Claire was originally picked up as a stray at 4 months old and found herself in the Conroe Animal Shelter in Texas where she became very overwhelmed, which understandably happens to a lot of dogs. The shelter staff saw how stressed out she was and reached out to one of the volunteers with Lola’s Lucky Day to ask if she could take Claire to her home. She of course said yes! She did wonderfully in her foster home in Texas and blossomed into a wonderful pup 🥰.

Since arriving in Wisconsin Claire has had some unfortunate luck with foster homes and potential adoptive homes. The longer she was in foster care, the less sure of herself she became and a lot of fear and anxiety based behaviors started to show. We decided that her best option would be to spend some time with our friend Stephanie at Becket School of Canine Training & Rehabilitation. Since being with Stephanie, Claire has made amazing progress and has started to become more confident by the day and working through her fears.

Her breed is a best guess, she is now about a year old and roughly 50 pounds. Although Claire enjoys the company of other dogs, it takes a while for her to warm up to them so she may need a couple meets with any new potential doggie siblings. She is hesitant toward some people but warms up quickly to women and once she knows she can trust you, she is as loyal of a dog as can be. She would love an active family and a fenced in yard. We are looking for an adult only home. She has an amazing zest for life and is always ready and eager to learn new commands and please her people. She is super smart, eager to learn, and very food motivated. This girl will do anything for a treat 🥰

Claire would really thrive in a home that can continue to give her some structure and mental/physical stimulation. We are looking to place Claire on a foster-to-adopt basis and she will go directly from our trainer to an adoptive home to ensure that the training she has received will continue after adoption and throughout her life. It is important to us at MMDR that we set Claire and her adopters up for success.

**Please do not apply if you have children**




Ben’s journey has been a rough one…
Ben went from having a family, to living on the mean streets of Houston. It’s hard to imagine moving and not taking your beloved pet with you, but unfortunately, it’s a story we hear far too often. Thankfully, the kind humans at This Is Houston came to Ben’s rescue. Poor Ben was a mess. His back leg was mangled and very badly infected. He underwent surgery to have his leg amputated, and after lots of TLC from his foster family, Ben seemed to be on the mend.
His recovery was tough, but he was eventually healthy enough to make the big trip to Wisconsin where he continues to search for his forever family. Despite Ben’s past he is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet. He greets everyone with a wagging tail, and will loving present you with one of his favorite toys. He is happiest with his people whether that be hanging out in the backyard, going for a walk, or enjoying some down time on the couch. Ben is estimated to be around 6 years old and is full grown at 50 pounds. He is potty trained, great in his crate, and adores children. He would do best as an only pet. Despite only having three legs, Ben is quite the speed demon, and gets around just fine!
Ben’s physical scars are a reminder of a life he once lived, yet he holds no grudges. He has so much to offer. Give this guy a chance and he is sure to win you over with his infectious smile, happy wiggles, and soulful eyes. Ben deserves nothing but the best, and we are determined to make that happen for him. ❤️




Miss Freya is here to let y’all know she is ready for her adoption debut! 🙌🏼🐾
From the first time we met this sweet pup in Texas through our friends at Corridor Rescue Inc., we all knew she was extra special and instantly melted our hearts. Not only has she survived being hit by a car, but she continues to thrive despite limited mobility in her back legs, and does it with a big smile on her face. Her pure joy for life and her determination to keep on moving even after what has happened to her in the past is so inspiring. We are so grateful that the amazing people with Corridor knew she was destined for great things here in Wisconsin!
She has been visiting Emily at Peak PEMF Performance and has been responding well to chiropractic care and water therapy. It will be important for her adoptive home to keep bringing her to therapy to help her strengthen her back legs and continue to keep her at her best! We are so lucky to have people like Emily in our area to use as resources for our extra special pups in need.
Freya is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has not met anyone she doesn’t love, and she sure makes it difficult not to love her back 🥰. She is a bit wobbly when walking, but once she starts to run around, she is off to the races!! Falling down is part of her routine, but with her amazing resilience, she gets right back up to try again. Nothing can keep this girl down! Freya does need some assistance expressing her bladder and is still working on alerting for when she needs to go to the bathroom. She is making improvements every day! This girl is a big fan of playing with her doggie foster siblings and would love to go to a home with another dog.
Freya is approximately 3 years old and just under 60 pounds. As most rescue dogs, her breed is a best guess and she is listed as a mix. Her ideal home will be prepared to give her the extra special care that she needs to live the best, most comfortable life possible. She needs assistance getting into a vehicle as well so a family that can handle lifting her in certain situations would be needed.
If you think Freya could be the dog for you, head over to our website and submit an application for adoption! If you are pre-approved or would like some more information about Freya, please e-mail us at
**Please note that we adopt all of our dogs out on a best fit basis and not first come, first served.**



