working on walking on a leash with her foster mom. She is also doing well with crate training. She does whine a little when first in the crate but does settle down quickly after. She is described as being submissive and respectful towards people but more of a leader with other dogs. She will need slow introductions with new people as she learns people can be trusted. She loves being outside, taking car rides and snuggling with her favorite people. She also likes to collect things in her foster home like slippers and socks and place them In her bed. She does not chew on these things just like to rearrange where things are! We do not know her story prior to being rescued but she she hopes her new family is patient and takes the time to help her learn.

Chihuahua lovers beware, little 6 pound, 3 year old Angelina is ready to make her adoption debut! She is such a little doll and has fit like a glove into her foster home. Her foster mom describes her as a “go with the flow” type of gal that is the perfect little house guest and would make any family very lucky to have her.
Angelina has been around dogs of all sizes, cats, kids 5 and up, and has done well in any setting. When meeting young children she was cautious, but the kids were respectful of her space and she sat next to them for more pets! She does well in her crate and keeps it clean, and with a regular and consistent routine, she has been accident free in her foster home! In true Chihuahua fashion, this little girl loves to be held or in a lap, and also loves snuggling under blankets. She will go to anyone for attention and loves people.
Angelina’s favorite activities are sitting on the patio in the back yard, exploring, scanning the yard for imposters, napping, snuggling, and riding in the car. Although she rarely barks, she does like to give an alert bark if she hears a loud noise. But hey, she is just trying to protect her yard!
She deserves a family that will give her all the snuggles she could ever hope for, could it be yours? 🥰

I’m Sanzon! I am estimated to be 11 years old and full grown at 19 pounds. I came from a breeding factory in Mexico and was later discarded at a rural shelter. I am forever grateful for the day someone pulled me from the shelter and got me everything I needed to head to Texas. I spent some time in a foster home there before traveling to Wisconsin where I am currently searching for a forever home to spend my golden years.
I am a laid back guy who enjoys quiet time at home, snuggling in my dog bed or with my favorite humans. I enjoy the company of other dogs, and would love to find a home that has another dog companion for me. I don’t care about cats, and respectful children are also fine by me. I may be an old man, but I still have a lot of spunk left in me! Meal time is my favorite part of the day and I will break out in song and dance. I am on a special dog food for my kidneys that works great for me. I do good in my kennel, but require frequent potty breaks. I love to be outside, soaking in the fresh air. I don’t require a lot of exercise and would make someone who leads a laid back lifestyle very happy. I promise to be your trusty companion! If you are in the market for a distinguished gentlemen, I am just to guy for you! 🥰

Tiny Tim!
Small, but fierce. ❤️
I’m Tiny Tim! I am Texas born now living in Wisconsin searching for a forever home. I am estimated to be around 10 weeks old and weigh a whopping 3 pounds. What I lack in size, I make up for in personality. My presence is always known, and I exude confidence. I like to consider myself the life of the party! I have befriended dogs of all sizes. “Full throttle” is my motto and sometimes I need to be reminded that not all dogs appreciate my puppy antics. Cats really peek my interest, and I’m learning their style of play. I would definitely be fine with a dog-friendly feline in my forever home. I have met a couple children and think they’re great, too. I just ask that they respect my size! Potty training is a work in progress as I am just a puppy. I have a jump start on crate training and will occasionally protest, but I do settle down. I may be small, but I do have quite a bit of energy. If you are looking for a couch potato, I am not the guy for you. I live life to the fullest, and want to enjoy everything Wisconsin has to offer. Active, confident, and social pretty much sums me up! If you think we’d be a good match, get your application in. You know you want to! 😉

Adoption Application: