Deuce was found injured on the side of the road in Texas. People had driven by him for hours and no one stopped to help him until a local rescuer came to save his life ❤️. With such a rough start, Deuce is looking for his second chance at the life he deserves. We can never know for sure what he endured before he was saved, but we know he sure is grateful!

Handsome Deuce is a 50 pound Pitbull/American Bulldog mix and is about 2.5 years old. He really loves his people and is a very loyal companion. Deuce has been working on his house manners and has made great strides in his foster home and is said to be an amazing house guest. He has a good amount of energy and enjoys exploring the outdoors so would love a home that could keep him active. A good game of fetch is his jam! His ideal home is going to be with someone who can give him consistent training and structure; experience with his breeds would be ideal. He has been working very hard on his reaction towards feline and canine friends, but with slow introductions, a calm atmosphere, and some training, he could coexist with them. Deuce would also be best in a home with children over 10 years of age, and used to being around dogs, since he is a strong boy and strong willed.

**Please do not apply for Deuce if you have young children, your application will not be processed**



This special lady is Star. She arrived in Wisconsin last week after a long trip from our friends at Pet Tribe in Texas. She is 7 years old, 63 pounds and her breed is a best guess. This poor girl was chained up in a back yard with the chain also wrapped around her paw. She started chewing her paw to get loose and a concerned neighbor convinced the owner to surrender her to a rescue.

Although she had a rough start, Star is still a loving dog and will make a great companion. She is said to love every human she meets! Star is super playful, loyal, smart, a good listener, and enjoys a good snuggle session. She is selective about dogs so may require multiple meets with a dog companion and would need to be closely monitored in the home. Star is a happy-go-lucky gal with lots of great personality quirks and is very playful but can get possessive over special treats/toys and has some food aggression issues so would need to be fed separately. Because of this we would recommend her go to a home with older children that would be able to understand those boundaries. She does not like her crate but has been doing well in the tall kennel run at her foster home.

It is not hard to fall in love with Star once you meet her, so we hope her perfect family is out there to give her the second chance at a home that she deserves.


Chase! – PENDING

Chase is a 1 year old, 30 pound heeler who was adopted last year and recently returned to rescue due to not being compatible with the children in the home. He was abandoned in Tennessee with his siblings and was found wandering in the streets. Luckily a Good Samaritan was able to get them the help they need.

He is such a sweet boy, although he can be timid at first he loves to be around his doggie friends, it is unknown how he is with cats, sleeps through the night in his crate, and is potty trained! He walks amazing on his leash and is eager to learn commands and please his people. Chase knows sit, shake, down, off, and go to bed.

This sweet and timid boy is looking for his second chance at a forever home and needs a patient family who understands his breed and the needs that come with adopting a heeler. We ask that any family considering adopting Chase to be sure to do research on his breed.

**Please do not apply for Chase if you have young children, your application will not be processed**


Mackenzie! – PENDING!

Look how sweet Miss Mackenzie is! 😍

Mackenzie was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Texas and then traveled to Wisconsin in hopes of making a new life for herself. She is a 4 month old terrier mix who weighs 35 pounds. Mackenzie loves everyone including children, other dogs of all sizes, and even cats! She does great in her kennel and is working hard on potty training and learning some other basic obedience. Could you be the family Mackenzie has been searching for?



Kira! – PENDING!

Meet Kira! Kira is a beautiful Bull Terrier. She is just under 2 years old, and is full grown at 39 pounds. Unfortunately, Kira was not compatible with the Great Dane in her home. It was a very difficult decision, but her family thought it was best for everyone if Kira found a new home. Kira has gone through so much change this year, and is looking for a place to grow some roots.

Kira would prefer to be the only pet in her new home (There will be no exceptions to this). She is extremely smart, and would benefit from an experienced dog owner. She is crate trained, has great recall, knows heel, sit, down, stay, and place. Despite being a Bull Terrier, she is actually very laid back. She is not a dog that would be a good candidate for the dog park, or doggy day care. But, she is perfectly content going for walks, laying in the sun, swimming, and being with her people. Her previous home had a little girl who she loved very much.

Kira will be adopted out on a foster-to-adopt basis. Her adopters will be required to have a session with a trainer we provide to give you the tools for success! This is a wonderful opportunity to work with a great trainer. Kira is a great girl and has so much to give. She is so deserving of a forever family!



Claire would like to interrupt your Wednesday evening with a picture of her adorable face. This sweet girl is around 5 months old and about 30 pounds and her breed is a best guess 🤷🏼‍♀️. She was picked up as a stray and found herself in the Conroe Animal Shelter in Texas where she became very overwhelmed. The shelter staff saw how stressed out she was and reached out to one of the volunteers with Lola’s Lucky Day to ask if she could take Claire to her home. She of course said yes! Once she was in a foster home, her personality blossomed!

