Adoption Process
  • Step One: Research:  A companion animal as a member of your family is a wonderful and enriching experience. They’re loyal, lovable, furry best friends and can bring tons of joy to your life.  However, the decision to add a new dog or cat to your family should not be taken lightly- it is a lifetime commitment and before you adopt a new pet, you should do your research and be fully aware of what is involved in pet ownership.
  • Step Two: Application: The adoption application is your opportunity to tell us all about yourself! We would like to know as much as we can to determine which pets would be a good match with your home, family, and lifestyle. Remember, we are a completely foster-based rescue group, so each of our adoptable animals lives in a temporary foster home. As such, we know all the little nuances and details of the pet’s behavior, personality, habits, etc. Decisions about application approval are at the sole discretion of MMDR. We are committed to finding our pets a successful match in a forever home. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. It may take up to 5 days to review your application, we greatly appreciate your patience. This is the first step to set up a meet and greet! We document all of our correspondences via email to ensure our process is followed and runs smoothly.  ***Please be sure to contact your veterinarian’s office and give them permission to discuss your pets, as we cannot move forward with processing the application until this step has been completed.*** 
  • Step Three: Application Review: Our sole purpose is to find the best match for the animals that fall under our care. We take time to carefully review all applications, complete background checks and call your veterinarian. We contact your veterinarian references to ensure that current and/or deceased pets were properly taken care of; this includes being current on rabies, distemper, up to heartworm and flea/tick preventatives as well as yearly heartworm tests. We require all animals in the home to be either spayed/neutered. ***MMDR reserves the right to deny any applications that we deem unfit or unsuitable for the animal.
  • Step Four: Meet and Greet: Once your application had been approved, we will move forward with setting up a meet and greet with the foster family. During this meet and greet, the fosters will ask you questions and tell you all about your potential new family member. We require that ALL people and dogs living in the home attend the meet and greet. We understand that work schedules may make this difficult so you may need to do more than one meet.
  • Step Five: Adoption!: On the day of the adoption you will meet at the rescue location and we will review the adoption agreement with you and answer any questions you may have. We will also collect the adoption fee at this time.  Remember the adoption fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Adoption fees fund our rescue efforts and supports the care of animals within MMDR while they are waiting to be adopted. Included in the adoption fee is a training session with our trainer. This will happen immediately after the adoption is finalized. We are hoping to get everyone off to a great start. Adoptions will be finalized on Mondays or Fridays. Don’t forget, your relationship with MMDR doesn’t end here… We’re always available to answer any questions, make training recommendations, and don’t forget that we LOVE updates!
    • 12 months and under – $400*
    • 13 months to 7 years – $350*
    • 8-9 years – $250*
    • Super Senior 10+ – $200* (includes senior blood panel)

*tax included in adoption fees