Claire was originally picked up as a stray at 4 months old and found herself in the Conroe Animal Shelter in Texas where she became very overwhelmed, which understandably happens to a lot of dogs. The shelter staff saw how stressed out she was and reached out to one of the volunteers with Lola’s Lucky Day to ask if she could take Claire to her home. She of course said yes! She did wonderfully in her foster home in Texas and blossomed into a wonderful pup 🥰.

Since arriving in Wisconsin Claire has had some unfortunate luck with foster homes and potential adoptive homes. The longer she was in foster care, the less sure of herself she became and a lot of fear and anxiety based behaviors started to show. We decided that her best option would be to spend some time with our friend Stephanie at Becket School of Canine Training & Rehabilitation. Since being with Stephanie, Claire has made amazing progress and has started to become more confident by the day and working through her fears.

Her breed is a best guess, she is now about a year old and roughly 50 pounds. Although Claire enjoys the company of other dogs, it takes a while for her to warm up to them so she may need a couple meets with any new potential doggie siblings. She is hesitant toward some people but warms up quickly to women and once she knows she can trust you, she is as loyal of a dog as can be. She would love an active family and a fenced in yard. We recommend a home with children over the age of 12. She has an amazing zest for life and is always ready and eager to learn new commands and please her people. She is super smart, eager to learn, and very food motivated. This girl will do anything for a treat 🥰

Claire would really thrive in a home that can continue to give her some structure and mental/physical stimulation. We are looking to place Claire on a foster-to-adopt basis and she will go directly from our trainer to an adoptive home to ensure that the training she has received will continue after adoption and throughout her life. It is important to us at MMDR that we set Claire and her adopters up for success.

**Please do not apply if you have young children**





At roughly 8 years old, Disco’s family had to make the very hard decision to rehome her. Her anxiety with the small children of the home wasn’t getting any better and they knew she deserved a better life. Upon joining MMDR Disco instantly began training with Mydeik. She has been using this training to help cope with her anxiety and stress and find better outlets. With the help of her foster parents in completing her designated “homework”, Disco has been able to progress.

With this progress, we are ready to rehome her! She would do best in a home with no children and would prefer to be your only pet. Due to her special circumstances we would like to do a 3 week foster to adopt process. During this foster duration Mydiek would like to continue with Disco’s training and ensure her future family learns her new methods as well. This will give her and the future family enough time to get to know one another and ensure it’s a great fit!

Disco is a sweet squishy faced pup that just got off with a rough start. With the right family being patient and determined to progress with her she would fit right in. Could you be her fur ever home?

**Please note that we adopt all dogs out on a best fit basis and not first come, first serve. There will be no exceptions to Disco’s adoption guidelines. Please do not apply if you have children or other pets in the home*



Cash 💙 This past January we received a plea for help from a family that had fallen on hard times and was now homeless. They were moving into a shelter, but their dog, Cash, could not stay with them. He had been living in the family’s car. They needed help finding temporary placement for Cash for 2 months until they could get back on their feet. With the cold temperatures of a Wisconsin winter we knew we needed to come up with a plan for him.

We made arrangements to get Cash into our care. He stayed at the rescue for a little while until we found a foster home for him. Cash lived with with Laughrin family for three months. We stayed in contact with his owners during his entire stay with us, and offered to find him a forever home if they were not able to take him back. After going back and forth about Cash, his family found a place to live and at the end of March they came back to get him. Fast forward one week when we received a call from Wisconsin Humane Society Green Bay Campus. Luckily, we had Cash microchipped while he was with us. His family had surrendered him to the shelter and when they scanned him for a microchip, our information showed up. We got Cash back into our care that day. Cash was visibly stressed by all this change, but his foster family accepted him back with open arms! ❤️

Cash is now looking for a forever family. He is around a year old and weighs 52 pounds. He currently is being fostered with two older children. He is a big puppy, and is working on his basic obedience and manners. He would do best in a home with no other pets, or small children. He had his first training session last week, and is starting to catch on! Cash is active and would love someone that enjoy outdoor activities. His adopter will be provided with a session from our trainer to ensure they have all the tools for success when bringing Cash home. He is a very sweet boy, who needs someone to show him what life is all about! 🐾



Kodiak! – PENDING!

