Meet Star
The Northern Star shines brightly. The star topper on a Christmas tree does, too. But the brightest star at Misfit Mutts is Star, a 7-year-old snugglebug who’s looking for her forever home.
Star defies her age; she’s a playful, smart and loyal girl who loves adventures. She’s the first to cozy up for a hug and look at you with those soulful eyes and sweet face. She also has such a fun and goofy personality that you can’t help but fall in love with her once you’re in her presence!
It’s no small feat that Star is so warm and playful, having been left outside, chained up and ignored earlier in her life. But she has persevered and now seeks a forever home with a fenced-in yard (her leash manners are a work in progress). Star would do well as an only pet or as an addition to a growing family of pets with proper introductions.
If you’re interested in fostering-to-adopt Star, please fill out an application.



Claire was originally picked up as a stray at 4 months old and found herself in the Conroe Animal Shelter in Texas where she became very overwhelmed, which understandably happens to a lot of dogs. The shelter staff saw how stressed out she was and reached out to one of the volunteers with Lola’s Lucky Day to ask if she could take Claire to her home. She of course said yes! She did wonderfully in her foster home in Texas and blossomed into a wonderful pup 🥰.

Since arriving in Wisconsin Claire has had some unfortunate luck with foster homes and potential adoptive homes. The longer she was in foster care, the less sure of herself she became and a lot of fear and anxiety based behaviors started to show. We decided that her best option would be to spend some time with our friend Stephanie at Becket School of Canine Training & Rehabilitation. Since being with Stephanie for almost two weeks now, Claire has made amazing progress and has started to become more confident by the day and working through her fears.

Her breed is a best guess, she is now about a year old and roughly 50 pounds. Although Claire enjoys the company of other dogs, it takes a while for her to warm up to them so she may need a couple meets with any new potential doggie siblings. She is hesitant toward some people but warms up quickly to women and once she knows she can trust you, she is as loyal of a dog as can be. She would love an active family and a fenced in yard. She does not get along with kitty friends so she would need a home without cats, and we recommend a home with children over the age of 12. She has an amazing zest for life and is always ready and eager to learn new commands and please her people. She is super smart, eager to learn, and very food motivated. This girl will do anything for a treat 🥰

Claire would really thrive in a home that can continue to give her some structure and mental/physical stimulation. We are looking to place Claire on a foster-to-adopt basis and she will go directly from our trainer to an adoptive home to ensure that the training she has received will continue after adoption and throughout her life. It is important to us at MMDR that we set Claire and her adopters up for success.

**Please do not apply if you have cats or young children**



Are you in the market for a fun-loving 65 pound puppy?! At about a year old Oso is crate and potty trained, but still has all the fun characteristics of a puppy. What more could you ask for? He may not fit in your lap anymore, but don’t tell him that. This big guy is always on the go. He never has a bad day and is always happy. He loves to play fetch and frolic around the yard with his foster sibling. He is working on his manners when walking on leash, but he has already proven to have so much potential! He can be an escape artist so a secure fence and supervision outside is key.

Oso traveled to us from Texas where he was found as a stray. This is no life for any dog, so he made the big trip to Wisconsin where he is now looking for his forever home. Oso would benefit from an active household and someone who is a strong handler. He does great with other dogs, and loves everyone he meets, but he would do best in a home with older children who can respect and understand a dogs boundaries. We will be sending him home on a trial period and will have a session with our trainer on take home day to help give him and his adopters the best tools for success!





At roughly 8 years old, Disco’s family had to make the very hard decision to rehome her. Her anxiety with the small children of the home wasn’t getting any better and they knew she deserved a better life. Upon joining MMDR Disco instantly began training with Mydeik. She has been using this training to help cope with her anxiety and stress and find better outlets. With the help of her foster parents in completing her designated “homework”, Disco has been able to progress.