Ginny was originally spotted right before the big TX freeze. Her TX foster mom, Kristyna, saw her and knew she wanted to save her. She set a trap and Ginny went in. Unfortunately, the door didn’t latch all the way and Ginny snuck out and was free once again. This broke Kristyna’s heart. She kept replaying the incident in her head. The following day, in an exciting turn of events, Kristyna found out that Ginny had been secured in a neighbor’s backyard! She was SAFE! Over the next few weeks Kristyna worked hard to gain Ginny’s trust. She was eventually able to take her for walks, pet her and watch her become more comfortable. Ginny was heartworm positive so she went through treatment. When Ginny was done with treatment, she traveled to WI.

Ginny has been in her WI foster home for about 6 weeks and has been a great house guest. She LOVES her kennel; it is 100% her safe space. She is potty trained. Ginny loves the doggies in her foster home and loves to play in the backyard! Ginny is also cat friendly. Ginny is a quirky girl and you can tell she really wants to be a brave, confident girl and will just need some time, love and patience to get there. Ginny will need a patient adopter who will give her the space and time to settle in. She also needs a home with a very secure fenced yard.

Her ideal home would have a confident doggy friend for her to play with and continue to learn how to be a brave girl. She will hasn’t been around children but would probably do best with older children because fast movements can scare her. Ginny will be adopted on a 3 week trial basis to allow her time to settle in.

Ginny weighs about 38lbs, is estimated to be 2 years old and is a mixed breed doggo.

*Please don’t apply if you don’t have a secure fenced yard*



Are you a member of a household with German Shepherd experience? (This will be a requirement to adopt Kaiyo) Want to talk about adoption? If so, Kaiyo is all ears! This handsome boy is energetic, spunky, and loyal. Kaiyo attaches to his people and his pack, and takes alerting them to sounds and visitors very seriously. Whether his family includes dogs, cats, kids, or adults- he will watch over those he loves diligently. He can be extremely vocal, so neighbors within tight quarters would not make for ideal surroundings. Kaiyo requires daily exercise, and is always up for a good time. He makes one heck of a work out partner, and will gladly join you for a run or a swim. A good car ride is one of his favorite ways to chill, though a loud exhaust going by on the street may make him jump. Thunder is right up there with unfavorable loud noises. At just around 4 months old, this youngster has much learning to do. A home that will be patient and dedicated to acing potty training is a must. Kaiyo will need continued training on polite play, and nailing more basic commands. Puppy classes would be a wonderful tool, as he loves to learn. Kaiyo is what we call a super chewer, so his forever home should plan to provide lots of durable toys. This pup plays hard! Are you the personal trainer Kaiyo needs for his body and mind? Got an endless supply of love for this deserving cutie? Get that application in, now! 😊





Meet Summer! ❤️ Summer’s story is a sad one. 💔 She was rescued by our friends at This Is Houston after being hit by a car. They found her laying lifeless on the side of the road. She was rushed to the emergency vet and miraculously pulled through. Summer suffered some head trauma, fractures and lacerations. Despite her horrific past, she is a happy, loving dog and is ready to find her forever home! Summer is only 6 months old and weighs about 30 pounds. She is very shy when meeting new people and will need someone with patience to help her feel comfortable. She would thrive in a quiet household. She does great with other dogs, and cats are unknown. We would recommend Summer goes to a home with older children, as fast movements and loud noises make her nervous. Summer is very food motivated and has made huge strides in her foster home. She willingly goes in her crate while her foster mom is home, but does protest when left alone. We have moved Summer to a heavy duty crate and she has done great! She is mostly house trained, but is currently on a schedule for bathroom breaks. Due to the head trauma she sustained she suffers from dry eye and will need drops for the remainder of her life. She is a such a good sport about getting her drops though. Once Summer gets to know you she is full of love and is sure to make the perfect forever friend!