This is Kodiak. He is about 9 months old, weighs 30 pounds and is listed as a cattle dog/heeler mix. His foster mom says that he loves to play and has a lot of energy at times, but he also knows when it is time to relax on the couch for a bit 😊. Like most heeler mixes, Kodiak is extremely smart and thrives when he is learning new things and benefits greatly from being challenged mentally and physically. He enjoys taking rides in the car, playing tug, and romp around with his doggie foster siblings. Kodiak has mastered all the basic commands but is still working on “stay”. He is mostly potty trained, but in a new environment, he would need some patience in learning the ropes.
He would do best in a home with a nice big yard so he has room to run and play. Kodiak would need to be in a home with no cats and older children that understand how to be respectful of dogs and their space.
Herding breeds are not the best fit for every family and lifestyle, so if you are unfamiliar with the breed, please do your research before applying 🙂.



This handsome fella has the blues. He thought he hit the jackpot as a young pup. Tex was born in rescue, and found a home- and with his sister! Sadly, their family decided not to keep Tex. While he was welcomed back into rescue with open arms, this guy is ready for a home of his own! Doggy siblings would be great, as long as they are fairly close to his 88 pound size. (Applicants with small dogs/cats/other small pets will not be considered). Tex is close to four years old, and very intelligent. A home willing to teach him new commands, and provide puzzle toys is highly desired. He enjoys the outdoors, and wouldn’t mind chillin in a kiddie pool on the hottest of days. Tex makes the best of his time in rescue, and has been super sweet with our volunteers. Looking to adopt an adventure partner for all seasons? Tex is your guy!




Meet your new best friend! He has been the only dog in his Wisconsin foster home, but has made fast friends with the people of the house. With proper, slow introductions Kingsley enjoys the company of other dogs.  While his thoughts on small children is unknown, he is sure to offer snuggles to his humans.  He was not treated all too kindly by his previous home, but his sweet demeanor has prevailed. Kingsley loves to sit on your lap, and would love to be your passenger if taking a ride. He’ll play tug of war with you if you grab a toy, but will respect what’s yours. This house and crate trained, 3 year old enjoys wildin’ out with his toys, but is just as content to catch Seinfeld reruns on the couch. Kingsley is only 30 pounds, so there will be plenty of room! He walks great on a leash and a home with persons who will take him on walks and/or runs would really float his boat. He can be a bit of a Houdini, so leashing outdoors is a must! When Kingsley isn’t exploring the outdoors with you, don’t be surprised if you find him resting those soulful eyes in his dog bed. He is 100% good boy, and the perfect mix of action and chill!



Jenny! – PENDING!

Meet Jenny! This sweet girl came to us from Texas. Jenny is around 18 weeks old and believed to grow to be a medium-large in size. Her breed is a best guess, but she has the best ears and the cutest brown speckles. Jenny can come off a little shy, but she warms up quickly and loves everyone she meets. She enjoys the company of other dogs, and is very respectful while playing. She would do great in a house with another dog friend, or by herself. She hasn’t had any exposure to cats, but with a little guidance and training we are confident she could happily coexist with a cat. She absolutely loves the water and can’t get enough of her pool. Jenny does great in the car, enjoys walks, fetch, and playing tug-of-war with her foster brother. She is still a pup, and is mostly potty trained! She catches on to commands quickly, and has already mastered “sit”. Could Jenny be the perfect gal for you?!


Maverick! – PENDING!