With this progress, we are ready to rehome her! She would do best in a home with no children and would prefer to be your only pet. Due to her special circumstances we would like to do a 3 week foster to adopt process. During this foster duration Mydiek would like to continue with Disco’s training and ensure her future family learns her new methods as well. This will give her and the future family enough time to get to know one another and ensure it’s a great fit!

Disco is a sweet squishy faced pup that just got off with a rough start. With the right family being patient and determined to progress with her she would fit right in. Could you be her fur ever home?

**Please note that we adopt all dogs out on a best fit basis and not first come, first serve. There will be no exceptions to Disco’s adoption guidelines. Please do not apply if you have children or other pets in the home**



Chico and Rico!


This adorable duo is officially in search of their forever home. Chico and Rico are a pair of bonded chihuahuas and looking for a home together. While we don’t know their entire background, we do know that they were found wandering the streets of Texas together. Both boys were rescued and found to be heartworm positive. After undergoing treatment, they made the long trek north in search of a loving home.

Rico is 2 years old and weighs 10lbs. He is very outgoing and friendly. He enjoys playing, snuggling and giving lots of kisses. He loves his crate and is almost completely potty trained to go outside, although he is still working on it and has the occasional accident indoors.

Chico is 2 years old and weighs 5lbs. He is a little more timid, but once he warms up he loves a good snuggle session and giving lots of kisses. He likes his kennel and is trained to use potty pads indoors. He will go outside to go potty as well, but has not yet adjusted to the cold Wisconsin winter. Chico tends to be more nervous and prefers a calm and quiet atmosphere so a home with no small children would be best.

Chico and Rico are adjusting well to living indoors but will need patience while they continue to adjust to the chilly weather in Wisconsin. If you are looking for someone to keep you warm on those long, cold winter nights, then these little lap warmers just might be the perfect match for you!



Beesly was originally spotted as a stray in 2019. Her rescuer, Kristin, was told that she was dumped and the kids on the street were being mean, throwing things at her. Kristin made all sorts of attempts to capture her but was unsuccessful. Beesly went in the trap once but the door was too slow to close and she bolted out the closing door. That was it, Kristin knew she needed to back off for a bit. She was a regular stray around this nice family’s house and Kristin told them to stay in contact and let her know if she ever became urgent like injured or pregnant. Beesly disappeared and resurfaced in April, 2020. This time she had puppies. Kristin attempted to capture her again but she is too dang smart. They finally placed her pups in a kennel and placed that behind the trap. Beesly went in the trap for some food and the promise of her pups. She was finally safe!

Beesly was in her TX foster home for nearly 8 months. She weaned her puppies and went through treatment for heartworm. She slowly gained confidence while in her TX foster too.

Beesly is good with all dogs and cats. She is VERY shy to warm up and VERY slow to trust. She is not comfortable walking on a leash and will need plenty of time to settle into her adoptive home. Beesly is what we would consider a “flight-risk” meaning she may take any chance to slip out a door or make a quick move and bolt to freedom. She is kennel trained and potty trained.

What Beesly will need for a successful transition:

  • Another dog in the home who likes to play
  • Securely fenced yard
  • A home without young children as they may add to her fear
  • Time
  • Patience

If you think Beesly sounds like she may be a good fit for your home and she will have the ability to blossom into the dog we know is in there, submit an application today. Her foster families (TX and WI) can confirm that she is 100% worth the time and energy. ❤️

Beesly will be placed on a 3-week foster-to-adopt to ensure that it is a good fit for everyone.




Meet Peanut!

Peanut is around 10 years old and weighs 7 pounds. He was a local owner surrender after not being compatible with the children in his home. He can be a little pushy with other dogs, but listens to corrections well. His ideal home would include smaller dogs, or no dogs at all. The cats in his foster home are very dog friendly and do well with him. Peanut can be a bit of a pest when it comes to the cats, but can happily co-exist with them. He takes a little while to warm up to new people, but is quickly won over with treats. He is more fearful of men, but does eventually comes around with slow introductions. He does great in his crate, goes potty outside, loves to cuddle, and has the cutest little prance. He does need to be in a home with children 10 years of age or older. He does not do well with fast movements and loud noises of small children.