Iris! – PENDING!

Iris was found roaming the streets in TX and a sweet mail lady rescued her – she was emaciated and covered in scabs with no hair. She’s looking much better now and continues to improve over time. Despite what she went through as a young puppy, she maintained the happiest personality. She is a sweet and gentle soul when she first meets you and warms up quickly – she likes to be where her people are so you will likely find her following you around. She’s very playful and gets along with dogs of all sizes. She doesn’t quite get fetch yet but will tug on a rope all day long. Iris is crate trained and potty trained too and her foster mom is proud to report not a single accident in the house so far – which is impressive for an 8 month old puppy. She would love to have another dog friend in the household but would be ok as an only dog too. She also enjoys chomping on bones and would happily dissect any stuffed toy she has access to 🙃. Iris is about 45 pounds and listed as a pitbull mix.



Chip! – PENDING!

Meet Chip! Chip is a perfect balance of energetic and relaxed. This boy is likely a lab pointer mix and approximately 5 years old. Chip loves to relax in his dog bed and snooze when he’s not outside sniffing the perimeter. He gets along well with his foster pup sisters and occasionally will play fetch or tug with them. He is mellow and rarely barks. He is also crate trained and almost completely potty trained. Chip would love a family who could take him for leisurely walks and also allows him snuggle on the couch-he thinks he’s a 60lb lap dog. His super soft fur, floppy ears and beautiful brown eyes are sure to steal your heart!

Finley! – PENDING!

Meet Finley! Finley is a beautiful three year old Golden Retriever. He joined our rescue after his previous family struggled with some resource guarding from him. They enrolled Finley in a board and train program with Stephanie at The Becket School of Canine Training and Rehabilitation. Unfortunately, they came to the difficult decision that they were not the right fit for Finley and wanted to find him a more suitable home. This was not an easy decision for them, and they did what was best for Finley. Finley has thrived since being with Stephanie. He is crate trained, walks great on leash, gets along with other dogs, and has had no issues interacting with people. He would do best in a home with no children. Finley is looking for an adopter that is willing to work directly with Stephanie on his transition to a new home. It is important that he stays on his training regime to ensure he is the best dog he can possibly be. Stephanie will be able to give his adopter all the tools they need for success! Finley is a very sweet boy, and looking for a family that is compatible with his needs. Could it be you?!



This beautiful pup is Ana and she is ready to start looking for her new family! Ana is an 8 month old lab mix, and she currently weighs 40 pounds. Her markings are so unique! She looks like she has socks, and has some adorable speckled legs 😍. Ana has an active and curious personality and is always up for an outdoor adventure, although she does not enjoy rides in the car. She loves going for a nice long walk and playing with other dogs. As long as she is given proper exercise and activity, she is a pretty mellow pup. Ana really relishes in a good play session with her toys, and chewing on a tasty bone or Kong toy. This Texas born gal is good in the company of other dogs, has been cat tested, but has not been around children. Her ideal home would be a patient family that understands she may need some time to warm up before her bubbly personality will shine through, but it is worth the wait ☺️. She would also do best with a confident resident dog in the home to help her come out of her shell and be more comfortable!






We’d like to introduce you to our newest adoptable doggy! Cece has been in foster care for about 6 weeks already. We first heard about her when a shelter in WI reached out about a dog who was injured in the shelter and needed out because of the increased risk of infection. We agreed that we could get her out of the shelter environment and provide wound care. Cece spent a little over a month in a cone, receiving daily wound cleanings and care. She is now out of the cone and ready to find her new family.

