Hi friends,
It’s me, Juicy, again! I’ve gotten a couple really great applications but I haven’t found the right family just yet. You see, the longer I stay with my foster family, the more they have gotten to know me. Sure, I can be a love bug and really like attention but I also have a bit of an attitude. Since I’m just a little chihuahua who had a ruff start at life, I have to act tough so no one messes with me. My ideal family is someone with chihuahua experience. I’m working with a trainer right now and doing great but I will only stay great if I can find an owner who is willing to continue working with me after adoption. I’ve been with my foster Mom and Dad for 2 months now, they understand me and love me but they can’t keep me if they want to continue saving other dogs! They keep telling me I deserve a happily ever after just like every other dog, and I hope they are right! My trainer would be happy to show you how to make me the best boy. If you think you have the patience to get to know me, I would absolutely love to meet you!
Lots of love, Juicy 🐾


UPDATE ON JUICY! –  8/6/19

Way to go Juicy!! 🎉❤️🎉❤️ Thank you to everyone who donated for his training!!

This little man just completed a three week board and train program over at The Becket School of Canine Training & Rehabilitation, and we couldn’t be more proud of him! He received an outstanding report card, and impressed all of us with his ability and eagerness to learn. Juicy hit the town and remained calm and relaxed when meeting new people and dogs. He struggled the most with patience and follow through, but they were able to work through it and made huge strides together!

Juicy is going to thrive in a home that can offer routine structure and regular stimulus. Since he loves to learn and is a people pleaser, Juicy is going to be ideal for someone who wants to have an obedient and well-trained dog. To keep up his new and improved behavior we would still like to see him go to a home without young children.

Once we find the perfect home for Juicy, Stephanie from the Becket School of Canine Training and Rehabilitation would like to go over all of the training he completed with his new human. This will allow his owner to understand him and offer the structure he needs to remain the amazing dog he is!

Please email misfitmuttsdogrescue@gmail.com for more information on Juicy!




This beautiful little lady was supposed to travel to us in early March this year, but before she could pack her bags we found out that Luna was heartworm positive.

Heartworms are a nasty little parasite that enter a dogs bloodstream through a mosquito bite as a larvae. The worms then travels to the heart, where they mature and multiply in numbers extremely fast. The havoc they reap on the heart, lungs and arteries can be life threatening if they aren’t caught soon enough. Sadly, this is a very common disease in places like Texas where it’s warm enough for mosquitoes to live year round. Lucky for us, our partners at Pet Tribe got Luna the treatment she needed and now she is a healthy two year old mixed breed just looking for a family to call her own!

Like many dogs who came from a sad past, Luna can be a little shy at first. It took her about twenty minutes to warm up to her foster family, but once she did, she was all kisses! She is currently living with other dogs and loves to play! She is potty trained, and does well in a crate. Luna isn’t picky, she just wants a family that will love her forever.

If you’d like more information on Luna, please email misfitmuttsdogrescue@gmail.com!




Everyone please welcome Sam! 💙

This big, handsome boy made a long trip up from Texas and is ready to leave his past behind him. Sam found himself in an over crowded shelter, pretty beat up, and in rough shape. Yet his spirit remained strong! Our friends at Pet Tribe met him, saw his potential to be an amazing companion, and gave him a chance at life!

Now this four year old lab/ridgeback mix is unstoppable, all fixed up, and smarter than ever! Sam is a big boy and has a lot of energy, but he listens to his humans and commands great! He is trained in basic obedience and fully potty trained. He enjoys long walks anywhere, visiting the dog park, and soaking up some sun rays! He’s a very good boy if you’ve got the space for him, and he deserves the perfect companion!

If you like what you’re hearing, Sam would definitely like to meet you! Fill out an adoption application today! Email us at misfitmuttsdogrescue@gmail.com if you have any questions!


Anyone have puppy fever yet? Our next eligible pup is Luke, and Luke is one tough cookie!

Luke is part of a relatively large litter that got split up amongst numerous rescues. The two boys that MMDR received from Tennessee not only came down with the parvo virus, but beat it, and survived it! These are some puppies with a very strong will to live, and we can’t wait to find them a life full of love and joy!

Luke is about five months old and is quickly growing into his own. He is currently about thirty pounds, and being such a mixed breed it is hard to say how big he will get, but we’d expect a medium to large sized dog. He absolutely loves children and other dogs, and is all around a happy-go-lucky dude! For more information about Luke please email misfitmuttsdogrescue@gmail.com!




We are so excited to introduce this next little lady to you… meet Athena! 🐾

She made quite the impression on our whole team at intake! She absolutely loves hugs, and gave everyone she met a few of them. With such an incredible personality like hers, there’s no ignoring her! 🥰

This three year old girl was pulled from an extremely over crowded shelter in the Memphis area. Her shelter was so crowded that dogs were only fed Monday-Friday, once a day. With so many dogs and so few staff and volunteers, Athena only got to see the outdoors when her kennel run was being cleaned. Athena is just so sweet and gentle, her rescuers couldn’t chance her being euthanized. Now, she has the chance to meet the family she has always deserved. Athena is blind in one eye, but she never lets that hold her back. She is great with other dogs and really just needs a family who can shower her with love. 

If you’d like to meet Athena, don’t waste any time! If you’d like more info, please email misfitmuttsdogrescue@gmail.com!