If you meet Peanuts adoption requirements and are interested in meeting this little guy, please click the link below to submit an adoption application. If you are already approved to adopt with us you can e-mail our team at


Oscar! – PENDING!

Poor boy Oscar was found in the middle of the road, in the pouring rain, skinny and starving. Although he is rather shy, when the rescuers opened their car door he hopped right in knowing he was ready for the next chapter in his life! He was brought to Wisconsin for the dream to find his forever home.

Oscar gets along with dogs of all sizes. He is a bit shy and dislikes loud noises and quick movements near his face. Therefore, a no children/older children home would be ideal for Oscar. He is pretty close to being fully potty trained, however he struggles with a few dribbles when there are loud noises that startle him. Oscar is about 2 years old and weighs in around 75lbs!

At a medium energy level, he loves playing outside, with other dogs or with any toys he can get his paws on. He does well on a leash and even knows stay. Oscar, the very handsome German Shepard mix, is ready for his next chapter in life, could it be you?



Cooper! – PENDING!

Cooper is a mid-sized pooch looking for a low-key home of his own. He does great in a kennel and sometimes even wanders in it on his own to hang out. He’s a pretty even-keeled dog, he doesn’t even go for toys, but bones are a favorite!

Cooper is potty trained, sitting by the door when he’s ready to go out. He is on medication for osteoarthritis and is perfectly content to chill at home most of the time. Cooper is about 3 years old and weighs just shy of 40lbs! This boy is going to make a perfect companion for a lucky family!




Chippy! – PENDING!

Meet Chippy!
Chippy was found as a stray in Houston. He is 46 pounds of pure puppy love. At a year old he loves nothing more than being with his people. While he is known for having short spurts of energy, he is pretty mellow. He enjoys lots of cuddles, playing with other dogs, and especially loves quiet time in his crate. Chippy is house trained, crate trained, and does great with children and other dogs. He is working on his leash manners, but with a little practice he’ll have that mastered in no time!


Liza! – PENDING!
Meet Liza!
Liza was abandoned in Texas. Luckily, a Good Samaritan took her in and got her the care she needed. At 13 weeks old Liza sleeps through the night in her crate, is a pro at potty training, and her foster family describes her as the sweetest pup. She loves playing with the other dogs in her home, but can also easily entertain herself. Liza’s breed is a best guess, but we anticipate her to grow to be a medium sized dog. This cutie pie would make a great addition to just about any household!


This happy, hunky boy is Brian! He had a rough start in life but is very ready to have a family of his own. Brian was found as a stray. Like so many street dogs, he had numerous health issues that needed to be resolved. He underwent heartworm treatment prior to transport and has had a dental and fixed his entropion (his lower eyelid rolled inward) repaired!
Brian is estimated to be around 2 years old. He is kennel trained and potty trained. Brian has loved every dog he’s met and has done pretty well with the kitties in his foster home. Brian can be a little shy at first and will need a little time to settle into his forever home. He needs some patience and guidance to help him become comfortable. Once given that time, he is the goofiest, most loving boy! His foster mom says he is the bestest boy!
Brian will go home on a 2 week trial to ensure the adoption is a good fit for everyone. Proper decompression will be essential. He really enjoyed his kennel and quiet time the first few days after arriving in WI.


Charlize! – PENDING!

Do you need a little spice in your life? Look no further, because Miss Charlize is ready to find her forever home!

This little 10 pound, 3 year old, firecracker is sure to bring all the entertainment you want from a pet, plus some! From her show dog prance to her love for hoarding toys, to her silly howl when she is feeling neglected, Charlize has a larger than life personality.

Charlize’s requirements for her forever home: smaller dogs only (maybe a very low energy big dog), a comfy perch on the back of the couch to be in the middle of all the action, a patient family who can help perfect her potty training, a basket full of toys to keep her busy, and most importantly all the snuggles. A fenced in backyard would also be ideal for this curious little girl.





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