We believe that Cece was loved in her home prior to the shelter. She ended up there after her owner had to go into an assisted living situation. She loves to get love and enjoys a good cuddle session, she will also do just about anything for a treat. In true Miniature Pinscher fashion she is quirky and can sometimes have an attitude. She corrects well though. When Cece first came to her foster home she was an anxious ball of nerves (who could blame her). She has been working hard on “wait” to exit her kennel and to eat her food. She is potty trained and dog friendly. She can be cat friendly with the correct cat; one that is confident would be best. A home with no small children would be ideal. She also tries to help you clean the house by picking up ANYTHING that is not a dog toy. 🙈

One last thing we’d like to note, Cece was very overweight when she came into our care weighing in at 29lbs. She is steadily dropping weight and now weighs 21lbs. It will be important for her new family to continue this weight loss journey for Cece’s health. The vet feels her ideal weight will be 15-18lbs.

Does Cece sound like she could be a match for you? Submit your application today!




This handsome young pup is Gus. He was adopted earlier this year by an incredible family, but sadly, his owner passed away and the family knew he needed someone to help him find the right fit for his new forever home. We were heartbroken for everyone, but were happy to take on the job of finding him his second chance at a happy home.

Gus is about 1.5 years old, weighs about 25 pounds and is listed as a mixed breed. This little rockstar is crate trained, potty trained, and doggie door trained! Despite all the recent change in his life, he is a happy and energetic little guy who just wants to be loved on. Gus is a big fan of belly rubs, car rides, and playing with his humans. He has been around little dogs and does well with them. Gus and his foster brother love to play together! This little guy does well with children but can sometimes get a bit nippy when over excited or overwhelmed, so setting boundaries and giving him breaks when he is overwhelmed will be key for a happy home.

His foster also said he is super smart and is a great listener. She also mentioned he can be a bit shy at first when meeting new humans and dogs so slow introductions are best!



Pear is a sweet little 5 month old pup that weighs under 20 pounds, and she may some growing left to do! She is listed as a mixed breed pup, but we know for sure that she is 100% adorable 😍. Little Pear and her mom were found as strays and brought to the shelter in Angleton, TX where our friends fell in love with them and knew they needed to travel to us. Pear has been doing great with potty training and has been sleeping well at night in her crate after protesting for only about 20 minutes, then she is ready to snooze 😴 . She plays really well with other dogs but sometimes does not pick up on social cues and needs to be corrected by her foster siblings. Even though Pear loves everyone she meets but can be a bit shy and can be submissive. Her foster mom has nick-named her “slinky dog” because she likes to do the army crawl all over 😂. Pear enjoys chewing on toys, sprawling out on the couch, and snuggling in laps. Her leash training is still a work in progress but she is eager to keep trying with the right guidance!

Petey! – PENDING!
Petey here would like to introduce himself! He is 4.5 months old, about 25 pounds, and is a Pitbull mix puppy. His foster mom describes him as an active and curious boy who loves everyone he meets! He is good with big and little dogs adult humans, but has not been around cats or kids. When this active guy gets done with his play time and zoomies, he is a complete cuddle bug! Petey goes into his kennel for naps and bedtime with no fuss, and he even keeps it clean. This sweet fella is working diligently at potty training and has been doing a great job in his foster home. Some of his favorite activities include chewing on his toys and sticks, playing tug-o-war, car rides, and enjoying the outdoors. He has also been working on basic commands with his foster parents and has been learning so much!

Casey! – PENDING!
Check out this hunky, fluffy boy named Casey! He is a 3 year old, 65 pound, and believe to be a Saint Bernard mix. His foster describes him as being loyal, gentle, happy, and obviously handsome 😍. One look in those dee blue eyes and you can’t help but be in love! He has been around large dogs, adult humans and older children, but he does prefer adults over kids. Casey is potty trained and has adjusted very well to the routine in his foster home. Casey loves going on walks, exploring new areas, and especially enjoys wading in the water to cool off. He is great walking on leash and seems to walk with a spring in his step. Even though he loves walks, he also can be content lounging around and keeping a close eye on his people. This playful, curious guy is looking for his people. Could it be you?