If you’re in the market for a new best friend, Maverick is just the guy for you! This fun, loving pooch is currently searching for a forever home. At a year old Maverick is crate and potty trained. He enjoys the company of other dogs, and has never met a stranger. He is the perfect size at 50 pounds, loves to go for walks, does great in the car, and is the right amount of playful and calm. He would love a family that is up for adventure and a good time! His beautiful smile is sure to brighten your day 🥰



Monty! – PENDING!

Hey guys! My name is Monty and I’m 17 pounds of love! Some of my favorite things to do are long walks, playing with other dogs, and cuddling on the couch with you! While I am ok sleeping in my kennel, I would much rather sleep under the covers. And don’t worry, I will alarm you with any strange noises or new people. But if you tell me everything’s okay, I’ll stop alerting. My mom says I sometimes get a bit jealous of other dogs when they try playing with my toys, but as long as you gently remind me to share, I will be fine. I would love to have a dog brother or sister to play with, but a cat sibling is okay as well (bonus if they would play with me!) I am told I am a chihuahua mix and that I am about a year old! If you think I would be a good addition to your family, then start the process by submitting a Misfit Mutts application and let’s get started!


Meet Ben! Ben came to us from our friends at This Is Houston. He is estimated to be around 6 years old, and weighs about 50 pounds. Ben is very unique as he only has three legs. This doesn’t slow him down one bit! In fact, Ben is full of spunk and has a real zest for life. You won’t meet a happier dog. Ben is real people pleaser and greets everyone his “happy dance”. He loves playing with other dogs and is known for running circles around his foster siblings. Ben comes crate and potty trained. He may be a little big for your lap, but that’s okay, he’ll take all the cuddles he can get from you! If you are in the market for a super sweet and fun tri-pod, Ben is just the guy for you! 💙




Chelsea! – PENDING!

This lovely gal is big love in a small package! Weighing in at 20 pounds, she makes a perfect lap dog. She keeps her girlish figure with lots of butt wiggles, and playing with doggy friends. She loves the outdoors, but is happy to just hang. Chelsea hasn’t met any kitties, but does great with other canines of all sizes and children. She is estimated to be a year and a half old, and has excellent manners. She is crate and doggy door trained. No doggy door? No problem! She’ll sit at your main exit, and wait for you to let her out. Her curiosity may have her doing a lap in the yard, or enjoying a roll in the grass on a nice day. While she isn’t big on talking, meeting new friends is a joy. Bonus points if those friends can spare some belly rubs! If you are looking to grow your family by one adorable best friend, apply now!




Miss Freya is here to let y’all know she is ready for her adoption debut! 🙌🏼🐾
From the first time we met this sweet pup in Texas through our friends at Corridor Rescue Inc., we all knew she was extra special and instantly melted our hearts. Not only has she survived being hit by a car, but she continues to thrive despite limited mobility in her back legs, and does it with a big smile on her face. Her pure joy for life and her determination to keep on moving even after what has happened to her in the past is so inspiring. We are so grateful that the amazing people with Corridor knew she was destined for great things here in Wisconsin!
She has been visiting Emily at Peak PEMF Performance and has been responding well to chiropractic care and water therapy. It will be important for her adoptive home to keep bringing her to therapy to help her strengthen her back legs and continue to keep her at her best! We are so lucky to have people like Emily in our area to use as resources for our extra special pups in need.
Freya is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has not met anyone she doesn’t love, and she sure makes it difficult not to love her back 🥰. She is a bit wobbly when walking, but once she starts to run around, she is off to the races!! Falling down is part of her routine, but with her amazing resilience, she gets right back up to try again. Nothing can keep this girl down! Freya does need some assistance expressing her bladder and is still working on alerting for when she needs to go to the bathroom. She is making improvements every day! This girl is a big fan of playing with her doggie foster siblings and would love to go to a home with another dog.
Freya is approximately 3 years old and just under 60 pounds. As most rescue dogs, her breed is a best guess and she is listed as a mix. Her ideal home will be prepared to give her the extra special care that she needs to live the best, most comfortable life possible. She needs assistance getting into a vehicle as well so a family that can handle lifting her in certain situations would be needed.
If you think Freya could be the dog for you, head over to our website and submit an application for adoption! If you are pre-approved or would like some more information about Freya, please e-mail us at
**Please note that we adopt all of our dogs out on a best fit basis and not first come, first served.**



