Mutts Dog Rescue started as 6 misfits of the animal welfare world, with hearts bigger than our chests and a dream we could only accomplish together.  As proud residents of Green Bay, WI we have made it our duty to save as many vulnerable, mistreated, unwanted and abandoned dogs from the southern region of our country.  We strive to find the perfect forever home in our safe community where dogs will never be abandoned or go hungry again.   We rehabilitate the forgotten to make them respectable members of our society.  We eat, sleep and breath rescue.  We are simple folk filled to the brim with compassion, doing whatever we can to make up for some humanity’s short coming.  We know as human beings we can do better, and so we do.  With an incredible community of volunteers, love, support and donations we believe we can be a small change the world needs.  We encourage you to join us and take pride in every single life we save, we cannot do it without your help!  And although, we are a team of 5 board members now, our mission remains the same. 


Kayla Murphy – President, Adoptions Team, Vetting Coordinator

Megan Gibeault – Adoptions Team

Lindsey Szarzynski – Foster Coordinator, Treasurer

Erin Orosco – Transport Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Events

Margo Court – Events Coordinator, Groomer, Community Outreach


MMDR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax deductible organization 83-2500341

State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 476511-DS

Powered solely by donations and dedicated volunteers.