Mary Lou!
Say hello to this 12 week old cutie! Mary Lou is listed as a mixed breed puppy and weighs about 16 pounds. Her foster mom describes her as quite the spitfire and said she is a typical puppy that is curious, super playful, and likes to chew on bones and toys. Potty training is a work in progress so her new family will need to be committed to continuing to work with her on this! Mary Lou does excellent in her crate and sleeps through the night in there, she will also go in there to take naps during the day! She is good with dogs of all sizes that and loves humans of all ages and sizes. Mary Lou has never met a stranger she didn’t love, and will be sure to fill a lucky family with so much puppy love!


Nettie! – PENDING!

Meet Nettie! I am around 12 weeks old and about 20lbs. My name is Nettie because I was found stuck in a soccer net. After being rescued I heard Wisconsin was a great place, so I decided to take a ride north and check it out. So far I am loving it here and cant wait to have a family of my own. I am working on potty training but still need some help for you. I love toys, bones and playing with the foster dogs in my house. I get along with dogs of all sizes, but I have not many any feline friends yet. I know how to sit especially for my dinner. Have I mentioned how much I love food? Everyone wants to know what breed I am..I am not sure what that means, but my foster mom says I am a perfect mix of who knows what! If you think I would be the perfect addition to your home please complete an application!



Meet CJ! CJ came to us from the Angleton Animal Shelter in Texas with his brother, Petey. This sweet little pup is around 5 months old and currently weighs 20 pounds. His breed(s) are unknown, but we estimate him to be medium in size when full grown. CJ is a very curious pup and loves to play. His foster Mom tells us he is pretty calm for how young he is. He is good with other dogs and cats, but is learning to share his toys. He is very smart, and seems to catch on to new things quickly. CJ loves to go for walks and explore his yard. He would love a family that appreciates a good adventure. CJ is the perfect side-kick and just the pup for you!





Meet JJ! JJ came to us from the Angleton Animal Shelter. His owner had sadly passed away, and JJ was discovered during a welfare check. He didn’t understand that the people there were trying to help him, and bolted out of the door. He escaped several attempts to catch him and ended up having to be darted. Luckily JJ was safely rescued and brought to the shelter before our fosters , Kris & Abbey, came upon him.

JJ is estimated to be 5 years old and currently weighs about 60 pounds. His skin was in rough shape, but with time his hair will all grow back. JJ is crate and potty trained. He currently is fostered with young children and does great with them. Unfortunately, JJ would not do well with cats. He is a shy guy that would thrive in a home with another dog. He bonds to dogs quickly, and feels much more comfortable when he has a friend. He knows some basic commands like sit, down, and stay. JJ may take a little bit to warm up to you, but he is sweet, smart, and has so much potential. He will make a great addition to someone’s family. ❤️




Meet Peach! Peach and her puppy, Pear, joined MMDR a couple weeks ago. They found themselves at the Angleton Animal Shelter. When we learned about Peach and Pear we knew we wanted to help them and free up the limited space the shelter already has. We came up with a plan, and a few short weeks later momma and puppy were on their way to Wisconsin!

Peach is a very shy girl, but if you are patient and give her some time to come around she will shower you with love! She has really blossomed since being in her foster home. New people and environments can be a lot for her to take in, but her foster mom has been slowly working to desensitize Peach to new sights and smells and she has been doing so well in the little time she has been with us. Peach feels the most confident when she is with other dogs. They have helped her when meeting new people. Peach does great with cats, but we recommend she goes to a home with older or no children. Peach is estimated to be around a year old. She is great in her crate, loves car rides, and is potty trained. Despite being 46 pounds, she loves a good cuddle session curled up in your lap. Peach is the perfect combination of playful, and mellow. She loves running around the backyard with her dog friends, but also appreciates her quiet time. We are requiring that Peaches forever home has a fenced in yard since she is a flight risk.