Ginny was originally spotted right before the big TX freeze. Her TX foster mom, Kristyna, saw her and knew she wanted to save her. She set a trap and Ginny went in. Unfortunately, the door didn’t latch all the way and Ginny snuck out and was free once again. This broke Kristyna’s heart. She kept replaying the incident in her head. The following day, in an exciting turn of events, Kristyna found out that Ginny had been secured in a neighbor’s backyard! She was SAFE! Over the next few weeks Kristyna worked hard to gain Ginny’s trust. She was eventually able to take her for walks, pet her and watch her become more comfortable. Ginny was heartworm positive so she went through treatment. When Ginny was done with treatment, she traveled to WI.

Ginny has been in her WI foster home for about 6 weeks and has been a great house guest. She LOVES her kennel; it is 100% her safe space. She is potty trained. Ginny loves the doggies in her foster home and loves to play in the backyard! Ginny is also cat friendly. Ginny is a quirky girl and you can tell she really wants to be a brave, confident girl and will just need some time, love and patience to get there. Ginny will need a patient adopter who will give her the space and time to settle in. She also needs a home with a very secure fenced yard.

Her ideal home would have a confident doggy friend for her to play with and continue to learn how to be a brave girl. She will hasn’t been around children but would probably do best with older children because fast movements can scare her. Ginny will be adopted on a 3 week trial basis to allow her time to settle in.

Ginny weighs about 38lbs, is estimated to be 2 years old and is a mixed breed doggo.

*Please don’t apply if you don’t have a secure fenced yard*




Allie! – PENDING!

“Love is patient, love is kind. “ Love, patience, and kindness are the key to winning Allie’s heart. This tiny girl was surrendered to a shelter in Texas, so when it comes to her past- your guess is as good as ours. New situations can be a little scary for her, so a home that shows understanding is a must. Once Allie is comfortable with you, its all snuggles and tail wags. She dances on her hind legs when she is excited, or even just offered a treat. Her foster family has never heard her bark, and she is kennel trained. (Though she would absolutely prefer to be on the couch, or with you in bed). Allie is mostly housetrained, but may have an accident or two in a new place. She loves being outdoors, and enjoys the company of other dogs. Slow intros are key, as she is not a fan of other pooches getting too close too fast. Once the formalities are out of the way, she can befriend any canine! A home on the quieter side is Allie’s forte, so we ask that no one with young children apply. She is a wee girl at just 6 pounds, so persons in her home must be extremely gentle. She is not a fan of being picked up until a bond is in place, then loves to be carried. Allie is somewhere between 5 and 7 years old by her current vet’s calculations. Maturity rules- as you won’t find her snacking on your shoes! She knows her name, and will come running happily when you call. Allie will bring a great start to every day!



Meet Chevelle! Chevelle and her litter mates were born on the streets of Houston. Luckily, a Good Samaritan came to their rescue and got them to safety. Once they were old enough to travel, our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day sent them north to find their forever homes. Chevelle is around 10 weeks old and we believe she will grow to be medium in size. She currently weighs 11 pounds. We have loved watching Chevelle come out of her shell. She is as sweet as they come and warms up to new people quickly. She is still a puppy, so working hard on potty training. She sleeps through the night in her crate, loves the company of other dogs, does well with cats, and loves to play. Chevelle is a total lap lover and will curl up there for as long as you’ll let her. She enjoys romping around the yard, and basking in the sun. She is extremely food motivated which will make training her a blast. Chevelle is an all around good girl, and ready to be a beloved member of someone’s family.

Cruiser! – PENDING!
Meet Cruiser! Cruiser traveled to us from our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day. He is around 10 weeks old and estimated to grow to be medium in size. Cruiser is quite mellow for a puppy. He loves to lay outside and take in all the sights and sounds. He does great with dogs of all sizes and is also good with children. Cruiser has picked up on potty training like a pro and has even started going to the door to let his foster mom know he has to go out. He is also good in his crate. He can be a little shy meeting new people, but will come around with a little patience. He enjoys car rides, tug-o-war, fetch, and playing with the other dogs in his home. Cruiser is such a smart cookie and has already mastered “sit” and working on “shake”. He is working on his confidence and we have loved watching him open up. He would make a great addition to just about any household. ❤️





Sassy! – PENDING!

This little cutie is Sassy. She is a senior lady at about 12 years old and is a 14 pound terrier mix. Despite her name, she is a mellow little lap lover that likes to go on walks and play with soft toys. She also enjoys playing with dogs her size, is potty trained, and enjoys the company of both men and women! Sassy had a rough start in life and was found roaming around an apartment complex in Texas. Her hair was matted and itchy, she had infected and dirty ears, and her nails were growing into the pads of her feet 😔. It was thought that she was a stray but it turned out she actually had an owner who agreed to surrender her to rescue after concerned citizens approached them. Once she got a nice groom and was cleaned up, her sweet personality began to blossom 🥰. It is incredible how happy this little girl is after being neglected, but that is a reflection of just how resilient dogs can be! Sassy is said to greet people returning from home with enthusiasm and excitement while running around and jumping for joy. She has yet to meet a person she doesn’t like.




Cora! – PENDING!

This cute little gal and her siblings just arrived here from Texas last week and we can’t get over how adorable they are 😍! Cora is about 9 weeks old, 12 pounds, and listed as a Beagle mix (although her breed is a best guess). At first, she is quite shy and will need a little time to warm up to new human acquaintances and larger dogs. She is a fan of playing fetch and playing with other dogs, but loud noises be crowds can be scary to her. Cora would love a home with another confident dog to help her come out of her shell. Her foster said she is almost potty trained but will have an accident if not let out enough and is excellent in her crate! She is very smart and food motivated, so she will be a quick and eager student to learn the rules of a new house.


Cash! – PENDING!

Cash has been here in Wisconsin for about a week and is ready to find his new permanent residence! Him and his siblings are thought to be Beagle mix pups. This little fella is about 9 weeks old and weighs approximately 12 pounds. His foster says he is a very smart little man and already knows “sit” and is working on “shake”! Cash even scratches at the door to go outside and go potty! Some of his favorite activities are playing tug-o-war, playing with other dogs, digging, car rides, and playing fetch. Although he can be shy at first when meeting new people, he quickly warms up and loves everyone! He sometimes barks in his crate during the day, but will sleep through the night if he can see his humans. His foster mom says Cash is a laid back puppy and is a good listener that would do anything for a good belly rub ❤️.




This doll wants nothing more than to be loved. She is just under 24 pounds, and has coexisted with other small doggos, energy levels on the higher side are not her forte. Bea also wishes to be the reigning queen of canines in the home, so please do not apply if you have other female dogs. She has done just fine with males, but would also thrive as your one and only. Since joining us in Wisconsin, she has enjoyed the company of women and older children. The littles do tend to make her nervous, so please- no youngsters. She has done her business outdoors, and not in her foster home. Her foster mom shares she does have her on a bit of a schedule, as she doesn’t alert her to be let out. She is crate trained, though she may let out a few cries in protest upon first entering. Minus the whimpers when its kennel time, Bea isn’t much of a talker. You will rarely catch a bark. She is very mellow, and would love to take up residence on your lap. While she has nailed the home body life, she is a Sunday drive passenger extraordinaire! Bea may also be up for a game of fetch now and then, and is sure to charm you with her hops. At 2 years old, she is a wonderful mix of play and rest. Bonus points if she gets to rest in your bed! If kisses and quiet companionship are on your list when it comes to adopting, Bea just may be the gal for you!







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