Claire loves other dogs and has been going to doggy day care in her current foster home and enjoys visits to the dog park. She would love an active family and a fenced in yard, although this is not a requirement. Claire has a goofy personality, is very intelligent, loves to please, is HIGHLY food motivated and enjoys eating (who doesn’t?!). She has been working on her leash training, but she could use a little fine tuning of her leash manners. Claire is crate trained and almost potty trained but can sometimes get an anxious piddle if startled. If you think Claire could be the girl for you, let us know!



Caleb is a very good little boy that is listed as a 7 year old dachshund and is under 20 pounds. He gets along with dogs of all sizes and he is good with all people.  He has a very “chill” personality.  He loves attention, being pet and scratched.  He comes when you call him.  He is crate trained but needs a little encouragement to go in (treats).  He is very food motivated and eats twice a day and gobbles his food.  Caleb has a few missing teeth (which is why his cute tongue sticks out) and has no trouble eating but drinking tends to be a little sloppy 🤪.  He loves to play with squeeky toys.  More often than not, you can find him sleeping on the dog bed his foster had for him in their living room.  He will not attempt stairs but possibly with a little encouragement, he could be persuaded. He does not up jump on the couch but does jump up on the living room chair which is a little lower.  Caleb hates going to the vet and puts up quite a fuss. He is really an awesome boy and his current foster loves having him around ❤️.




Introducing Sherman!

Sherman is a 10 year old beagle mix who weighs about 27 lbs. He was found as a stray in Texas and taken to the local shelter. The shelter reached out to our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day to see if they would be willing to take him in and they did! Sherman proved himself to be a dream dog and they were so sure his owners would come looking for him but unfortunately nobody came. He loves lounging on the couch, going for car rides, and relaxing outside. He gets along with dogs of all sizes but has not been around cats. Sherman is 100% potty trained. He does have some separation anxiety and prefers to stay close to his people. His ideal home would be on the quieter side, allow him plenty of comfy spots to lounge, and all of the love and attention he deserves!


Hulk! – PENDING!

Hulk is a special little guy with some crazy cute ears! He is about 10 weeks old, 12 pounds, and still working very hard on his potty training. He sleeps through the night at his foster home but doesn’t especially love his kennel quite yet, they are working on that too 😊. He knows “sit” and “come” and has been practicing his leash skills. Hulk is a very sweet boy and loves to give kisses, snuggle, and is the most gentle little guy. At first he can be a bit shy when meeting people, but he comes out of his shell quickly.


Lulu! – PENDING!

This little cutie is Lulu. She is listed as a chihuahua mix, is 22 pounds, and is 12 years old. She came from a sad situation in Texas where her owner passed away and she found herself needing a new place to live.

Although she is an older gal, she would love a home that she could get to go on walks. Lulu has been around older children and does well, although she can be a bit timid and shy at first especially around men. She is potty trained and enjoys being in the crate and sleeping on the couch. Lulu is currently being fostered with cats and she just ignores them. She very rarely barks and much prefers soft food over that hard kibble stuff 😄.Her foster mom says she has been such a joy in their house and one of the easiest fosters she has had!



This good looking boy is a little over a year old, 45 pounds, and his breed is a best guess! What do you think he could be?!
Skeeter was found with a bad hip injury and was heartworm positive 😢. He spent a lot of time in his foster home in Texas getting some extra TLC after his FOH surgery and heartworm treatment. Once he was all healed up, he was ready to travel up to Wisconsin to search for his new family ❤️

He is great with other dogs, has not been around cats or kids but his Texas foster said he is a very loving boy and is gentle. He is crate and potty trained, loves to snuggle and play with the other dogs in his foster home. Skeeter is a happy-go-lucky boy and enjoys everyone he meets. He loves to chew and his favorite chew toys are antlers, bones, or Kong’s. He is very good motivated and would do anything for a treat 🤪.


Jethro! – PENDING!

We need to introduce you to this hunk of love!

Jethro is a mix breed boy, listed as a Great Dane mix but that’s a best guess. He weighs in at 84lbs and is a jumbo baby. He is shy at first but once he’s comfortable, he is a class clown. Jethro loves other dogs and is great with kitties and calm, respectful kiddos too. He was found as a stray with another MMDR alumni, Caroline. Now, it’s his turn to find his forever family. He isn’t too food motivated and seems leery about taking treats from new people or in new situations. With him coming from the streets, he’s adapted and became very smart to survive. Taking treats from a stranger might have meant something bad was going to happen. When Jethro is happy, he loves to curl his lips and smile! This may look scary at first but he’s just being goofy.

Jethro’s ideal home would include loving, patient humans, maybe a doggy sibling and lots of love. He will need a leader who will help him feel comfortable. When he’s unsure, he can be a bit jumpy and flighty. He has been on outings with his foster family and done very well. He would make a good beer garden partner, as he just likes to lay down and take everything in.




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