Though Peach takes time to warm up to people, especially men, she is the most loving pup. She is looking for a kind, patient person to show her what a forever family is all about! ❤️



Kori is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet! She adores the kids in her foster home that are 7 and 9.5 and enjoys when other kids visit her foster home. She is also house trained and very well behaved considering her young age of just 10 months old and 40 pounds. Kori also loves other dogs and would do best in a home with another playful dog. She is great in her kennel and sleeps through the night in there with no issues at all!

Kori’s favorite activities include chewing on her bones, playing with toys, wrestling with her foster brother, playing in water (and loves the water from the hose), and snuggling up when everyone is winding down for the day. She has been around big dogs, little dogs, kids and cats and done well! This gorgeous young gal is great in a car and walks so well on a leash also. Her ideal home would be one where she has the ability to burn out all her adorable Staffordshire puppy energy.



Puppachino is full of love and snuggles for anyone that will let her! She is shy at first but learns to trust quickly. She is not completely potty trained or kennel trained but is motivated with treats and aims to please her humans. She would do well in a home with another dog or two to play with. She loves to chew on stuffy toys and plays fetch with any ball that comes her way! She has enjoyed swimming in the river so for anyone that wants a water dog, this is your girl! She is a pretty quiet pup for the most part but she will let out a little bark or two if she wants a play session and isn’t getting attention. When she isn’t doing zoomies in the house she enjoys laying in the sunshine with her ball.

Puppachino is between 7-9 months old, is listed as a mixed breed, and is currently 25 pounds. She will likely grow up to be a medium sized dog fully grown.




Meet Rosette! This one year old, 7 pound Chihuahua mix is looking for a forever home! Rosette is the life of the party. She is full of wiggles and loves everyone she meets. She is still working hard at potty training, does good in her crate, and enjoys the company of other dogs. She is such a goofy, happy girl and is sure to make you smile. Rosette loves to be with her people. She has quite a bit of energy and enjoys being able to run around in the fenced in yard at her foster home. She would do best in a home with older children. Could Rosette be the perfect fit for you?!


Clutz! – PENDING!

Mr. Clutz ❤️ Clutz was found as a stray in Texas. Our friends at Lola’s Lucky Day rescued him and he later traveled to Wisconsin in search of a forever home. Clutz is a year old, and currently weighs around 13 pounds. He is such a happy boy and has never met a stranger. Clutz does great with other dogs, cats, and children. He is also crate and potty trained. If you’re down for a good cuddle session, Clutz is your guy. He enjoys playing with other dogs, but also appreciates his down time. Clutz walks great on leash and is an all around great little pup. He would make a wonderful addition to just about any family!



This adorable little guy is Oreo. He is listed as a Cattle dog mix, is about 4 months old and is almost 11 pounds. You can’t tell from pictures, but Oreo has really short legs and is pretty low to the ground which makes him extra adorable. His ideal home would be one with a cattle dog experienced owner that can help channel all his herding energy into productive exercise and brain stimulation to keep him happy. Oreo enjoys playing with people and dogs, but can be a bit overwhelming around more shy dogs as he has a large personality. He knows the command “sit”, “down”, and has been doing great in his kennel! Potty training is a work in progress since he is a puppy, but he is very food motivated, eager to learn, and very smart! He is a typical cattle dog puppy and has been herding the humans in his foster home by nipping, so would need a family that can continue his training daily to help him be the best dog possible. This special and highly active guy would make a great companion for an active family!





Meet Feyre! This little lady came to us as a local owner surrender. Due to some unfortunate circumstances in her owner’s life, she was unable to keep Feyre. The change in homes was a little stressful for Feyre, but after adequate decompression she has really come out of her shell! Feyre is a year old and weighs 6 pounds. She does great with cats, big and small dogs, but needs to go to a home without children. Feyre is crate and potty trained. She can be a little sassy with other dogs over food, so feeding her in her crate is recommended. Feyre loves to go for walks, run around in the background, and is great in the car. Though she is a little shy when meeting new people, she is full of spunk. If you are in the market for a little dog with big personality, Feyre is just the pup for you! 🥰



Adoption Application: